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  1. Yeah, they've been building in that capability into the engine since the beginning, but even though it allows for quicker implementation of campaigns, it would still require a lot of testing, which means time and money. Which causes them to focus on 1 campaign type at first, one which they believe to be the core experience of the game and the most important to get right. Better that than spreading their focus across multiple campaign times and delivering a sub-par product.
  2. You actually raise a valid point. I do think they're waiting to release more stretch goals because they're not certain about them. They have a pretty good process for selecting stretch goals, these are experienced developers, they know fairly well how much time something would take and how much it would cost, but something like launching with more campaign types and such can be fairly costly (because I believe that would require hiring more people, which is one of the most expensive things you can do). But if they would wait too long, people could lose interest or it could be too late for people to push the funding to that stretch goal. People want to know, they want to believe, they need that bit of hope to be able to. Lets hope they don't wait too long with putting that proverbial carrot on that proverbial stick.
  3. What? It's not really slowing down. It's slowed down compared to the first boost, but that's normal. But the increase of pledges has actually been fairly steady, not great, but good enough to reach the caravan and mounts stretch goal at least without any worries. This pace is fairly typical for this type of project. If they keep up their updates and all that, it will maintain it's steady rate and quite probably have a big boost at the end.
  4. Collision animations? Is that a new buzzword these days? You mean that they blend physics based simulations with the animations of the characters? Sounds a bit heavy, would work in a soloplayer game, but not in a large scale MMO I'd think. I would bet they're going to have ragdoll physics however, that's relatively easy to implement and cull/freeze. That if a hit of something collides with you that would kill you and is quite forceful enough to fling you, you'd enter a state of becoming ragdoll, as we all know and love. Physics simulations like that can create some really weird problems however, as I know you all must've seen at least once with the tons of videos with compilations of ragdoll malfunctions.
  5. I would love to see a system like in EVE where you can set a waypoint and your character automatically travels to that destination. You wouldn't move any faster than normally and you'd still be vulnerable, but you wouldn't have to be constantly there giving inputs to do something that's mostly very boring. Allows you to do other stuff while travelling to make it less of a drag. No to fast travel! Yes to auto travel! Mounts and carts will make it faster, which is good, but it'll still take some time. Makes the world feel larger, gives more chances for interesting bandit play, involves the survival gameplay more and is of great strategic value (distance from an enemy actually makes you a bit safer from attacks).
  6. Yeah they're also both third person and you press buttons to use skills. Very similar games indeed! (you seem a little misinformed on what's the game about, there's no real cookie cutter characters for instance)
  7. NO! There's going to be a survival element in this game, so the struggle must feel real! Also I think there should be a heavy debuff to your damage when fighting for 5 minutes in the snow. because it's realistically very tiring to do so. So you gotta stop and take a break every now and then. Same goes for running long distances and crafting. Also your character needs to sleep at least 7 hours a day, or else you get a debuff on all stats, memory loss in the form of losing skills and you'll start to see illusions.
  8. I didn't consider the mindgames potential of procs. Goes to show my PVP experience. (Super Smash Bros Melee and Dark Souls mostly...) And I guess, for game feel, it works as well, since getting criticals feels good as well, if they're made properly juicy. Rng in damage output seems to always bring up a discussion of skill however. And that it heavily penalizes skilled play, as it would allow "less skilled players to beat more skilled players with pure luck" right? I would say, yeah sure, in one encounter perhaps. But there's still going to be a lot of factors involved that are not random and require player skill and knowledge, requires quick thinking and forcing the player to adapt to the situation. Watch this video, it applies a bit to this whole discussion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9ZI9kMsvRQ Procs will actually have less of an influence than most people seem to claim. So what if you lose one time, you're not afraid of losing right? Whine in a corner how a newbie smashed your head in? There's going to be ways to avoid damage in this game, you can remember someone's name and get revenge, show who really is the better player. Because luck lasts only so long and you can skew things to your advantage, you can build it into your strategy. Learning how to work with randomness in a game that also involves skill is a skill on its own. And you must admit, randomness can create some hilarious situations. It's fun sometimes.
  9. The death-button. I press the button, people die.
  10. Yeah because when fighting with a spear, spinning around wildly truly is the best method of attack. Have you played a bit too much Dark Souls by any chance? That being said, I vote for a spinning attack for the bow. It's the best.
  11. Yeah, kinda scary for "I want to hit you in your face" kind of players. Lots of soft targets though! It's a good thing that this poll is in no way representative of what the distribution will be in the game at launch and after a few months. If you look at it though, the differences aren't that big, I think there's a good spread (apart from knight and templar, interestingly enough), it shows promise.
  12. Yeah, I don't think this going to be possible. Not that I don't like the idea, just that this isn't the kind of game that would work for. One, for the sake of safety, being able to play the game offline would require more of the game being handled client side, and this would make the game much more prone to hacking. Two, all the voxel data and calculations will be handled server side, players will only get the resulting world mesh. This saves your computer a LOT of processing power and memory. Same for physics simulations possibly. Combat also is often handled server side. It makes it easier for the server to sync up the players. Three, this would require more development time and thus money and it's not part of the core focus and vision of the game. They only have a limited budget.
  13. It varies. Actually some people withdraw everyday I believe, it's fairly normal. People change their mind all the time as humans are naturally impulsive. What matters is how it balances out with new people backing the KS, and that actually roughly predictable, since most Kickstarters follow a very similar curve based on their type and method. Right now it's at a roughly linear part of the curve, where the increase is flattened out and you can quite reliably calculate an average increase per day to calculate the minimum end funding amount (which is looking to be just above 1.3m). But at the end, a lot of people will start feeling like this is their 'last chance' to be part of this and make their final decision, mostly based on gut feeling. Which, if the project has improved its content and information with stretch goals and updates, more often than not with promising projects like these, end up with them backing the project. Which causes a sudden increase in the last 48 hours and this increase can be quite large (it might even go beyond 2m, though I wouldn't bet on it). Influence on what?
  14. Well, if there's campaigns that work like that, they will die out on their own anyway if it gets stale for players. Because in the end, it's about the players having fun. If they stop having fun in one campaign, they want to move on to another. The flexibility of the system allows for that. I think there will be a lot of balancing and tweaking till they find the right way to end campaigns and what the average length should be so they can end on a high note instead of just dying a slow, pathetic death. It's not a thing of debate really, it's all about experimentation, we have some rough ideas based on previous experiences in video games. But as with anything, the past is never a complete prediction of the future. We don't know how things will fold out. That's why they're so open to suggestions as well, they're building a format in an engine that allows for that, to rapidly prototype and build new rulesets and adapt to the playerbase movements. I think it's bloody brilliant.
  15. Well, you can shorten it to "Ginny", with plural being "Guinnies" and the extrapolative being "Guinness world records." Guineceans: sqrt(awesome) Ginnies: 3 Gophers: 2 Guinness World Records: Too many
  16. I meant to say Parry. That would be an ability where if you'd time it correctly in accordance to the attack of an enemy, it'll stun or weaken the enemy for a short moment (giving an opening), allowing you to attack him, possibly for extra damage as well. Like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGGzkfG3kts (only probably less damaging as in that game and a larger window of opportunity) The cool thing is, this allows for more player skill and depth and you'd be able to fight multiple opponents at the same time more easily.
  17. They were open to more dynamic endings of campaigns instead of just a hard timer on it. I think a few people are feeling that 3 months is too short to really build a complex political system where people really know each other and such. Have it actually end when the players force it to, not when they are forced. Naturally getting diminished export returns after a set time. People can get attached to things you know. Merging campaigns sounds like an interesting idea though to extend the life of a campaign, though I'm not sure how they would do that on a technical level.
  18. I would love to see some latinas. ...what? Oh I meant to say reptillians.
  19. Gopher, hamster, gerbil, mouse. All these things that are not what Guineceans are based off, I kinda feel like they're racial slurs. Well I don't think they put that shovel in without such intent, they even mention digging tunnels in one of the videos. So yes, siege tunnels are going to be a thing, be sure to watch your feet! Also it's nice to make a little cave for a more defensible position. I see them as fairly nimble, dodge everything and stab lots of butts kind of character. That can hang back and shoot if things get a bit too crowded.
  20. They admitted to not having finished the combat yet, so the footage you see in the video is likely not very representative of what the final combat will be like. That being said, why stop at just block and dash? I'd love to see a good counter/riposte system in the game.
  21. Even if there are procs in a game, I oftentime avoid them for other gains because they're unreliable damage boosts and therefor not very useful. I prefer not to have my successes be based on good luck. So if I can, I try to avoid it to be sure I crush my enemies.
  22. Then buy new slots! Yay capitalism. I want to play too many different characters as well, it's been a tough choice. There's a lot of cool archetypes! But my main 3 slots will probably be filled by Duelist, Stalker, Legionnaire. In no particular order. I love my beasties and it's a nice variation of classes.
  23. Woa I can see all the colours! Everything is so beautiful... OH GOD NO THE WALLS ARE BLEEDING
  24. Osegrim

    No Npcs

    They actually said in one interview they did develop a deep story for the world though. So who knows where it might pop up.
  25. I just checked your question and I can actually answer that. From the kickstarter FAQ: What is the "Arcane Weapon Recipe set - (Cosmetic)"? The “Arcane Weapon Recipe set” allows you to apply a unique look to the weapons that you craft. From an attribute standpoint, they are identical to the swords, shields and helmets created by other players – but with a cool, unique look/style. In other words, you can apply it to any weapon or armor. They just stated a few examples. They can easily do this with applied texture/shader effects or particle effects (which are going to look pretty because of the new FX guy), so they won't have to make it specifically for each item and works on every item. The effect that is applied will be the same each time they use it however.
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