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  1. Yeap you have to learn all preskill for open a skill. So you need all skills for reach the mastery :(


    The tree layout isn't final. As they say one video, I believe this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=og_DJoG08T4&ab_channel=markeedragon



    As you say, it wouldn't make sense. So it's not really the case, it's just all of them feed into the Mastery tree and you need a minimum amount invested in the whole tree before unlocking it, something like that.


    I wish we can take the player head back to EK 


    Thought about it, and it's actually technically quite feasible (and not requiring a lot of new unique models to be created), though the solution I have in my head might not be the prettiest or most optimal, just functional.  

    It's just a matter of priorities, but seeing as how many (or how frequently) people are asking for it, I think it'll likely be in the game in some form or another, eventually.   


    What I am wondering if corpses will explode like other resource nodes will do and if you will have pretty organs floating around on the ground.

  3. Awesome tech! Though the seams were very noticeable to me, personally (extremely picky), I really love the method used to achieve the parcel stitching.

    I wonder how you did it, actually (being a Unity dev myself). Did you just create a linearly interpolated blend of the heightmap information on the borders, before applying those heightmaps to the ground plane? And if so, are the heightmaps then applied in realtime, so one could possibly... edit them during play? :D

  4. The key thing is though, there will be SO MANY THINGS in the game that need to be crafted and all those will need disciplines, recipes and resources to function. So it would be extremely hard, if not impossible, to be both self sufficient and competitive. Because you would always be out competed by those specialists who just put more of their time and resources into getting all the stuff to make the best stuff or to kill the hardest.  

    I don't think that'll make specialized crafters obsolete, especially if they'll make the system as complex as they promise. 

  5. Why not? I presume there is a belt and pulley system hidden inside that mill to increase the speed of the saw beyond that of the wheel.


    It's not entirely a thing of speed however, but more a thing of force or power and transition thereof. Belt and pulley can cause you to lose a lot of your efficiency and power output, when your input is already fairly low with a stream (or better yet: waterfall), you need to have as little moving parts as possible to reduce loss by friction (also wear and tear needs to be taken in account). Gears are often a lot better than belts and pulleys for that. And an up down sawmill like in my picture has gravity help a big deal in adding force to the sawing stroke.  

    Belt and pulley works great for actual motors (steam/gasoline/electric) because they can afford to lose some of the force and instead have it go faster. Oh yeah, did I mention that water powered lumber mills used to be terribly slow? Especially compared to modern day lumber mills.

    And actually, how easy it is to repair also plays a huge role in its design. As rectangular saws are just easier to forge and sharpen and is also more efficient for really thick logs where you would otherwise need a huge circle saw.  



  6. On another note, since everyone seems to be talking about the animation/resource interaction, is anyone else bothered by the design of the lumber mill?

    As in, attaching a circular saw to a water mill is kind of a ridiculous notion that would not work at all. Just seems a bit silly to me, that's all. And the easy fix is that all you need to do is change the shape of the saw.  


    Just a silly thing, would accept it eventually as many such technical errors often appear in games and you're kind of forced to get used to it...



    Unfortunately they said no mounted combat in an old interview. (On release)


    Well then, /thread 


    I do believe it's doable (and could be fun, but not completely without problems, like having more actors on the field with everyone on horses which would slow things down), but it's not as vital to the core game they're building for launch. It's a fun extra. They've only got so much money and so many time though sadly, so I rather have them focus on stuff that really matters. And have the normal combat be 'perfect'.

  8. WTF?  Friendly Fire?  https://youtu.be/H07zYvkNYL8?t=3s


    Why on earth would you enable friendly fire on a game filled with AOE, and battles with 2+ opposing teams... it just doesn't make any sense.


    It would make even less sense to put out a build where there was friendly fire, and have the skills built for that (smaller hitboxes and more precise and directional),  but have the game be mostly unplayable because everyone's dying all the the time because of the lag and accidentally hitting teamplayers and really just not getting the data and publicity you want. It just makes for a crappy testing environment. At least now people are having fun with it as well.

    Those skills are likely to change once friendly fire is in. With the speed and flexibility they're developing it, that won't be much of a problem.

  9. I'm not sure that friendly fire is exactly as core a game mechanic as certain forum members seem to think it is. While Crowfall will feature it, it's going to be relegated to a few, almost certainly lesser in popularity, campaigns that the majority of the players will never touch. Experimental campaign features are exactly the type of thing they've been saying since the beginning will be tested in a live environment - even the ones they've been mentioning from the beginning.


    Friendly fire is not being tested now because it isn't part of the core game experience; it's as simple as that.


    Hmmmno I'm pretty sure it is, at least, the devs want it to be. It's just not that testable yet because of the current state of the tech that is necessary for FF to work properly (and still be playable) and they're focusing on getting the most of that right first. After that it'll probably quickly get in, because I believe they'll recognize it as a vital design challenge (or part of one: combat) that needs extensive testing.


    Look at question 15 here from the Physics FAQ:



    And hidden at the end of question three in the Combat FAQ "...hitting accidental targets":


  10. I really don't understand where you're getting this whole idea from that animation locks in a combat system makes it less skill-based. I mean I kind of get your reasoning, but you're completely disregarding the skill that goes into properly timing your abilities and predicting your opponents and punishing their mistakes.  


    The Dark Souls games have PVP that awards skillful and intelligent play. It's nothing but animation locks. Ever heard of Super Smash Bros Melee? Or any other fighter for that matter. Animation locks are in a lot of very competitive games.  


    Thing is though, that an animation lock system requires a LOT more work to get it where it needs to be, where skillful and smart play is awarded and the gamefeel is good. And they'll be devoting the whole of next year to that, because it's so important to get it right.

  11. Actually, it is as simple as removing the not-hitting-your-group-members bit.


    Popping out of lurk shortly just to say: "What?"


    And, because I can't help myself: "The current testing is not about emulating the final combat in the game, but testing combat systems (in a simplified focused framework). Archetypes, abilities, skills and the whole multiplayer engine being more important than FF. It will get introduced eventually, because everything, all the skills and abilities will be revamped/rebalanced anyway once all systems/archetypes are in place. They implied this on multiple occasions."


    Blah. We still have a loooong haul of testing and development ahead of us. Everything will change, don't worry too much, just say your peace and move on.


    Back to lurking, damnit.

  12. Sorry, we have the testing phase recruitment restriction for a reason. It's no fun to lurk in voicechat with the majority able to playtest and a few can't. Some people can handle it, some can't and will be jealous. While we do play other games together when there is no Crowfall testing going on, our main connection to each other is Crowfall. It's also a way to not grow too fast and lose our identity along the way.


    Hope I explained it in a way so you understand our reasoning for not allowing everyone in yet. Our recruitment restriction will loosen over time though, so I hope you will still be interested in Caldera once you're able to start testing.


    Oh don't worry. I understood fully, no need to explain actually. :D (hence my wording: "...I might join you guys later") 

    I actually think the more selective, slow, recruitment policy is quite commendable. It's part of why I actually replied here with 'Interesting, shame bla bla'.  

    I'm not really going to participate that much until I can actually play anyway. I'm a patient guy, very patient. For example, I chose not to play Fallout 4 in its current state, because even though it's a game I really love and have been waiting for for a very long time, I just can't afford it (time and money wise) at the moment and I want to wait until they fix some of the major issues I've been hearing about.


    Just know that I have my eye on you guys.

  13. How about cricket bards?


    Oh yeah good one. Good insectoid races are supremely rare. It's mostly because a lot of people don't like insects...but I don't care I love them.


    I'm all in for more monster races! I love variety and the way they're going about that to allow such variety, it's very exciting what the future might bring. I'm not sure we'll be getting more archetypes before launch. But it's a great way to keep the game fresh after launch. 


    And something a bit weaker would add some nice variation, there's a lot of powerful stronk, archetypes already.

    Some more squishy ones like:


    -crickets/ants/centipede(because, screw you animation team)

    -catfolk (household kind)






    All would add some different options to the mix. 

  14. It is easy to add, modify and debug content while running the game, I hear it's a feature that the other engines lack. This means it is far simpler to test new items, updates and the like while a test server is up (Well, never worked while running a server, but I know it's true for offline projects).


    I also read in one of the FAQs that Unity 5 is much more MMO friendly.


    I've had some experience with Unity 4 and testing multiplayer functions (lag, metrics for balance) during open multiplay with other people over the net. With Unity 5 this only got better.

    It's kinda funny you can connect to the same servers the players are connected to with their executables, while you're still in Unity and you have access to all the things and can change variables on the fly, easily move around and spawn things.


    Really specific things like spells, weapons and such, things that require new code (because those aren't the kind of features an engine like Unity 3D natively has). Won't take that much more time than in other engines (apart from prototyping), it's mostly just the testing system (testing things and bugfixing usually is one of the biggest timesinks in development, sometimes I feel like all you're really doing during development is continually fixing problems).

    Though if they make tools/systems for themselves and good systems to create new items and spells in (if they're smart, they probably will), the development of them can be much quicker, this isn't tool dependent either though. (the easy asset workflow does help in this regard though)


    It's the really optimized physics engine, graphics engine, powerful exporting tools, new cloud building, analytics and report systems and since a lot of functions haven't fully developed yet that are going to make a lot of difference in the speed of the engine, it's also going to be fairly powerful to have lots of people running on the screen doing all sorts of things.


    Them using this engine REALLY means we'll be seeing fairly functional gameplay mechanics (in the beginning, mostly test cases) fairly quickly and relatively quick bug fixes in the coming future (not all the time though).


    It's going to be exciting to see them working in this tool I've been working in for almost 3 years now. I hope they'll show some more behind the scenes stuff in that regard in the future. :)

  15. Hey nice usage of a stock image for a logo. Always good fun to see people using stock images or images from google to promote themselves with. :)


    It does look nice though, same for the website, the poster you made is fairly attractive. Wish you the best of luck! (and we'll see if you survive the launch of the game)

  16. :( She's a qtpie.


    Oh yeah she grows on you.

    Like an itchy fungal infection.

    (I'm sad that series is over)


    I wouldn't want to be in the Dev's shoes by the way, they've got some really tough decisions to make, and they will displease some people with those choices, no matter what. And they already accepted that fact. The telegraphs thing, these forums have been fairly vocal about though. So it shows they do listen, if our voices make sense at least. Which a lot of times, they don't. Tough job.

  17. Seems like a copout when it comes to making an actual decision for the game.


    Annoying kid from Barakamon hits the nail on the head. It's really just the same as before where they said you could turn off the telegraph textures.


    It's not a choice, or not a meaningful one. It's already been clear (to the devs as well) that telegraphs for all attacks isn't the way to go, why are people still discussing this?

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