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  1. I have a question regarding the new Skill Training layout. In the current system there didn't seem to be a hard stop when you had enough time to complete a tree. As a result, if you didn't get to log in and spend your time in the time bank...you ended up with a surplus you couldn't do anything with and the time just sat there in that particular tree. I have several days/hours banked in completed trees that sit there taunting me like 'that'll teach ya for having a life!'. Is this being addressed in the new system somehow? Will banked points be able to be spilled over into the next evol
  2. Anyone ever see Men In Black 2? At the beginning when Agent J (Will Smith) has to take care of Jeff (600 ft worm) in the subway tunnel. He takes care of it and as he's going up the steps to leave he stops 2 guys on the street trying to enter and tells them that the station is shutdown...for their safety. Their response is something to the effect of 'can you believe these putzes?'. To which Will responds under his breath 'you're welcome'. You're those 2 guys right now, Zeul. ACE didn't do what they did to personally ruin your weekend. There was a problem. They made a decisio
  3. There are 3 types of PvPers in my opinion: 1) Honorable White Knight/Lawful Good type - The guys that want level playing fields as much as possible. Equally matched sides (skill level/gear/troop numbers). All things being equal, victory comes down to someone slipping up or seizing the moment when a tactical opportunity arises. They don't want to gank as there is no honor or fun for them in it. Stabbing a peasant in the back? No thanks. 2) Ganker/Chaotic Neutral type - The guys that appreciates a fair fight as much as an unfair fight. Our forces outnumber them 3:1? Awesome! Let'
  4. Everything you put into your character is one facet that contributes to that character as a whole. Your experience as a player. The vessel you are using. The skills you've trained. The disciplines you're using. Everything. And unlike gear-based games, one of those facets will not tip the scales so far in your favor that others won't have a chance. So, yeah, I'm completely okay with no skill cap. Because even if there isn't one, there really is if you look at the overall picture. It takes time to train skills. Real world time. They've said they've got 600 skills in rig
  5. You didn't have to click on this thread, nor did you have to continue reading. I fail to see how this is pestering. FYI, my Extra Life Nov 7th 2015 Gameday stream raised $275 for Kapi'olani Women's and Children's Hospital on your island. I'm also helping Nocturnal out. Just because someone helps with one thing doesn't mean they can't help with another. Charity isn't exclusive to one cause or organization. We help because we have the ability to help those in need. -Mukau
  6. I did like "unpinning" but it didn't seem to flow quite right in the context which is why I stated I thought they meant "underpinning". The author could have just as easily explained unpinning like the crone could unpin the universe like hair or something so that she sees all the strands of what is and could be..I dunno.
  7. "As one of the siblings of the All Father, Yaga manifests a foundational aspect of the universe itself: Knowledge, All Things Known and Unknown. She is the embodiment of how-things-work, the unpinnings of reality." I think underpinnings is what was meant there.
  8. "She is temperamental and given to short fits of anger when she does get her way." Is that supposed to be doesn't get her way or is she really the epitome of the spoiled child?
  9. Agreed. But we aren't talking about transferring to the real game. We're talking about the Hunger Dome testing now. People are lingering over empty chests because there isn't any obvious signal they are empty. Either a graphics change (take away the yellow tint and make them flat brown/grey) or a despawn would push things ahead.
  10. Could always just despawn the chest if it is emptied.
  11. Someone needs to create a Hunger Games/Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome mashup to promote this. Are you still reading? Get on it. Stat!
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