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  1. BryGen

    Oculus Rift

    Maybe not supported but at least the consumer version has a release date. https://www.oculus.com/blog/first-look-at-the-rift-shipping-q1-2016/
  2. Will definitely check it out and spread the word. Thanks for the share!
  3. Loved L2 back when it started and through the Chaotic Chronicles. I tried to get on L2C in Russia but trying to get a payment options setup from the US with all the sanctions was almost impossible. There are ways but just not worth the effort. Would be awesome if we could get it in the EU or US. I would definitely hit it up again while waiting for Crowfall.
  4. Looking forward to both Crowfall and Star Citizen. Can't wait for FPS in star citizen, I think it will help make the game attractive for other player types when that is released. Now just the long wait to play some Crowfall!
  5. Always like a good polearm class. Fury will be sweet!
  6. Backing Star Citizen hardcore so just the early bird for me!
  7. Was 6 then applied kick starter pledge and bumped me up to Beta 2, cool.
  8. I am backing both SC and Crowfall. Heavily invested in SC and looking forward to its progression. Crowfall is going to be awesome and I plan to be very active in both.
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