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  1. An application has been sent... ...the waiting has begun. Oh god I can't wait to play this Thursday! (Friday) Side note question: Do you guys use Discord or Teamspeak?
  2. The tree layout isn't final. As they say one video, I believe this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=og_DJoG08T4&ab_channel=markeedragon As you say, it wouldn't make sense. So it's not really the case, it's just all of them feed into the Mastery tree and you need a minimum amount invested in the whole tree before unlocking it, something like that.
  3. Who else here feels like the terms "resources" and "materials" are semantically and thus, confusingly swapped around? I don't know, English is not my first language. I know this is nitpicking by the way, I'll probably get used through it through usage within the context of the game.
  4. Thought about it, and it's actually technically quite feasible (and not requiring a lot of new unique models to be created), though the solution I have in my head might not be the prettiest or most optimal, just functional. It's just a matter of priorities, but seeing as how many (or how frequently) people are asking for it, I think it'll likely be in the game in some form or another, eventually. What I am wondering if corpses will explode like other resource nodes will do and if you will have pretty organs floating around on the ground.
  5. Awesome tech! Though the seams were very noticeable to me, personally (extremely picky), I really love the method used to achieve the parcel stitching. I wonder how you did it, actually (being a Unity dev myself). Did you just create a linearly interpolated blend of the heightmap information on the borders, before applying those heightmaps to the ground plane? And if so, are the heightmaps then applied in realtime, so one could possibly... edit them during play?
  6. The key thing is though, there will be SO MANY THINGS in the game that need to be crafted and all those will need disciplines, recipes and resources to function. So it would be extremely hard, if not impossible, to be both self sufficient and competitive. Because you would always be out competed by those specialists who just put more of their time and resources into getting all the stuff to make the best stuff or to kill the hardest. I don't think that'll make specialized crafters obsolete, especially if they'll make the system as complex as they promise.
  7. It's not entirely a thing of speed however, but more a thing of force or power and transition thereof. Belt and pulley can cause you to lose a lot of your efficiency and power output, when your input is already fairly low with a stream (or better yet: waterfall), you need to have as little moving parts as possible to reduce loss by friction (also wear and tear needs to be taken in account). Gears are often a lot better than belts and pulleys for that. And an up down sawmill like in my picture has gravity help a big deal in adding force to the sawing stroke. Belt and pulley works great for actual motors (steam/gasoline/electric) because they can afford to lose some of the force and instead have it go faster. Oh yeah, did I mention that water powered lumber mills used to be terribly slow? Especially compared to modern day lumber mills. And actually, how easy it is to repair also plays a huge role in its design. As rectangular saws are just easier to forge and sharpen and is also more efficient for really thick logs where you would otherwise need a huge circle saw. /carpentrygeeking
  8. On another note, since everyone seems to be talking about the animation/resource interaction, is anyone else bothered by the design of the lumber mill? As in, attaching a circular saw to a water mill is kind of a ridiculous notion that would not work at all. Just seems a bit silly to me, that's all. And the easy fix is that all you need to do is change the shape of the saw. Just a silly thing, would accept it eventually as many such technical errors often appear in games and you're kind of forced to get used to it...
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