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  1. Well, there's already going to be combat pets in the game apparently (remember the stretch goals?). Don't those count as Combat NPCs? It can work, though I'd prefer not to see very powerful combat NPCs or NPC armies... though perhaps, if someone has the resources to waste on it and I would still gain loot from it, then it's easy takings.
  2. "Homework assignment: " No thanks. Hmmn, I'm a bit hungry, hold on while I get some food. Be right back to respond, honest.
  3. Testosterone, high strung profanity yelling teenagers will sure be the "Downfall" of my headphones and eardrums if this were to become a thing. I'd just mute everyone on default. People are going to use external applications for that anyway, it can be safer, better controlled and requires no extra work from the devs. Text based communication for the rest of it, with speech bubbles perhaps, should suffice for open world interaction with strangers.
  4. It's just a hairless baby bunny. They are born aged and wise, quite unlike myself. I think they're quite adorable. I recommend googling "hairless baby animal", don't worry, no dirty pictures, just non-standard cuteness.
  5. And then have multiple different colours. Then you'd be able to make pictures using characters! Because that's all I can see myself using it for, trolling and misplaced creativity. But hey, I'm not a tactical genius, so perhaps someone can explain to me how this would actually be useful and not redundant to standard approaches to tactics and communication.
  6. Actually, none of those. It's pronounced 'gesh' or just 'ges' (slightly like 'guess') with a hard 'g'. I'm not even kidding, yay unpredictable english pronunciation.
  7. For the people who don't know about Natalie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jc5I1WEOXNM There's some cool behind the scenes stuff and interviews you might've missed out on, check out their youtube page.
  8. Ah yeah didn't really think about this but it almost seems like a no-brainer. Takes me back to the good old can-spam in EVE. Where everyone would jettison cargo cans with garbage in it, and name the cans to whatever message they wanted to leave behind. You'd sometimes warp into a whole mess of them and they'd all go flying from the collision, making warp gates super laggy. So awesome. This could get messy, but if you'd allow people to destroy the signs as well... oh boy the trolling and griefing potential of signs...
  9. Greek fire siege weapons pretty please. Why do you care about extinguishing the fire though? I don't see the point.
  10. Hah, adrenaline junkies can be a bit sad. In a way, especially the kind of people who would only feel 'normal' when adrenaline rushes through their body and feel poorly made socks otherwise. I still stand behind the statement though. Perhaps it's a bit hyperbolic, but in the end it all boils down to challenge. Something becomes boring if there's no challenge to it anymore. Crafters would have their own set of challenges, that also tie into the PVP nature of the world, an open market is very competition driven. There's a thrill in that, a different kind, but going back to my 'feeling alive' statement, doesn't everyone want to feel like they're making a difference, at least? That what they're doing, has meaning, to some extent? Crafting useful gear for other people, being better at something than other people, blahblah other people. The beautiful nature of a PVP driven world is that value and meaning arises naturally from the interaction with other people, no matter what kind of interaction. And you don't need much to have that, just the freedom and the tools to do so. It would only ever get boring, if people start being boring and the systems or people not challenging enough or too challenging.
  11. If that was really the case I might actually start playing CS. IMO. People don't PVP to die a lot, because yeah, that's boring. Not even to own a lot of noobs, naw, they PVP to truly feel alive. It's that living on the edge kind of feeling. It's exhilarating.
  12. Yeah PBR can work absolute wonders with photograph based approaches. When also combined with photometrics this can produce absolutely awesome results. (uncanny valley, here we come) I know this isn't completely relevant for this game, and it's a different engine, but if you're interested in stuff like this (graphical asset creation workflow and such) I recommend this video as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clakekAHQx0 It's going to be a bit simpler with this game however probably (little textural noise and fine detail), with fairly simple maps for spec and gloss (or metalness/roughness, depending on their workflow preference).
  13. Osegrim


    Well they might skimp out and just give him a speed boost like the Centaur will apparently get... or....
  14. Osegrim

    Bull Men

    On their horns.
  15. I think Unity got them covered mate. They've got a great tool in their hands to optimize the game to a T. And I think they will, because they know that huge fights like that will happen and need to work properly. It's going to need a lot of testing, as always, but there's enough motivation for it and they've got the tools to do it. The art style they've got going int the presentation paintings they've got and such is pretty solid, this usually steers the graphical 'feel' of a game. And those are the pretty pictures that drew part of me in, honestly. Not the ingame shots, because I knew those were going to change a lot. That being said, I think it has been pretty clear in all their statements where their priorities lies. It's just that some of us (peeps like me), still do care a bit about graphics and don't want those being ignored completely as well. It'll be fine.
  16. Yeah, that's why I asked. Because it can work (I think). It would just be fairly problematic and changes to the system...it would make things significantly heavier as well, as the changing environment would need to update the lightprobes or something (not sure if we're there yet though). I'm guessing probably they won't do it, but one can hope.
  17. Oooh looking forward to how you're going to work out PBR in conjunction with the stylistic approach. At least the metal is going to look like metal now and not just plastic (which I've been complaining about before), so I'll probably be a bit happier, and figure out other graphical things to nitpick. (hey you called out for the graphics nuts) Been loving the new PBR work flow a lot, got a head start on it before it was put into Unity, so when I heard about that I went absolutely bonkers. It speeds up things sooo much once you're used to it. (no more endless tweaking!) Does this mean you'll be using the new GI and light probes as well? Ah well, I guess we'll see in the future updates.
  18. 1.7 Million? Wow, so my prediction was exactly right on the money. Goes to show that proper use of statistics actually do work! So many congratulations, now the true journey begins.
  19. Yeah I've really tried almost everything to have pay directly from my bank account, different computers, browsers, looking through Paypal if I didn't miss anything there (and I didn't), scrutinizing the /#/payment page (no such thing as scrolling down), it doesn't give me multiple payment options, really. :/ So I just went and put money on my Paypal account, which I wish I wouldn't have to do, but ah well. That worked though, so I managed to donate/pledge. Problem... fixed?
  20. Whenever I click a tier, any tier, and then click on paypal, and log in, the Paypal payment option asks me to add a credit card, instead of using the direct payment option. While I have set up my paypal account perfectly to work with direct payment and all that. I've tested it on other sites, it works fine there, it doesn't ask me to add a credit card. Like it does when I try the paypal option in the /#payment page. I don't understand why, I tried clearing my cache and tried different browser, but the problem still persists. And I'd really like to pledge and such.
  21. ...how are you dividing 30 days up in 5 weeks? You're calling 2 days a week? Then which one of the 'weeks' is those 2 days? The first or the last one? According to your data though, if correct and applicable (since we're talking about a larger project here and generalization can be problematic), the kickstarter could reach 1,7 mil at the end. Which sounds plausible, but could only see that happen if everything goes right. Stretchgoals are going to continue after the kickstarter as well, through paypal, which will be open to everyone once the kickstarter is finished. I agree that they'll get the money they deserve and need. Money isn't going to be the problem for this game I would expect.
  22. The link doesn't work for me as well. I just get sent back to the mainpage. I'm in Europe as well. Well, I'll see when this gets fixed. It looks like the check where you're from isn't working. No idea how that would work! Programming stuff like this is very difficult... That I do know.
  23. I'm kind of starting to feel like this thread has started to become restating the same points and questions, only worded differently. Well, what would you expect, after 8 pages on something, while difficult to agree on, is actually not that complex of a problem.
  24. Just admit it already, the real reason you feel bad about this, because you personally want to see more videos and information. Don't we all? It's almost next week though. Don't eat yourself up with impatience, this fight is not over yet.
  25. Yeah, that'd be awesome, but I would expect that would require at least another 400,000, if not more. It's more expensive than mounts and caravans because there's more new mechanics involved, as well as models and animations.
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