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  1. Boats and ships are fun, sure but so is space travel, and guns, and grenades. Demons are also fun. Games with puzzles are fun. Card games are fun. Should all of these be in CF just because they are fun?
  2. Can't we leave boat stuff to boat games. Please?
  3. All of these things are still true as long as there is text chat.
  4. You're right, there's zero difference between voice and text. No possible advantages or disadvantages. Nothing that proximity chat could ever offer. I'm sorry for not believing your insistence that anything else was true.
  5. Well, I guess when it comes down to it we'll see who wins. The guys who are willing to work together to shut other guilds down, or the guys who insist that only officially sanctioned allies can be allies, and all else are enemies always. IMO, Game of Thrones wouldn't work so well if everyone immediately took down everyone else they met. There are alliances, changes in opinion, people pretending to be friends, people pretending to not realize that the other people are only pretending to be friends. Not everything comes down to an official list of teams and allies. As they say, the en
  6. Yeah Overkill, don't take away Handies attempt to be knower-supreme of all things Shadowbane and Crowfall, and come in here with your logic. It's not welcome in the kingdom of Handies! But to respond more directly, a portion of the population practicing KoS is certainly common, and I'm not saying it won't be. But I highly doubt that Shadowbane era rules of "No being friends with people in other nations!" are going to be absolutely the same a decade later in a game with clearly different designs. Not to mention the fact that Shadowbane players will inevitably end up being the minority of
  7. Lol, ok I lied. The real absurdity in this thread is Handies insistence on the fact that he knows everything about everyone and he knows that this game will be exclusively Shadowbane players who play just like they played in Shadowbane because this game is just Shadowbane again.
  8. If hundreds of players have organized in the same area for a long period of time, yeah that's not really what PVC is for. If I'm that organized, I will still be in my own VOIP. I don't see why you seem to not understand that both can coexist. That's because I'm not trying to convince ACE they can afford to do it. I'm just trying to prove value. Somewhere many pages back, and probably even on the previous thread, I pointed out that I'm not saying it's within their budget or their technological ability to implement VOIP. I've tried to repeat it again a few times, but probably no
  9. You're right, I don't understand what you are saying. Yes, I won't use only in game voip, I'll use 3rd party for my premade groups, and proximity for dynamic grouping. So I have 2 hotkeys. One for in game, one for Teamspeak. This is already true in a ton of games I play (Dota, Battlefield, DayZ, Evolve...literally any game with in-game voip), so how is this a major issue?
  10. You're still assuming you have all this time to set up/join the same VOIP. In a pinch, I'd risk being heard so I could maybe grab these extra 10 dudes to help me out, rather than waiting 5 minutes to make sure everyone is on the same voip/channel.
  11. Yes, assuming Guild C has snuck up close enough to overhear the chat. That's also something I would stress: when I say PVC, I personally imagine the distance at which you can talk to be pretty close. This is clearly a rough ballpark, but I imagine you can't hear someone after 3/4ths the average range of the med/log range archetypes. Basically, closer to melee range is what you'd want to have a discussion.
  12. To you first point, why not just mute/reduce range of PVC when in large groups? There are untested potential solutions to this problem, and they'll continue being untested as long as people keep saying "No, don't do it, it won't work." To your second point, I think you're just wrong. If that is true, then why has PVC reduced kill-on-sight situations in Rust and DayZ?
  13. Nicely written post, but I wanted to provide some additional context to one of your consistent points. You mention often (as I have quoted) that people will be pre-organized. And you are right, I don't expect to be running in the Dregs completely alone. I plan to join with at least 10-20 people. But it's not just individuals meeting individuals. It's groups meeting groups. Even if my group is pre-organized, what happens when we meet another pre-organized group that isn't in our voip? There will always be the opportunity to combined groups, and that's where the dynamic grouping
  14. That really is the absurdity of this thread. Many of the naysayers' arguments seem to basically boil down to "in game voice chat never works," when in fact there are real concrete examples of where it has. And yet they continue to argue that it can never work. Fun fact: most of the people in favor of voice chat aren't claiming that it will work, we're just claiming that it can and that if it were done right, it would absolutely add value. So as long as we have concrete examples of games where it did work, and it did add value, I find it hilarious that there's still so much insistence th
  15. Didn't have to do this in DayZ or Rust. The whole "I'll spend more time muting people than playing" is such an exaggeration it's not even worth addressing. Especially seeing as once muted, you'll never have to mute the same person again. It's just logically flawed. I'm sorry to hear that you always turn of voice chat every time. That sounds a lot like a personal choice though. I know that in survival games voice chat has been essential to my success. Same for BF2:Project Reality, and in fact Dota 2. Despite how awful that community is, I still find it valuable to be able to com
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