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  1. An application has been sent... ...the waiting has begun. Oh god I can't wait to play this Thursday! (Friday) Side note question: Do you guys use Discord or Teamspeak?
  2. The key thing is though, there will be SO MANY THINGS in the game that need to be crafted and all those will need disciplines, recipes and resources to function. So it would be extremely hard, if not impossible, to be both self sufficient and competitive. Because you would always be out competed by those specialists who just put more of their time and resources into getting all the stuff to make the best stuff or to kill the hardest. I don't think that'll make specialized crafters obsolete, especially if they'll make the system as complex as they promise.
  3. Hah, adrenaline junkies can be a bit sad. In a way, especially the kind of people who would only feel 'normal' when adrenaline rushes through their body and feel poorly made socks otherwise. I still stand behind the statement though. Perhaps it's a bit hyperbolic, but in the end it all boils down to challenge. Something becomes boring if there's no challenge to it anymore. Crafters would have their own set of challenges, that also tie into the PVP nature of the world, an open market is very competition driven. There's a thrill in that, a different kind, but going back to my 'feeling alive'
  4. If that was really the case I might actually start playing CS. IMO. People don't PVP to die a lot, because yeah, that's boring. Not even to own a lot of noobs, naw, they PVP to truly feel alive. It's that living on the edge kind of feeling. It's exhilarating.
  5. A little man sat in a little boat midst the rising sea. He saw the fish swimming, merrily, beneath his boat and occasionally, jump over it. He tried to catch them, but to no avail. They seemed to mock him. Haha, silly little man. "Well I'm glad I'm not a smelly fish!" the man yelled at the sea. The sea did not care. The waves consumed him. Man, its going to be fun to run into some of you people ingame. And I honestly mean that.
  6. Grouch? Hah! No, I'm just terribly bad at talking smack. But good to hear you've got a pruning system in place, that's more than most similar guilds do. However I must admit I had some bad experiences joining large guilds like this. But we'll see how all this enfolds on the battlefield. Because if ya can't beat them, ech... join them I guess.
  7. This sounds like your typical "Everyone can join so we're bloody huge at one point with lots of inactive accounts and only a few people know each other"-guild every single MMO has. Whelp, I'll be sure on the lookout where the mindless zergs will come from.
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