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  1. In my Best Tiny Tim voice (But instead of god bless us everyone) "James Goblin Likes us, everyone"
  2. I had been playing up until the DDO attack. Like you, the keep trading got tired. I do miss that game, but even the live version got old as I found myself doing mostly the same stuff over and over.
  3. All for one and one for... Is that Cheese I smell?
  4. Looking good. I'm not too worried about the initial OP of stealth the duelist brings. I am sure that anti stealth abilities will be introduced to counter the duelist, but so far, the duelist sounds very fluffy... not soft and cuddly fluffy, but, you know... realistic fluffy. They are small elusive creatures. The skills coincide with their natural ability to get out of trouble quickly. I also expect that a duelist will be easy to kill once you remove their ability to escape, which should be more than enough of a trade for how elusive they are.
  5. I share a similar concern with the OP, in fact, it is the biggest reason I haven't been active since some of the first testing I tried. I know what I was playing was pre-alpha, but even in that early stage of the game, I am not sure they can make enough of an improvement in the flow and feel of combat to draw me in. Combat as it stands feels very clunky and slow... almost as if fighting in quicksand. Time will tell, and I keep following from afar. I am looking for fluid combat, and hope something I see draws me in soon. Crowfall has everything else going for it though, so I hope for t
  6. Loved it. Tanks are meant to be hard to kill, that is real, but where tanks are vulnerable is in close quarters where infantry can sneak up to their blind side and nail them. A tank in close quarters without infantry support is dead, a tank out in the open where infantry run at it... while also out in the open, tank wins every time, so people complain tanks are OP. Tanks not as OP if people work to kill them, and don't charge them in the wide open. BF has always been a squad based game, so those people who are a squad that communicates will always beat the CoD style players who go it s
  7. Good stuff. The music was a nice change of pace.
  8. Loving what I see so far. Glad my initial instincts on this class look to be coming to fruition.
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