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  1. I accept this in free to play games because players can choose not to play before investing a large amount of money. For Crowfall, on the other hand, I believe a pay to win system would be unacceptable because they are already charging a large amount of money to play the game. They should at least make it hard to abuse the system they're designing themselves.
  2. Easy to give the sources. Selling VIP membership is on the FAQ. Not officially announced, but we can already buy tax free land for cash in the kickstarter. I have no doubt you will be able to buy taxes for money. Buying mounts/caravans with real money. They are giving us mounts for paying cash already in the kickstarter. Who's to say they won't in the future? Artifacts/relics/thralls for real money. In the kickstarter, at certain stretch goals, we will be able to get relics at certain investment levels. It's essentially the same as "pay $60 more and you get this thrall that buffs your crafting." They've already said that they want the kickstarter rewards to be permanent, so expect that thrall that can give a buff to be unique and permanent. Minotaur gate - sourced already. Buying land and parcels for real money - FAQ Tournament System - No info yet, but it's going to be interesting to see if they can actually balance it for big vs small guilds.
  3. That is a free to play game. It's different. We are already paying a lot of money to access the game; we shouldn't have to pay MORE to access the rest. I want to believe this. I'm just pointing out certain things that might have slipped through the cracks. If this is true, then doesn't VIP trading just... become the currency?
  4. Starting to see a trend that I've seen in many other MMO's. The devs are starting to get greedy. Before I start my explanation, I want to say that I've been telling people that Crowfall will not be Pay to Win. I could go into several reasons, but the main one is that the developers have a greater responsibility to their players because Crowfall is not Free to Play. We are already making a large investment to just play the game, so if it is unbalanced towards whales (people who spend thousands on a game), then new people will not play the game, and it will die, regardless of how cool the mechanics are. It might be more profitable in the short term, but I would never play a game by that developer again. That said, I completely expect the developers to be responsible. I expect them to seriously think about all the points I'm about to make, so that it won't affect the game too much (even if they don't read this thread). So here are the elements that are starting to pop up that I think could potentially harm the game's balance: Being able to sell VIP membership. This is essentially the same as buying in-game currency. In fact, I completely expect VIP membership to become a kind of their own currency, because they will hold their value even though gold will inflate. Basically, you can buy VIP membership for real-money, and sell it for in-game gold. That's exactly the same as buying gold. You can even trade them during Campaigns, which would give the players a way to exploit the "currency" as a way to pay to win at campaigns. This will certainly have an impact on game balance. Paying taxes with real money. This is less clear than the VIP trading, but it essentially gives guilds and players that buy taxes more money than those who don't. This is also essentially the same as buying gold. They haven't announced this yet, but with the ability to buy tax-free land already, I completely expect this to be a "feature". Buying mounts/caravans with real money. This is a direct, obvious advantage because mounts will obviously be an important feature that has a large impact on a team winning a campaign or not. Again, this has not been announced yet, but the way Kickstarter is going, I expect it to be a feature. Buying Artifacts/Relics/Thralls for real money. Again, not officially announced, but we can already see by the new stretch goals that this will be a feature. "Upgrade to the $100 bundle to get a thrall that will buff your crafting training permanently. Upgrade to $60 and we'll give you buffs that never run out!" These are buffs, which is power, for money. I mean come on, how more direct can you get? It directly effects campaign balance. Minotaur Archetype reserved for VIP members only for the first month. What is this? Giving people who pay extra the opportunity to access more mechanics? Sure, the kickstarter backers will all have a free VIP month, but you're totally ruining your chances to appeal to people who didn't participate in the kickstarter. You're literally creating a money gate for your players who are ALREADY paying $50 to play your game. This is disappointing. Buying land and parcels for real money. This does not have a direct impact on campaigns, but it does have an indirect one. Guilds who can better afford to buy land with real money will have stronger members because more people can share buffs from the artifacts/relics/thralls. The Tournament System. This has only been recently announced, and has not been reached from the time of this post, but come on. It will happen. Normally, it wouldn't be bad; in fact, this is a cool new addition. The problem is that this is going to be pay to win no matter what. Guilds with more resources will be able to recruit more members, so the biggest and most active guilds will win, regardless of skill or tactics. In addition, if the tournaments are held in the Eternal Kingdoms, which are already shaping up to be pay to win, it could be even worse. There are many more that are starting to crop up, but this is a start. Devs, please don't get greedy. I believed you when you said you wanted to make a balanced, fun game; not another pay to win knockoff. Find some way to stick to your promises, but keep the game balanced. Please. Questions? Comments? TLDR: VIP trading is bad, and so is buying in-game power (like relics, blessings, mounts, caravans, access to Minotaurs, etc) with money. It DOES affect game balance. Edit: for those that didn't read, this is what they said about minotaurs in their update:
  5. Listening to the Todd interviews and thinking about Campaign length really got me thinking about what will keep me interested in a Campaign after the first month. How do you engage an audience for long periods of time? There is a real risk of many players simply quitting the game if they feel like they're "losing" a campaign, or if they feel useless or bored. I want to talk about that now. 1. Solo Play I could go on about balancing Archetypes and small scale skirmishes, but I won't. Instead, think about it this way: If you feel useless on your own, you will not want to play unless your friends are with you. If your friends can't play for whatever reason, that could lead to you refusing to play. This means that every single archetype should have the ability to play solo, no matter the circumstances of the mission. They don't have to be very powerful, but they should be powerful enough to be able to do something on their own all day. In other words, I highly suggest some type of single player engagement that is less rewarding than multiplayer interactions, but still rewarding. This does not have to be quests or grinding; it could be signing up for the dueling arena, or becoming a mercenary for the day (using some sort of hiring and/or matchmaking system). 2. Team Play We already know that team play will be important in Crowfall. The way archetypes are being presented strongly suggests that there will be a lot of asymmetric gameplay, which will practically force players to work together to win the Campaigns. Teams are an amazing way to keep players engaged. If you can build up friendship, you are likely to play the game for a long time. Unfortunately, team play can also lead to frustration. What can you do if your 5-man team is up against a team of 20? Or what if one of your team members is bad at the game? Additionally, if it is perceived that your team is "losing", players could start to give up, which could crush the entire team. To design for team play, some sort of matchmaking system could be very helpful to quickly search for new teammates until a good match is found. Additionally, there should be mechanics that allow teams to close a gap and possibly win. There should also be a mechanic in place to balance-out a numbers advantage, such as some sort of fast travel or summon, or perhaps just a few mechanics to disengage such a situation. 3. Boredom This could happen when a Campaign is too easy or too hard. "Too easy" usually happens when people don't attach much value to their victories. For example, grinding 100 mobs is equal to 100 victories, but did you really feel like you won anything? "Too hard" happens when people feel like they "can't win so there's no point in playing". For example, something might be so difficult to defeat, that you just decide to wait until it gets nerfed, or until a new game starts. Unfair teams can be pretty boring. Finally, boredom can be caused by a lack of randomness. For example, playing the same thing over and over again can be challenging each time, but without random elements, it becomes repetitive. I've seen this happen in several games: some elements become less interesting because they become "normalized" such as monster drops or damage. Some people may dislike RNG, but they have to admit that it can be interesting. Over long games, RNG won't create as much of an advantage or disadvantage. Thoughts? Comments? TLDR: There should be a matchmaking or group-making system of some kind, effective comeback mechanics, and RNG.
  6. So MMO Action Strategy Game? Are there any similar examples for this? It sounds a little closer than MOBA.
  7. I'm just wondering what to call Crowfall. I've seen it been marketed as an MMORPG, but is it really an RPG? There are no quests (At least, I don't think so. I feel safe to say that there won't be any that attempt to have us roleplay). There are no large monsters to slay. There is not much lore involved (as of yet). There isn't a persistent world, besides the small ones we make ourselves, and that isn't even the main focus of the game. So what is Crowfall? The closest examples I've seen are MOBAs. MOBAs are PvP oriented. Their stages are temporary. The difference between MOBAs and Crowfall are: Teams are much smaller in a MOBA. Stages are smaller in a MOBA and last an hour at most. MOBAs use characters that are temporary. They do not stay at max level after the game is over. MOBAs do not have any permanent stages like EK. So I ask again: What is Crowfall? Or, at least, what can we call it? I'm tempted to call it a Persistent MOBA, or a Persistant, Massive MOBA. Thoughts? Ideas?
  8. Considering the rate at which they're releasing info, I'm sure we'll know plenty by the time the game comes out. I just hope they give out enough info before the end of Kickstarter to get the max investment.
  9. Not sure what has being going through this thread while I was away but... well said. I feel like you've changed a bit since the beginning of this thread when you were merely shaving your head and sitting around in the Dregs.
  10. I assume they will measure activity in campaigns and add people to teams that are lacking players. I also assume that when an old campaign ends, a new one will begin shortly after, and the number of active campaigns will be directly controlled by the company.
  11. Don't you already have the Crowfall flag image? Can't you just get someone to print it for you on an actual flag?
  12. I kind of like how Archeage had it. Basically, you can move as fast as you want as long as you're not carrying anything important (Walking / Mounted; mounts can die / On a Boat; boats can be destroyed / Teleportation; must be out of combat). If you're carrying important items, you are slowed and limited to certain methods of travel. If you die, the important items are dropped and can be picked up by anyone.
  13. There's a simple algorithm that you can follow that will help you organize your bags. That's why there's usually an auto-organize button as well. The algorithm goes like this: 1) Put the biggest thing you have into the most efficient spot using the space you have available. You don't have to consider future items, but make sure you know what "biggest" means. 2) Repeat using remaining space. Using your image as an example: Put the big rock in the upper left corner. Put the planks in the upper left corner of the new space. Put the small stuff in the rest of the spots, priority being upwards and then leftwards. You can see how this isn't even really a problem.
  14. I want to clarify that even though EKs are important, that doesn't mean the Kickstarter rewards are "pay to win". Having additional land or cosmetic structures shouldn't influence a guild's success in campaigns because of the import rules. Later on, the tax-free land could affect EK balance, but that doesn't change the fact that the better guilds will perform better in Campaigns, and they will be the ones with bigger EKs, not the ones who spent the most money in Kickstarter.
  15. That's all true. I'm not basing my opinion around equal individual battles, though. I'm talking about averages over the course of 1-3 months. If teams are split up well (meaning Order and Chaos have an equal amount of players, and Balance has some number that is supposedly effective but not dominating), then the games will have teams that are pretty equal, and probably organized considering the games last months. I also assume that since God's Reach isn't a guild v guild mode, guild members will not necessarily be on the same team, and may even be fighting each other on a regular basis. That means there won't necessarily be any guilds together enough to force competition, and there may even be collusion between guild members on opposite teams to carry out situations that would be more beneficial to their guild than to their teams, if that's possible. But are you saying that the Kingmaker Scenario won't occur? I guess we won't even know the answer to that until the game actually comes out, but my history of board games and online multiplayer games tells me it will unless something is done to prevent it.
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