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  1. Ahah ! We are crows, spirits into vessels. You imprison my vessel, I just release the crow. No smashed keyboard.
  2. Throne War yes, as in "It's like Game of Thrones meets EVE Online". In Game of Thrones, the Nightwatch, on its way to mess around with the Free Folk, has to crash at Craster's, beacause they need a warm place where they can eat. I believe that's a part of what "Throne War" means. We can't just wander around mindlessly. At least not under the harsher climates. I've played Minecraft and ARK, yet I've never thought about these as survival games. Recently I've spent a lot of time in The Division, an average game. However its Survival DLC entertained me more than I thought. Shorter but better th
  3. Yep, I've noticed some are talking survival stuff here and there quite often without mentioning it explicitly. I have plenty of time right now, I've started to dig through the forum. I'll try to come up with a little more elaborated thread. Thanks for the answers =)
  4. Since I (finally ) have access to the test, my head is clearly overwhelmed with many toughts. Highs expectations over here Most are already discussed. However, I feel, except when it comes to "APPLES !!!" / hunger, there is not much said about the survival aspect of Crowfall. We'll have harsh cold seasons. Will we be able to randomly go out without caring about temperature ? There are campfire, but what about warm cloths ? A dedicated profession and/or the basics to stay warm enought in a survivalist skill tree ? Or maybe the opposite season, with overheat and its need of water and shadow/
  5. Tbh, I could swear I didn't, but who knows ? I was in the crafting screen when he started the fight, in the "out of combat stance". No knock down until the one described.
  6. Hmm... Yet same thing happened to me. A centaur engaged me, I took at least 10 strikes then mid-fight I got knocked down for around 10secs. Maybe a lag issue...
  7. Basically that's what I'm doing. Hanging around, crafting things... and dying xD Playing solo has its cost. As long as I know even this helps, I'm good.
  8. Ah ! That's funny, I thought the same thing after I replied on the topic "The gathering life" !
  9. To me, being able to remain in the late phases of CWs as a solo / small group relies on the map size and the survival mechanics more than the classic gathering/crafting/fighting abilities.
  10. Don't forget about the cook ! If the gathering round trip takes that much time, you'll be happy to have a gourmet in your group
  11. "What will be your first profession?" Hmm, let's see... I would say : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIr8u0j08gU I'll harvest harvesters
  12. Is there any chance it's being called "Big World beta test phase" ?
  13. Despite Todd saying "no chat bubbles" in a previous Q&A, that was my expectation too Any MMO where people can hang around together deserve a proper visual chat system. Chat bubbles (+ emotes) help to bring a feel of a living world. Plus, having to switch between flooded chat boxes to see who says what is exausting.
  14. I'm all good about the release date being delayed. I was waiting for such announcement sooner or later. I've never seen any (game) company that transparent, as you mentionned it, that's for a good part what keeps us here. However I think you should give a date, it can give the right amount of pressure some might need (both players and dev team sides ). I'm expecting 1 and a half year for an official release, and I'm all good with that ! Crowfall's idea is solid, keep up the good work =D
  15. Slowfall effects are always a plus in the gameplay ! It adds some 3D strategy, I like it What bothers me the most in this Q&A is about the chat bubbles. I think they are mendatory in an MMO(RPG). It can lighten the chatbox A LOT, as many informations will be tossed in it. And, it might be a personnal issue, I tend to miss when someone speaks to me, right in front of me, but no bubble to gather my attention. I was actually waiting for these bubbles soon, even thought many times about making a thread about D:
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