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  1. From the Duelist Backstory: Our duelist, the finest masters to wield a blade. Our engineers, the only to unlock the secret of munitions. It's safe to assume that Guinnies invented gunpowder and it will be in the game.
  2. As I'm going to be aligning myself with Balance, I won't have a KoS list. My friends one day may turn into my enemies the next and vice versa. It's never personal, only business.
  3. Ranger: Don't run, you'll just die tired Champion: Sleeveless for life Druid: Life until death Myrmidon has one: The hunter must never forget how it feels to be hunted
  4. Same using chrome. Seems to be random. I could be logged in viewing the boards and move to the next thread and I'm logged out.
  5. Well, to be fair, Tully is now the old and busted...you are the new hotness.
  6. I agree. This needs to be a consideration.
  7. Yep, since I can have 3 training simultaneously I'll definitely have a dedicated crafter. I do the same thing in EVE. I have my combat oriented badass and my research/production/supply smarty.
  8. You're so right and I'm sure they will. I think Tyrant stated that the initial tests will be short and focused on certain aspects while the succeeding ones will be longer and broader.
  9. I knew I saw something on this before but couldn't find it using the Search feature which was the main reason I started this one up. You stay classy, Copper.
  10. Added to the main post. Good suggestion as that will give more variety of testing and less neglect of certain archetypes.
  11. Love the looks. Absolutely fabulous concepts. As a complete non-artist, merely looking at the aesthetics, I would say the transition from spring to summer to fall is great but the winter doesn't seem...enough to convey the menace of the most dangerous transformation of the creature. There are sizeable transformations (color, deterioration, crystal progression) from spring to summer to fall but winter is a more subtle final push than the previous. Something more skeletal...bone white I think would be incredible and make it pop a bit more. Again this is the impression of a non-artist eye
  12. Yes, but in EVE you don't have huge heraldry or group identifications floating around. Green, red and blue tell all you need to know. It's minimalist and still informative if you want to dig deeper into it, you can. I'm not against viable information, just the way it is presented to me. Like I said, give me control of how to display it to myself and it's all good.
  13. As long as I can hide it on my interface, I couldn't care less if they add something like this in for those that will enjoy it. 95% of the time I'm not paying attention to even the name of the person that I'm killing let alone what groups they might belong to.
  14. As I'm going to be going Balance, I'm most interested in Kronos. If nothing else than being able to sing: Tiiiiiiiiiime is on my side....yes it is.
  15. Added this point to the original post. Definitely something they will need to consider if testing is going to be in short bursts. We won't have months to invest in a Campaign if there are going to be character wipes and other software/hardware necessities at varied intervals.
  16. Added this point in the original post. I don't know how relevant it will be considering the skill system but it would be nice to see what kind of differences we can look forward to after playing the game for 6 months as opposed to a fresh character.
  17. Okay, so having been testing for 15+ years I thought I'd compile a list of suggestions to ease us into it. I'm sure this is rather redundant for you all as you have a metric crapton of talent that's been doing this for awhile but I wanted to reiterate anyway. 1) Early Alpha is always the most difficult. We'll be pushing mechanics, trying things the average user wouldn't think about and just generally trying to break it like the Hulk. Please, please, please have an easy way to report bugs. A difficult or inefficient reporting GUI is the number one reason I tend to slow down or stop re
  18. Drunk? I'll do that sober. Yeehaw, Gerbil Cowboy!
  19. Have a happy Chinchilli Day anyway.
  20. Actually, all the Austin Powers movies (1997-2002) were released prior to even City of Heroes (2004).
  21. Waikikamukau


    Bacon pancakes, makin' bacon pancakes, take some bacon and you put it in a pancake. Bacon pancakes that's what we're gonna make, bacon pancaaaaaakes!
  22. Razing your own area is a valid tactic. For example, During the Napoleonic Wars the Russians (Cossacks) did it so the invading French army wouldn't have supplies other than what they brought with them during the winter. As a result, the winter cause a lot of hardship on the French army. Employing tactics like this to a changing battlefield would be a plus in my opinion.
  23. I've been playing online games since 1992. I've watched things grow, evolve and, of course, explode in 2004 when WoW was unleashed on an unknowing populace. After all this time, I'd still say I came from Asheron's Call. The open-ended character development which allowed you to min/max and, unfortunately for some, gimp their characters was one of the best things about it. The allegiance system with vassals providing xp up the chain in exchange for advice, gear, runs, etc. was perfect in my opinion. I'll never forget moving up the chain so I was getting xp from those below me. Loggi
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