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  1. That just sounds terribly boring after a while. Which, can be very punishing in a way indeed.
  2. The game is pretty awesome. I'm really loving it so far. And the whole trans/pro-trans or whole LBGTQ community seems a bit on edge lately. I understand their pleas, but it's one thing to be offended and making a stand on something, and another thing entirely to then dismiss or start insulting the company or people who support it. It's just responding to perceived hate with even more hate. It's much easier to hate than forgive... because not everyone completely understands and I think that community should be open to that as well. It's almost as if you should always walk on your toes and not make any jokes anymore, because you might offend somebody. That's not very healthy, IMHO. /rant edit- wait, is this topic allowed on this forum however? I guess in one light it could be seen as degrading or vilifying a sexual identity. Or at least, open up to doing so. Ah well...
  3. Osegrim

    Tank Or Damage

    Well they'd look pretty awesome as scary damage dealers, a bit faster than Champions perhaps. Because in a lot of ways, they're kind of similar to Champions. I'm imagining this enraged minotaur wielding two huge axes slicing through his enemies in a crazed flurry of death. (rage ability? attack faster but take more damage) But a huge, armored minotaur, stalwart and ummoving could be pretty cool as well. So they'd almost be like this living statue. Slow, but deadly. We'll see where it goes, the whole statistical thing in aptitudes and disciplines and archetype specific skills is completely unclear as of now, how they will differ from each other.
  4. You're making some good points about the K:D ratio discussion. In that it wouldn't stimulate actual good cohesive teamplay and thus would be detrimental to the success of a guild. Though I think this really comes down to how 'abusable' the tactics and strategies in the game would be, that there's no optimum strategy to make the most kills and get the least deaths would exist, because that could potentially hurt the gameplay. Because that's where I think the real problem lies, that the interaction between players stays dynamic and doesn't become stale abd one way is to remove attention from K:D, but another indeed would be, strategical depth to the gameplay that wouldn't allow for completely riskfree tactics. Death is always a risk everyone has to deal with. (even when you're in a group against fewer opponents, for instance)
  5. I'm not sure what you're implying there buddy and I'm not sure if I like it... *leer*
  6. I really don't see why people keep thinking this. As I said before in this thread and I guess it needs to be said again: Making a whole new gender for an archetype is tons more expensive than what's not much more than 'turning on' VR support. Sure there's more to it than that, but they don't need to conceptualize and iterate on it which can take weeks of time or even more, considering all custom models and customization (animation can possibly just be retargeted, I hope, if they don't animate the boobs at least), instead of just a day or few days for VR...
  7. Why is this not simply a Duelist Promotion class though? Would work fine that way. (yes I'm discussing what's possibly a joke/not real on it's possible merits, I don't care, it's an interesting and cool idea) I'd be fine if this was nothing more than a skin/outfit though, because that'd be just awesome.
  8. The rib cage is not supposed to simply 'house' it, it is there to protect those vital organs and to aid in breathing. The heart would still be plenty protected behind the sternum of the horse body. Placing the lungs in the horse body would be a bigger game changer, because then the human ribcage would be completely unnecessary indeed, which would be interesting, as I said before because then the mass of the human torso could be greatly reduced and this would help with a lot of things. And there's complications of course with the lungs being in the horse body, but none that aren't solved already by the giraffe in a far more difficult situation. (watched an full on autopsy of a giraffe once, and the systems they have in place to have that huge neck work are amazing). The size of the diaphragm would be significantly larger, the trachea a lot longer and the breathing speed a lot slower most likely. But with the extra room, the lungs can be fairly large to accomodate for all this as well. And then you wouldn't need the cop out fantasy answer of simply having 'better oxygen bloodflow'. Two sets of lungs wouldn't work though, that is just asking for respiratory problems. Lungs are only to get oxygen in the blood, better to keep that central and close to the heart. It's great to have an interest! Anatomy is one of my greatest obsessions, with my background as an artist I've spent a lot of time researching and thinking about real life and fictional/speculative anatomy. It's a great pasttime, so I'm enjoying this topic a lot, if you haven't noticed already.
  9. I thought, mostly the game you've spent the most time in and made some personal achievements you're proud of. So not 'best' compared to other people necessarily.
  10. Super Meat Boy, Lots of sweat and tears put into that game. I also beat Ninja Gaiden, but I think SMB is actually harder. Not at all extremely useful skills for CF I fear. I'm mostly just skilled at platforming games, don't have great reaction speed, just very precise control and tons of patience. I was kind of adequate at Dark Souls though, that counts right?
  11. Nope, because of gravity and body movement. What exactly makes you think that pumping blood through a horses body is more challenging? Simply because it's larger? If that's the case, you really don't know anything about the mechanics of anatomy. 1/10. I thought about it some more and two hearts would really not be necessary and could only cause problems. Just one large one directly below the human torso (roughly similar location to a giraffe) would actually be sufficient. I wouldn't place it within the human torso, because oxygen is already going to be a big problem for such a large creature. The whole 'improved bloodflow' and 'oxygen transport' nonsense in the diagram is just a cop out to solve that problem. It would be interesting to try out and have the lungs in the horse body instead. And get rid of most of the upper torso mass and have it just be a place for extra arms and the head. This would drastically increase survivability I'd say.
  12. Please don't look at me I'm shy. I am jealous of doc's beard and dream I could grow a proper moustache.
  13. Damnit, lemme try again. /headdesk
  14. Pizza was invented in Italy, you know what's also in Italy? The Catholic Pope.
  15. Result from efficient and effective dough flattening. Cheapest way to make cardboard boxes. They are circle sectors, not triangles. Yes I hate this question... next...
  16. Nope. It's one they threw in for the heck of it. Because it's going to cost them almost no money to implement it. Just import the package (which is free), link it up (options menu, head tracking to camera movement, rendering setups). Test it, tweak it a little perhaps (though I doubt that would be very necessary) and done. All in a day's work (I could probably do it crappily in a few hours if you would put a gun against my head). They wouldn't be able to do anything else worthwhile in that time they could've put in as a stretchgoal. Surprisingly enough, VR has become pretty easy these days. Great VR with motion controls, is something else. But it doesn't need to be that.
  17. Dark souls meets Mount & Blade meets Total War meets Civilization meets EVE online meets Mount your Friends? Count me in! I'm hoping for more slower and calculative combat, this would help with both lag and tactics.
  18. Your wit is astounding. Far superior to the first reply to this thread. Wait why is this thread still open? Are you sure your mod powers are working? Hold on lemme try /thead
  19. Well they want the Guinecians even be able to dig tunnels. I think they've got a lot of ambition concerning freedom as to what to destroy. So I'm guessing there will be a fair bit of freedom as to how to build as well. Not as much as in EQ Landmark of course, but I'd be fine with placing down prebuilt houses (or simple house building tools where you pick between floorplans, style, walls whatever) and prebuilt towers and walls and bridges which can be fairly dynamically placed (dimensions, orientation mostly). And then some signs, perhaps planting of trees. Digging of a moat and underground fallback/defense system (hidden escape route/entrance, or to prevent people from digging in underneath easily). And then put down road as well, roads are nice and easy to implement. What more would we need?
  20. Osegrim

    Amazon Dash

    Oh yeah sorry I forgot. If it's not on the day itself, it must be true. Hold on while I reprimand my kids for pressing the Spongebob Mac&Cheese button a hundred times. (Yes this is a thing)
  21. Osegrim

    Amazon Dash

    Gotta love april fool's day. Sometimes the creative ideas people come up with are actually pretty cool. Because I can see myself wanting that for some things.
  22. Oooh that would be awesome actually. I could make a living out of making high quality forgeries.
  23. It might, it might not (it probably will though, it's more stuff to compute after all). But if they're smart about it, the players will be aware of the (hopefully slight) FPS drop when exactly it will happen, so they can prepare for it (and try to avoid combat during).
  24. The difference is availability though. That it's information not easily shared and not simply shared with anyone. It just creates a barrier of accessibility, nothing more. Where guilds would have access to the information of their own guild members indeed, but possibly not (not easily anyway), to that of competing guilds. You could have it so that valuable information (like the one about resources) is only shared with higher ups in the guild, to prevent spies from having access to it. And people could perhaps 'generate' a an API key so it would only work for specific players, or set other limits of usage on the key (non permanent access, for instance).
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