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  1. Whoa hey, who here has started punching people? I wanna join in the fight if there's actual fighting! Don't take things all to seriously here buddy, relax, you're not being punched. It's just words right? And people didn't even call you names or anything. Well apart from Carebears, but hey, that's just funny. Brush it off, learn to get a thick skin, and you'll survive a lot better around these parts.
  2. You work for a game company? Cool! So do I! You pledged a lot of money? Awesome! So have tons of other people. Nobody really cares though, and you don't see me waving that around only to make my points seem more valid. Because it doesn't, only makes you sound prissy and self-important. Ever heard to the term 'lurk moar'? Even on forums, first impressions are fairly important and you barging in with a whole load of questions of which the answers can be easily found, demanding for people to hand you the answers on a silver platter, all the while you bring a zergload of your goons overflooding
  3. Ahhh that's the spirit! You're very welcome. But still, information gathering is a skill you might want to look into, might be useful in the game you know? Just a helpful tip.
  4. Wow, considering your information gathering skills so far, you're going to be a fun guild to squash. Or whatever your allegiance is, I don't care. Juice Community, you said? Hold on... lemme write that down and all yer names...
  5. Actually I think just pushing a button for takes something away, it's not real interaction, y'know. I'd rather have more of a physics simulation, where you have to shift weight forward and pull up the feet of your character separately and put them down. So you really feel the weight and effort of every single step. Consider how much bigger and immersive the worlds will suddenly feel. -edit: People want convenience wherever they can, not allowing them that in certain mechanics, should be in places that count. I don't think walking is really one of them, so yay convenience.
  6. I claim ignorant innocence. Perhaps it was some kind of angel? This is hilarious however: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/user/2172-checkyotrack/
  7. I think you'd be the best person to judge whether that is the case, so I left that comment intentionally open ended. But it's okay, I sockpost as well sometimes. We just gotta be honest to ourselves right? I just kind of feel like that the system stimulates that sometimes... so I don't really blame the people for it.
  8. Best usage of course being to follow/stalk random strangers around. Another no for the no-pile. Although, travelling is going to be a big thing in the game, EVE eventually put full autopilot in their game as well. It's convenience, but not a necessity.
  9. Aight, be sure to keep up that quality content of yours. (it's times like these I wish there was no postcount or like system)
  10. Perhaps a gender non-specific term? Monarchical? Maniacal? Egomaniacal? Yup, sounds about right. Still no 1000 posts I see.
  11. Five bucks? Wow, that's a nice way to make extra little money. And it does stop some people from doing much trivial stuff with it. I gotta admit, I didn't look too deeply into it. So I do see what you're saying there. But 5 bucks perhaps would be a bit much? Hmm guidelines could be slightly tricky, as to not make the process confusing and frustrating (nobody likes waiting and rejection) and make it easy for those who moderate to quickly go through requests. The no refund business, could lead to some problems when mistakes will inevitably be made though.
  12. Nope, I really don't think you are. I actually prefer them to have good business sense and know how to get more money and players into the game without losing their core vision for the game, because that's what really matters here and all that will help in making the game more successful and more like they (and we) want it to be. And it's not like they're really lying and deceiving to rob people of their money, we all know what we're getting into.
  13. Oh yes this will not at all look horrible or be abused to show things people would rather not see. (like in AA). If it were for crests, I'd rather have an ingame builder for it (with text for signs), which can still be abused, but to a lesser extent. Some games did this fairly well, still allowing for enough freedom and creativity (rotating and resizing shapes).
  14. Hey why aren't you shoveling!? *grumble grumble* Wait, why does this bucket I'm shoveling into have no bottom? I'm just shoveling poorly made socks around. Hold on... how can we ever rid the forum completely from poorly made socks, if we are full of it.
  15. Not enough games to this sock right! It's been a commonly ignored and very important mechanic....wait a minute this seems familiar, didn't we have a thread about bowel movements already? I'm a bit concerned about the nutritional properties though. How about we make houses out of the stuff, I've got a feeling we'd have plenty to go around... It would be nice if people would keep the PVP mentality out of the forums and be able to put it into the game yeah. But somehow it seems unavoidable, I think we gotta admit we're part of the problem (I know I am).
  16. I'm betting they'll be putting all the necessary stuff for those kinds of things in disciplines, remember that system? So not a complete new archetype (but have some archetypes be better suited for it). Would be interesting mechanic wise, hmm. Don't have the time to think it out, but what about hidden cargo space? (lined coffers). Any other ideas what would be really specific skills or abilities for smuggling? Hmm, counterfeit money perhaps.
  17. Noooo you don't get it, when you set something on fire, you let it burn and watch the pretty fire. Trying to extinguish it would just spoil the fun.
  18. Unethical. Hmmhm. I loved how you tried support that with concepts like 'integrity' and 'maturity' ("grow up"). Gotta love those words and how often they are abused by ill-conceived notions of self-righteousness. However, I would love to have you elucidate me on how exactly it is unethical to do such. What makes it wrong?
  19. Yeah but now we're also discussing the discussion, that's so meta man. Also, with people on forums, you often have people who just have time to waste and/or nothing better to do.
  20. Thing is though, this is not the first thread about this actually. It's the first one with this spin yeah, but not about if it's wise to support the company based on 'just ideas'. They have been scrutinized thoroughly, and they even openly responded to a few of the criticisms. And the way things have been going in this thread has more to do with the attitude of both side, sheen included, than the subject, which IMO, has been beaten to death already and is pointless to discuss in this format , in this environment and at this juncture.
  21. What people like you don't realize is that ethics are completely subjective and formed by consensus. Not just one guy crying wolf. You really think we don't know the situation here? That this has been the first Kickstarter for everyone? That's 17000 gullible people we're talking about. Don't be surprised that we're not taking you completely seriously, because you don't think we, or the people at Artcraft are doing so, we really just don't agree or even care about your own personal bubble of ethical tribulations. Too busy with my own bubble, thank you.
  22. Yes? To be honest, I'm not sure if I'd say they have 'ran an ad campaign', they just did everything they could reasonably do to make sure they could get the money they needed to make this game the best they could. They seem like honest people to me. But hey perhaps I'm just really gullible to believe in them and wanting to support their ambitions, and they're actually evil money-grabbing unethical bastards that use every god-forbidden method to get what they want.
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