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  1. Had a mini heart attack this morning when it said my transaction was declined by the provider. I scrambled for my e-mail, found the provider had put a fraud alert on the transaction and that I had to approve for it to go through. Whew! Sapphire backer confirmed. And just FYI it stated that I had 7 days to correct it. Pay with another card or otherwise resolve the deficiency. So we're looking at a max of a week before we get true numbers.
  2. Every game is pay to win. Even the so called F2P games you pay a currency you can never reclaim: time. You pay it willingly for an experience. You pay it hoping that experience will be positive and you will come out on top. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't. Nothing is guaranteed.
  3. I like the idea but it doesn't really fit with Falconry in the traditional sense. Seems to be something that a familiar would be able to do. If they expounded upon Falconry as training and somehow magically bonding with the falcon...sure. It'd have to be fleshed out a bit to distinguish the falcon from being anything but a pet that you can command. Unfortunately, my first character is going to be a Guinnie and I would assume has a natural fear of large, predatory birds so...maybe I'm just over thinking this....
  4. So much hate. I'm wondering how many people who are crapping all over VR and the Oculus Rift have even picked one up. I played EVE: Valkyrie with it 2 years ago and it was a great experience. I don't know how well it would fit into a world like Crowfall, but it was perfect for Valkyrie. Saying the tech is 'too young' or 'a fad' is overlooking the fact that it's out there and working well for some games. I doubt I would play Valkryie without one. The immersion is just too good. That being said, as a stretch goal it's kinda meh. I don't think that's going to pull in more backers
  5. I'm so going to need a wide-brimmed hat on my Guinnie.
  6. I know y'all were at PAX South flying the Crowfall banner. Just curious if you had plans to attend any of the remaining gaming conventions this year. This is a company and a game I'd definitely find time to seek out at a convention.
  7. CE better be a sub class. It would be even better if we could organize a construction battalion to stymie enemy forces. Being able to construct obstacles and fortifications would be seriously enjoyable.
  8. Don't really agree with point 3. People who tend to gravitate towards PvP generally have middle to high end PCs and solid, reliable connections. They would have to or had to in order to participate in virtually any PvP in any multiplayer game out there. Every second counts, every split second reaction and adaptation in any fight gives an edge. 150-200ms will get you killed repeatedly by those with lower ping. That being said it would be nice to see a more tactically-minded, less twitch oriented style of PvP for those of us who lack the reaction times of a 20 year old. I just don
  9. It's not subjective if you establish a pattern of behavior, the behavior is analyzed and a verifiable, concrete conclusion is reached. You asked a question. The question was not answered to your satisfaction. Instead of merely asking for clarification, you responded snarkily. Even when the poster who answered your question fleshed it out for you with information gleaned by utilizing the tools on the forums which you could have easily done yourself, you again responded with a condescending air. Textbook hooligan move because: 1) You could have responded in a civil tone without th
  10. KOS Red = Dead Kill them all. Who are they? Those who are not us.
  11. Yep, playing and streaming HotS fairly regularly Waikikamukau BattleNet is Slipstream#1964 if you'd like to add me.
  12. As I'm planning to play a Guinnie an underground lair definitely appeals to me. Even if it's just an area under my main structure that will allow me some wood chips and an exercise wheel.
  13. You are correct. Until they fix the link: on YouTube just click on Crowfall to see all their videos. The second was posted at the same time as the first.
  14. ^^This Just give me a good UI that I can rearrange and resize without resorting to add-ons.
  15. I think you're overstating it but I get your point. I dislike skill up by repetition as well. However, in a game where there is going to be item decay where you will need to replace items at all levels on a consistent basis it does make a certain amount of sense. If you want to craft a particular sword, you craft that sword say 10 times to become a master at that design with each succeeding attempt improving the quality with failures here and there which you salvage to continue improving. So now you are a master at that design which also improved your overall skill at Swordsmithing. Pl
  16. I rather enjoyed EVE Online's early researching to "discover" T2 blueprints. In my opinion they just didn't take it far enough. I don't like RNG for this type of thing. Asheron's Call's method of discovering new spells worked well up until everyone knew and shared the combinations. After that they had to randomize it for each individual character. Even then, because there was a pattern to it (if you researched and got this spell, you knew what line you were going down and it was predictable). There are those crafters, just like any other profession, who will exhaustively work towar
  17. Remember, if you say no to milk and drink your drugs, you can get work.
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