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    Graphic Design, Web Design, UI Design, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Biking, Camping, Hiking, the list can go on!
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    Toronto, Canada
  1. How can i get my forum badge to display... i backed at Amber lvl.? everyone seems to have one mine isnt work
  2. Great, cant wait to gift this game to some buddies!
  3. Keep active people, even just saying hello or taking sometime to comment on some posts will go along way
  4. Thanks Wanderhall for the update! Mal, I'm sure its coming soon, lots of emails to send out. What package did you pick? Maybe they are starting with the higher tiers?
  5. Just got the amber package code sent to me! WOOT Thanks ACE But when are the forum badges being updated (IE Amber badge)
  6. Just playing around, So when does everyone usually play?
  7. Why you coping my style lol... I just created a priest too.. lol
  8. Tera is a pretty fun game! Lets get some guildys playing that?
  9. Just downloaded Tera last night, I made a priest. If anyone wants to play let me know. ill send you my username.
  10. D3 was funny when all my friends played... but now its just blah... Do rift, DO greater Rift, Farm Gear ... Im hoping they come out with a new expansion pack
  11. may download tera tho, but not sure how fast the leveling or gameplay is. Anyone playing diablo 3 still?
  12. I have never even played that game/ heard of it lol
  13. Yeah im not a big fan of skype lol. Vent or teamspeak! @seventhbeacon do we have any upcoming events for a teamspeak meet up?
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