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  1. Yup, the tech exists, though the complexity varies on how gradual you want it to go. The techs involved are: "(p)reload all the things" (PATT) and "hold up! moving dose points around bro" (HUMDOPAB) and not to forget, "WOOP imma completely different thing now what up playa?" (WOOPWOOP). Sorry for getting all technical on you, but let me explain. But I gotta warn you (disclaimer), I'm not a programmah. So I might just be talking out of my toosh. PATT - Preloading the data (mostly just environment textures) necessary for projected seasonal change within a playtime experience should cover mostly texture blending. Where everytime a new texture is loaded for an area a season.timer lookup to check if a seasonal change is imminent (so it knows if it is necessary to load the texture data) and then through a pixel shader, this texture is blended with the current texture appropiately according to the point of change. Problem here is though, that it would only work optimized, not creating too much lag, if the player moves around and it would look different for every person. So timing is a bit tricky. But streaming of the textures (loading during play) might be possible if the setup is efficient enough (which could be possible if they get that graphics programmer guy from the stretch goal) for the textures and such. Also, procedural textures (generating textures) and texture tinting (recoloring textures) is also an intermediate option. HUMDOPAB - Yo. They could do a similar thing with the creatures, where they would suddenly or gradually change to their next state, albeit through triggered animation or dynamic shaders (shader: bits of programming that compute/explain/change graphics). Texture blending and vertex (vertex = a point that describes a 3d model in 3d space) morphing/blending might work, depending how the different models line up (it's tricky, but fairly doable). This can be done for trees and such as well. WOOPWOOP - Or they could just do some special effect magic trick thingy, forcing a quick reload for people (live streaming of data again, they could predict the event and force people to load the data way before, spreading out the load time, so it's less heavy and jaunting). And creatures would go into their next state and the world would change in an animated instant of sorts (texture blending, cool particle effects to cover up flaws, or the whole screen if necessary). And a big text would drop down saying SUMMER or AUTUMN. And afterwards the data of the previous season can be unloaded. It's a little bit like a server reboot, only it happens while people are still sort of in the world, making it more of a world event and possibly less jaunting. But yeah all in all, just a quick server reboot would be the easiest way to do it. It could be a bit jaunting and immersion-breaking though. So I wouldn't be a big fan.
  2. I thought about what data could be harmlessly released into the hands of the players, without affecting the meta game (too much) of intel gathering, word of mouth and flexibility of playstyles. Playtime and Last login time - Allows you to track activity more easily. It's the least one could ask of a person right? And it's fun/important to keep track of. Distance travelled - Just a fun metric. Don't see gameplay implications of this. Stats padding by traveling around randomly on foot? Sure go ahead, see me care. Amount of jumps - Seems fairly harmless to me, especially since jumping a lot during combat will likely not be a viable tactic. Skill data (amount of skills, skill completion time, skill queue, possibly skill list) - This would make skill planning (3rd party software) and sharing easier. Judging and selecting people on this WILL happen. And I think it is a lot less problematic than k/d because it is gated, it can't be padded and doesn't influence player behaviour directly. And if the builds are going to be really diverse and the meta of that will change from time to time, hopefully people won't get too stuck on specific skills being absolutely necessary. Will still happen probably. Resources on character, resources in embargo, resources in storage - This might sound odd, but hear me out. If I'm seeing this correctly, resources are going to be very important in the game to be successful in a campaign. And as such, resource management is important. Making such data accessible, would make it easier to keep a handle on the logistics of all the resources. This, would however be more interesting if there's a system within the game, that would still leave some room for scamming resources. Not entirely sure how that could work out, but EVE has some interesting ideas on that (shareholder system for instance), so forgery of such data might be interesting? And let me be clear, all of these, even though harmless, should be private and only shared on consent. Hah, I so often get the feeling the ol' Doc is hitched to the hooch, not that I really care. It's just hilarious to see person after person lulled into a false sense of security after seeing that typing style.
  3. No big story, but I have a lot of fond memories of being a little kid (I was 14, 12 years ago, dating myself) and being a petty ore thief in EVE and basically harassing miners and other carebears. Lots of cases of being chased down by angry people for a few systems until I lost them. I ended up on a lot of KOS lists eventually. Good times. It's also a great way to bait and trap carebears who think I'm just on my own and they can take me down in their expensive ship. I hope banditry will be just as fun in CF as it was back then.
  4. Flat. But it is theoretically possible to have the borders loop around to create the impression of a 'round' world (which would be interesting, as there would be no real 'corners' to the world. I'd like to see a campaign that would start at winter immediately, with import of course, where it is a a rush to get all the resources and guilds have less time to establish defenses and such. Chaos, instability and hilarity could ensue.
  5. Well, two things that pops to mind is character development builders and planners and guild/resource management systems. One to fine tune character customization and plan skill training accordingly. The other to oversee trial periods for guild members, applications, administration of income and logistics of resources (knowing what resources are where and how they are used). And member data (though not k/d ratio, directly available from the game, I think that needs to be collected manually, and kept track of by players themselves, because trust is fun). As far as UI goes. We don't know yet how the combat is going to pan out, but anything that would help strategy and tactics would be great, however, it's a slippery slope.
  6. I would also rather have FF be for support skills as well. I mean, how else would I be able to double cross effectively if I wouldn't be able to use my support skills? Also, being able to buff random strangers is nice. You just gotta watch who you're targeting and the game should have a system to allow a support player to fairly easily buff their teammates without too much room for mistakes (through selection targeting, for example), but some room for the enemy to intercept. For instance by increasing the distance between them or stunning/silencing the supporter, not sure about standing in between them if that should work. But support roles should have some skill involved as well, in working together with teammates, know who and when to buff with what, without making the mistake to buff the enemy, should be interesting. Meh, her singing sounds, to me, like she's constantly tired/drunk and doesn't really feel like singing. (nothing personal, to each his own)
  7. I'm all for "stupidity tax" rather than "protect the dummies". It's one of those great things how video games can teach people actually valuable life lessons. Which is actually far more nuanced than 'don't trust anyone'. Same goes for opening up the data to the players. We all know how things can pan out if you make them public, it changes how people behave, judge themselves and each other. Meritocracy is fine, to some degree, but it is a lot more interesting if that is based on trust and taking the time to get to know people, trial periods instead of "sharing your data" are far more nuanced and personal ways to handle things. Scamming people is fun, huge heists and betrayal, that needs to be possible. And information plays a huge role in that. edit- I agree about the account scamming though, in some cases you need to protect people from themselves where it could affect anything outside the game. That's part of the deal of playing a video game after all.
  8. Wait, what about... motion controls? There's a way to make you sweat.
  9. Well, they said the world would be more dangerous in the winter season. So I'm thinking they actually might put down some more powerful monsters roaming the world for precious resources. Which, actually could be interesting combined with PvP, because then it becomes a battle to kill the monster and who gets the spoils. So you'll have an all out skirmish with a dangerous monster in between. Oh wait, that's not really PvE right?
  10. Well, the bones there need more outcroppings for muscles to keep the upper body upright and more powerful, as there's not a whole lot of space. That's the reason for the spines as well, I'm guessing he took inspiration from a giraffe's skeleton. He seems to have a secondary pelvis in there as well, which seems a bit vestigial and weird, though, considering the probable causes, it's not that unlikely, and it does help for further muscle connection points (abdominals) and some protection. I agree some organs could've been pushed farther back or made larger to fill up the abdomen of the horse, or made it thinner, though it could also be considered as fat storage, which could work. The butt itself is mostly muscle though, and counterweight.
  11. I think they could have multiple hearts, nothing wrong with that actually. There's other animals in our reality that have multiple hearts. If they had one heart, it would need to be larger than a normal horse heart, to pump it to all the extremities and let the brain have enough blood. But this would easily possible with the vital organs being more spread out. Most of the digestive system would be in the horse body of course, since that's only more practical. Here's a relatively plausible anatomical chart (there are some gross errors though, especially in the skeleton and bad use of space, also that's not how you do key arrows), see also how large the heart is. Though I believe it would be more likely in the horse section somewhere near the horse sternum, as that would be more central and indeed, more protected.
  12. Is that... a tiny crab wearing a tophat? ...don't mind if I do use that. I was going to try for something myself, but I don't think I can top that.
  13. That's actually a pretty good point. I still like keeping my syllables to a minimum though wherever I can in names of things, Gel. This especially will count for ingame chat, where things are bound to be shortened to their shortest possibly understandable form. (btw, it's 'Venetian' )
  14. This, I like customization just as much as the next guy. Making my character looking special, or whatever. And even when I know it's a waste of time. Because it's rather pointless if you don't see it 98% of the time. In EVE the customization actually mattered, as those faces were very well presented and usually the most you'd see of people (because looking at the ships was rather pointless). I can only see one real use of it, and that's being recognizable. But standard gear variation and customization of that and your nameplate should be sufficient.
  15. I change my mind, I want lead. That'll probably protect me a lot better from the stupidity of this forum sometimes.
  16. I'm sad that there's no tinfoil forum badge. So I won't be using one. Bragging rights, sure, but I hope this won't change the forum dynamic where people put value in what people pledged and a whole caste system develops based on different levels of stupidity, because I certainly won't buy into that.
  17. You're really going to play into the stereotypical 'guy playing a girl in videogames' are you? I'd see me pay the most money for character slots, character resets and silly hats. Yes, you heard me right, silly hats, because I'm certainly not going to wear anything else, why else do you think the little bunny in my avatar is naked? He's missing a silly hat though.
  18. It's a hairless baby bunny, mr Going to Eat the Camera. It's not something I'm proud of though, because it's a sign that I take this sock too seriously and have spent too much time on forums in general...
  19. Huh, I guess I'm one of the very few who attentively looks at people's usernames more than their avatar pictures, because I know those often will change, and avatars don't show up in quotes.
  20. Well they're probably exhausted from the KS at the moment, I'd give them a few days to a week or so where they might come forward with their plans and ideas for the coming future towards first open alpha release and such. There's still the final tally that needs to be done with the KS data, and paypal pledges, looking at the forum systems and all that.
  21. You were right though, a lot of people here are kind of bored. I call this, "headlight rock". I'm sorry I didn't achieve your brilliant stupidity. (I'm so tired and bored I forget even how to light a simple rock, I should quit my job while I'm ahead... yup, time to take a break)
  22. Oh yes, because we're really qualified to do that. (designing armor for video games is actually fairly hard... I should know, I suck at it with ambition) Not saying that it's a terrible idea though. But what we're best at here in the form is tearing ideas apart, arguing about game mechanics and giving back new stupid ideas. And that's what the Devs mostly use us for. That's the spirit! Take short breaks, it works wonders. And have a drink, or two.
  23. You seem high spirited lately. I can certainly see some of the threads as of late doing a number on some people, has all the suspension from finishing the kickstarter and the wave of new people drained you?
  24. Design armour? You mean for the game or real life applications? I can do the former, but not the latter. Not sure what you're getting at here... not that I have a better idea though. I had the bright idea to start a webcomic as a comedic outlet for the community of sorts, but I'm still sittting on that because I feel like I don't have enough comic ideas. But sure, lets think of all kind of skimpy outfits we can put on Minotaurs, that's what you want right?
  25. More stuff to craft is always good (though I've got the feeling that there will be plenty of stuff to craft). But people have been really against making pets too hardy and tough to kill. And I kinda see the point in that, where it draws away from the pvp interaction as it forces people to fight this AI before they can get to the players in some situations and it just acts as an extra health bar really. And then everyone will bring their pets to battle (all archetypes will be able to have some form of pets) and battles become one huge pet custard fest. Somehow that doesn't sound like fun to me. So, keep the pets fairly simple and relatively easy to kill, giving only a minimal advantage in a fight. (if you made a summoning figurine, you'll be able to resummon them I believe, for a limited amount of times) But yeah, it would be quite heavy on the art team (not the coding team, they have it slightly easier, also considering it's Unity and such) to make armor for all the monsters you can tame, which then in turn would also limit the options of what you can tame. I'd rather be able to tame anything, given I had the skills to do it. Than being able to dress them up in cute outfits.
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