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  1. This is big reason I usually have alts. Play different classes so you are intimately aware of how things work and you'll know your enemies inside out. A step ahead isn't a plan. Three steps ahead, meeting your enemy's move before he makes it. That's a plan.
  2. "scientia ipsa potentia est" - knowledge itself is power You're right, though it would be an interesting mechanic as well as a potential source of revenue for the crafters.
  3. Dampeners...string silencers...these are real things. Look it up.
  4. Because there are some that don't know. There are some that haven't been part of an alpha or beta test. There are some whose online gaming experience started with WoW or after. Not everyone has your experience.
  5. You mean like real life hunting? Picking off the weaker, slower of the group? Using tactics that have proven effective for predators since the dawn of time seems to be an obvious choice. Why will this ruin the game? Because you have a chance of losing? The group with more "x" is always a danger (players, damage, tanks, AoE, snares, slows, etc). There are, of course, going to be flavor of the month builds that will be crazy effective and will need to be rebalanced by ACE. From the looks of where ACE is going with character creation/development, there are going to be trade-offs for eve
  6. I do feel for you on this, Gordon. I am...exceedingly...aware of PCI DSS 3.0 compliance especially with card not present transactions. It's a crazy balancing act between merchant, processor and bank over who bears responsibility if something goes wrong. I'm in the process of assisting with its implementation in the hotel/gaming industry in Las Vegas. I did open a ticket both with ACE and Payplus when my 'errors' happened. Payplus' answer: change the e-mail address associated with my Crowfall account. Seriously wrong answer. Let's inconvenience the customer when they are trying to ini
  7. I had the same issue. ACE allowed me to directly transfer funds via PayPal. Screw Payplus.
  8. I believe those are about the numbers Gordon or J.Todd stated for Alpha 1 which is why they might be pulling some for pre-Alpha tests. It would be reasonable to assume they will spill over some Alpha 2s to Alpha 1 as well if they need a deeper test group.
  9. This deal....is very fair and I'm happy to be a part of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpE_xMRiCLE Had to do it.
  10. I haven't read any of the GoT books or watched the show. Too busy reading Valor's posts and watching Crowns and Crows....
  11. Support is more of a MOBA term than MMO...maybe even FPS, in my opinion. In LoL or HotS or whatever, Support usually means someone who is less focused on DPS as a contribution. They focus more on shielding or healing allies, cc'ing enemies and generally being a tactical teammate. Someone who aids by opening up opportunities for themselves and others to exploit thereby turning the tide of battle in their favor. I see J. Todd's explanation of their vision of the Legionnaire in the same vein as this.
  12. If you get killed over and over, it's not the game that's not balanced...you're a bad player. Quote of the decade.
  13. I like the idea of respecs but people seem to be looking at them the wrong way when it comes to Crowfall. EvE (the only other game I can think of that has time-based skill training) allows respecs but it's reallocating points into stats. It's called neural remapping: https://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Neural_remapping We may get something similar in Crowfall but, like EvE, I wouldn't expect it from the get go. This was something that CCP added in years later. Those of us on the ground floor will be the ones others will have to learn from. Someone will stumble upon the "min/max"
  14. I usually quit a game because of 2 things: 1) I've done everything that I find interesting and/or rewarding. 2) The game didn't live up to expectations/new features aren't being implemented to keep me engaged or the new features are fluff and don't really add anything of substance to the game.
  15. In other news: WildStar is going F2P with a optional sub. SWTOR has been F2P with an optional sub for years. It's a proven model. I've got...I don't even know...6 years of VIP at my backer level I think? I'm sure I'll be perusing a cash shop as well as I tend to have disposable income and like shiny bits and pieces in the games I play. If they continue to improve the game over the years and I keep on playing/coming back when I can, I'll support them. One attitude that really gets under my skin is the people playing a F2P game complaining about people giving a developer mo
  16. I watched Season 1 on Netflix and found out it was cancelled. Complete let down as it was starting to pick up steam. I also liked Almost Human which seems to have followed the same path.
  17. Queue and server lag are inevitable realities of standing up any new environment. It usually takes months to observe, determine actual need vs. projected need and compensate accordingly. There's no data modeling or virtual environment that can 100% accurately predict how many servers will be needed and how much bandwidth will be needed. Let's face it, the users (that's us) are always going to want minimal wait, no lag, blah, blah, blah. In a perfect world the server team and network team would make everything work perfectly with 99% uptime. It just doesn't happen on fledgling, unpro
  18. Most game studios are sensitive to this now and usually include a colorblind friendly setting somewhere under video. If there were any AoE indicators in Crowfall I have every confidence that ACE would provide a setting for this subset of the population. EA/BioWare had to react quick, fast and in a hurry in SWTOR as their instance indicators were green/red (yeah, I played that train wreck for 3 months hoping it was a SWG successor).
  19. I really hate you guys right now. I already want to play my Guinea Pig and Murder Deer...now I'm leaning towards the Centaurs as well. I don't want too many alts in this game. You really need to cut back on that quality.
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