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  1. I think JTC summed it up pretty clearly. "Turnover sucks, but it happens". I don't see this affecting the game at all.
  2. Mikey didn't like it... Until JamesGoblin did.
  3. I too have noticed an uptick in JamesGoblin likes recently.
  4. I would be curious to see how different it turns out from what we have seen in Alpha.
  5. The artwork is awesome... It's the actual game that feels "Meh" to me. It looks very slow and sluggish as far as gameplay goes, but that is from 20,000 feet from someone who knows little about the game.
  6. JamesGoblin is strong in the force.
  7. HBO is already going to finish the series...
  8. Popeyes offered her the job back... can you say backpedal PR nightmare?
  9. True... Not many bars give 2 poorly made socks about their employees. Not all, but many. Turn em and burn em...
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