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  1. I'm not in favor of resetting races. But to me the idea that I might have to reroll the same race class combo every 2 months because the trait meta keeps changing sounds troubling. I don't think the balancing will be that far off. But to me immutable traits you pick at char gen don't sound attractive to me in long term competitive games. "Hey they nerfed brittle bones, your 3 year toon sucks now, lol!" That's not fun, or skillful. That's not meaningful ore compelling. That's just poorly made socks. I imagine They'll try to keep it from happening, but still. It's the only thing I see that makes me at all antsy about what they plan to do.
  2. I'm all for animation telegraphs, I don't like the blinky ground stuff. For yourself it might be cool, and some limited ground blinkies related to aoes that would otherwise have no other meaningful cue wouldn't be too bad. A decent example of this is Nosgoth. A somewhat twitchy game where combat in large part relies on cooldowns, many of which are AOEs. Some of the aoes have very obvious animations, and will have a red ring around the corner to let you know it's exact borders.
  3. Yeah I think it should be noted, that even in Eve, where the skill training goes a long way to equalizing out time disparities between people who are playing. Playing longer still has it's benefits. People who play longer are going to have better skills as players, they're going to have more resources, and most importantly they're generally going to have more friends. Those are still very meaningful gains over someone who places 6 hours a week if lucky. But that 6 hour a week guy has to do a lot less work to progress and be at baseline. He doesn't have to farm for 30 hours to pull his weight in anything less than the most hardcore groups. He doesn't have to grind for days on end for the new meta, he doesn't have to get attuned, or fix his rep. He just logs in and fights, maybe makes a little money to cover his expenses, and that's it. It doesn't eliminate the time advantage, Eve is a game that's more about time than any other I've played. But it means you don't need a lot of it to have fun. I got people in my corp who play 3 hours a week and those who play 100, they're generally a happy bunch and of all the things they talk about skill measuring contests are very rare. I imagine the same will be true here.
  4. It would make sense if hamsterlords had a ranged heavy, melee heavy, and engineering heavy promotion classes. Their names, art, and post all suggest they're swash bucklers. So I don't think that by default they'll just be digging up a storm, but I can see why it'd be a choice.
  5. n00bf00

    Other Rodent Types?

    Yeah with their names I think they should just stick to hamster lords. The whole tera thing is fine in tera, but (this will sound dumb) I think having bunnies and other little furry critters will sorta undercut the credibility of these hamsterlords. Like, tera has a very odd visual style. And with that race they were sorta just taking the piss. They're like, yeah it's a humonoid race of every cute animal, and they are spawned from the greatness of nature! Which sure is fine for that game, but I don't think that fits here. I much prefer the idea that the hamsterlords are a young race of merchants and fighters ready to prove themselves in front of the older races.
  6. That concept art is about what I expected. 5 or so faces, 5 types of hair, 5 hair colors, 5 skin tones. I like complicated face stuff as much as the next guy. In a Bioware or boxing game I'm down. Some place where I see the face a lot, and it's emoting. Would it be nice in this game? Sure. If they had infinite resources it'd be great. But facts are that even taking helmets out of the equation, the only time we're really staring at a toon's face that isn't ours, is sitting around with allies waiting for something. In wow, it's sitting there pretending to listen before a pull in a raid. Here it'll be sitting around waiting for formup for a siege. In those moments people are bored and they'll comment on how you choose the ugliest hair option or how your hamster has a stupid fur pattern. And that's really it. So unless they have infinite resources, their current plan is just fine.
  7. Firstly it mostly works in Eve, because like here it's a competitive game about leveraging man hours versus another player organisation, rather than getting 2% more damage with muskets. Secondly they have referred to a flatish power curve repeatedly. I imagine that this game won't have to make newbies do support roles they have the wrong class for, but two newbies won't be that far behind a single 8 month player. Also consider that because of the way training time scales, you can have a character who's 90% as good as a maxed character that took half the time to train or less. I play eve with people who have character who are 6 years older than mine. And we're mostly even on everything that actually comes up, before you factor in player skill. If I have a character with better skills, that gives me an advantage over a new player sure. But not an insurmountable one. This isn't a game of dueling similarly geared opponents. This is a game where I beat you because I'm better at making friends than you, not because I had 2% medium armor values.
  8. That was a good post and honestly about what I expected. It's a place holder idea for something that will eventually be important, and even still will likely be iterated on for a while before they settle, if they ever do indeed settle on one universal method for all the campaigns. Thanks for taking the time to say that in this topic.
  9. They can do what eve did. After the game is out for a while, have players vote for a small council of players to be player advocates. They don't determine anything, they aren't employees. But if the dev team has an idea they have some of presumably the smarter players to bounce an idea off of, before it does into proper development let alone being announced. They wouldn't dictate anything, but getting some immediate feedback, to either think over some aspect or do a better job of presenting it to the playerbase at large. Can be a huge help.
  10. I highly highly doubt there's going to be AOE mindcontrol abilities. But who knows. I also the idea of running a rotation in PVP kinda boring. I'd much rather there be a few abilities with utility in a few different situations, rather than a proper static rotation to use against dynamic human opponents.
  11. I dunno about what to use in place of animation locking by itself. A game like Chiv, which is skill based, and has some but not many class abilities. It's a game with a fairly steep skill curve. It doesn't lock your animation, but the combat is still weighty and meaningful. Since you control the orientation and angle of your attacks , while also controlling your feet separately, there's a lot of meaningful footwork that doesn't undercut the combat. Part of why this works is because class abilities plays a small role in the combat. But it is a game that I would consider one of the more skillful action combat systems out there. So I feel it's worth considering even if you're having an actiony system based around hitting someone else's hitbox while protecting your own. On the skillcap thing I think you and me just don't agree. I agree with you on a lot of your points, as points but I don't totally agree with the overall picture. To be I view button mashy as being fast paced. Not in a good way necessarily mind you. I would say that Diablo 3 is inarguably more fastpaced than Dark Souls. I still think Souls has more meaningful combat. I'm thinking about more when I'm playing souls, it's more deliberate. But that doesn't make it faster. I'd say the same could be true of a game like tera and a game like WoW. Tera might well indeed have a much stronger combat system, but being better doesn't mean it's automatically faster. Also I'd argue that bringing up RNG as this big skill curve flattener is sorta pointless when Tera also has RNG. There's varying damage values in both games, so why bring it up? Again I just think we don't see eye to eye on this subject, are stances on some of the basic premises of the argument are really different. And that's okay. Because we already know this game is not going to be about tab targetting. So in the context of this game, that particular argument is pointless. Might as well argue about PVE focused realms(the EK of course being a vanity lobby doesn't fit).
  12. I totally get what you're saying. But we know so little already. There's so much speculation. Why have 30 forums further dividing those boards, or talk about how the hamster can be turned into a stealth sniper OR a whirling mass of blade, when we don't understand almost anything about the mechanics or even have a finished model of many classes? There's not much to currently talk about. But I do agree. I don't think people will identify based on their archetypes.
  13. Well this is mostly speculation since we don't know how gear works. But I'm assuming a nice set of gear isn't making similar toons 3 times as effective as a normally geared one. I'm imaging something like eve where someone with an insanely expensive fit will more often than nothing be mercilessly killed by more skilled, cheaper fitted players, who may or may not have a numerical advantage losing it all. And I think that last part is important, there's item decay which I'm assuming is permanent. The idea of some people starting with more gear worries me less than them starting with more organisation. Fear teamwork, not shinies. Speaking of which. I'm assuming the game won't be too hardcore because like in other PVP centered games. There's strength in numbers. From the most elite streaming tourney winning pro, to the most scrubby clueless laggy noob. The majority of them are going to crew up. So presumably, it's not going to be Dayz with skill progression.
  14. Well it's hyberbole because you're suggesting that the skill cap is so low, that if you had an equal level of gear and 15 hours of practice you'd be as good as the best. Have you seen videos of people pvping in tab targetting games like WoW and Guild Wars when they're fighting off 2 to 3 guys at a time on a regular basis? Is that soley in the realm of RNG, something which applies to any game featuring variable damage values including Tera. I'm not saying that games like Tera don't have a higher skill cap. It's more a response to tone. The idea that tab targeting PVP is an arbitrary game of chance is ridiculous. Also, you don't need animation locking to have skillful in action combat. It certainly helps, but depending on other mechanics you don't NEED it.
  15. I don't always agree with phatcat. But I definitely agree with him about the RNG. I just think it's a bad idea. Like goodandy said it's likely to lead to everyone trying to game the system. When you get to the end of the campaign you either dump out your bank of all the crap you definitely don't want. Or if that doesn't work, you spend the closing weeks grinding out the stuff you do want to keep. So your inventory is bursting with all the coolest of goodies. Does either of those options sound in anyway compelling? I'd rather not have to browbeat my guildies to group up for one last push when they're manically farming ultra magic steel. I'd rather be fighting til the timers run out. So what's the difference between us gaming the system, and us just being able to select what we want? Fun. If you have a set of unfun, constantly bypassed rules. Why keep those rules? Now this is assuming that keeping gear from one campaign to another is something that actually has a meaningful impact. It might well be that you couldn't care less between taking in expensive armor or going in butt naked due to the way crafting costs are balanced, the disparity of gear, and how quickly you're likely to burn through your head start. In which case, why bother importing or exporting anything?
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