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  1. Just ordered. Out of curiosity, what's the % that is cost of printing vs $$ towards supporting ACE & Crowfall? Or is this mainly a CF bling type of thing, with a bit of guerrilla/crowd marketing thrown in? Either way I like the limited edition one, very nice and I'm looking forward to it PS - Totally ordered a onesie for the baby due in April Pics will be taken, of course!
  3. +1 for talking about female centaurs (see bold). I missed that original discussion...is this a straight copy/paste and you missed something?
  4. I read the blog on Unity 5's GI stuff (linked in the post Nazdar linked) - it sounded like it wouldn't work well with destructible environments? Not a graphics guy, so... /shrug
  5. Yet to be done. Patience
  6. http://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/30aqli/crowfall_ama_with_executive_producer_and_creative/cpqrax6 Soo... kinda in-between. I guess we'll see how it feels when playing it!
  7. This was answered on Twitter yesterday. You should go look up the summer a thread for questions on that
  8. Not exactly, you have to be a tenant (or higher) to get the buff. ...so sayeth the latest update
  9. This, exactly. Make everything be new in every campaign! (and make scouting and intelligence gathering matter a lot more!) Here's wishing for ACE to chime in... if not maybe I can get it answered in the AMA tomorrow
  10. Yeah That's not what was described in the FAQ: http://crowfall.com/#/faq/54e359997450fc794e7711c0 (#4,5,6) Hence the thread.
  11. Well, in the EK post, parcels are shown to be "terraforming" pieces that give a cell it's look and feel. They provide lots on which to build stuff - multi-cell parcels tend to have lots distributed more efficiently (more available per cell-space). Un-parcelled (yeah I made that word up) land in the EK is wild "impenetrable" forest or something. So the reason it's bugging me a little is that the parcel pieces seem to give the land its shape - that's not procedural generation per-se, that's randomization of a selection of tiles. If I find parcel section 123-B (or whatever) in one world, and again in another - that cell would look the exact same, assuming I'm reaching a correct conclusion here.
  12. This has been niggling at the back of my brain for a few days... Ok, so the world is cells filled with Tetris-parcels that have various "stuff" in them. Great. How many different parcel-pieces are there? Are the features in the parcels generated also, or are those fixed - and the game just gets to choose between them? Basically, at what level(s) of detail does the generation algorithm work? Obviously at the max level it is cells being filled with Tetris-parcels of various shapes until the world is full. Past that, parcel terrain features? PoI placement? Resources? Villages? Ruins? How much of this is pre-set in the parcel-piece choices available and how much is built from scratch each time? I am remembering the video showing development of a little town and how they were just plopping stuff in - that looked like a "designed" town to me, not a generated thing. Will towns in the worlds end up being random placements of the same 6 (or however many) towns to choose from ... or will the buildings be dropped in by the generator algorithm as it fills in the lots on the parcel?
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