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  1. I have a question regarding the new Skill Training layout. In the current system there didn't seem to be a hard stop when you had enough time to complete a tree. As a result, if you didn't get to log in and spend your time in the time bank...you ended up with a surplus you couldn't do anything with and the time just sat there in that particular tree. I have several days/hours banked in completed trees that sit there taunting me like 'that'll teach ya for having a life!'. Is this being addressed in the new system somehow? Will banked points be able to be spilled over into the next evolution? I.E.: Let's say I complete the Monster section and the points continue banking, will I be able to spill off the excess into Underfoot? How about those that don't have a next evolution like...Runecrafting...could excess points be spilled into another craft at a reduced rate? Even a half return would be better than zero.
  2. There are 3 types of PvPers in my opinion: 1) Honorable White Knight/Lawful Good type - The guys that want level playing fields as much as possible. Equally matched sides (skill level/gear/troop numbers). All things being equal, victory comes down to someone slipping up or seizing the moment when a tactical opportunity arises. They don't want to gank as there is no honor or fun for them in it. Stabbing a peasant in the back? No thanks. 2) Ganker/Chaotic Neutral type - The guys that appreciates a fair fight as much as an unfair fight. Our forces outnumber them 3:1? Awesome! Let's kick their butts! Passing through an area and come across someone who they can defeat with little to no risk? Won't even hesitate. They have catapults, we have ballistas, let's gooooooo! Free For All! 3) Griefer/Chaotic Evil type - The guys that will go out of their way looking for those who can't defend against them. And will corpse camp you. And will prevent you from doing whatever activity you were doing when they came across you. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. To the point of causing you to either A) gather a group to stomp them into the ground or logoff and go do something else. Find a complete and total overriding pleasure in pushing the limits of a game's rules when it comes to PvP. Devs, in general, don't particularly like #3s. Why? If they cause someone to logoff because of a negative experience, they might never logon again. Thus, costing the company a customer and revenue. And if they do it enough times, to enough people, there goes profitability. Unless the griefer is a billionaire that can single-handedly fund a game company. Devs will usually encourage (by means of game mechanics or events) #1s to come to the rescue and take a stand against #3s to aid the victims. And usually there will be enough #1s to balance against the threat of the #3s. All three types will be represented in Crowfall I have no doubt. And all three bring something unique to the game that adds to it. After 20 or so years of PvPing I've firmly settled into a #2 mindset. Take what you can, give nothing back. Keep to the code...they're more guidelines than rules.... Exploiters/Hackers/Cheaters are a completely separate group. I don't consider them griefers, though they could utilize exploits/hacks/cheats to grief. I consider them clear violators of the TOS/EULA and are subject to disciplinary action by ACE. Period.
  3. Everything you put into your character is one facet that contributes to that character as a whole. Your experience as a player. The vessel you are using. The skills you've trained. The disciplines you're using. Everything. And unlike gear-based games, one of those facets will not tip the scales so far in your favor that others won't have a chance. So, yeah, I'm completely okay with no skill cap. Because even if there isn't one, there really is if you look at the overall picture. It takes time to train skills. Real world time. They've said they've got 600 skills in right now. That's a metric crapton of skills to train assuming you're not going to focus and are taking the shotgun approach to train them all. By the time you've trained the current 600, they'll add in another 50...100...500 more skills. Which will open up new avenues, new specs, new ways to work things to your advantage and, yes, require more time to train. It's a neverending challenge. Veterans will have the advantage of having certain skills which will aid them. Veterans will have the advantage of knowing combat tactics, class weaknesses, counters, etc. Noobs will be at a disadvantage until they learn the game and train certain skills. That's the way things work. The noobs won't be at such a disadvantage that a veteran with an uber sword of power will decimate them by blowing them a kiss. But the veterans will have the advantage that they have earned over time. As it should be.
  4. I did like "unpinning" but it didn't seem to flow quite right in the context which is why I stated I thought they meant "underpinning". The author could have just as easily explained unpinning like the crone could unpin the universe like hair or something so that she sees all the strands of what is and could be..I dunno.
  5. "As one of the siblings of the All Father, Yaga manifests a foundational aspect of the universe itself: Knowledge, All Things Known and Unknown. She is the embodiment of how-things-work, the unpinnings of reality." I think underpinnings is what was meant there.
  6. "She is temperamental and given to short fits of anger when she does get her way." Is that supposed to be doesn't get her way or is she really the epitome of the spoiled child?
  7. Agreed. But we aren't talking about transferring to the real game. We're talking about the Hunger Dome testing now. People are lingering over empty chests because there isn't any obvious signal they are empty. Either a graphics change (take away the yellow tint and make them flat brown/grey) or a despawn would push things ahead.
  8. Could always just despawn the chest if it is emptied.
  9. All Father - 1 Khronos - 2 Yaga - 3 Three siblings.
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