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  1. As a duly appointed agent of his high holiness the king of balance and executor of the will of the monarchy, the commander of the motherland's chosen exiles personally guarantees that faction campaigns will not be free farming zones, nor will the monarchy brook the resurgence of a facile serfdom. For though the motherland's subjects are owed this land, should the need arise they will be tested, and if found wanting, re-educated in the face.
  2. Also this. Daddy mandalore can take care of me if I want to play soldier over a long summer or my guild gets too big for its britches.
  3. It is not a negative viewpoint. It is precisely why I'm playing faction campaigns. Option a: Go join the current mass battle that draws my entire faction. Option b: do whatever the hell else I want because I have no responsibility to take my guild to join said mass battle if I don't feel like it and at best I'll lose a tiny bit of score and can make it up next week if I feel so inclined. I have no obligation to replace a wall, I have no obligation to farm for siege weapons, I have no obligation to rescue some failed caravan attempt, and I can skip a large number of these with few ill effects to my personal wealth as I'm going to figure out really early if I care about how this campaign is going to go and whether I think we have a shot at winning. In an environment where structure fights are purely optional, if you want to have anything resembling a populated structure fight you can't leave that to an unorganized mass of small groups and solo players to be choosey about targets. You need to explicitly define the targets for them so they all MUST show up in the same spot to fight if they want to fight at all. That's the only form of leadership a CPU faction can leverage. I offer as evidence the entire live server history of crowfall up to this point, which has operated under faction rules. The only fights that are any fun were the fights that literally forced multiple factions to a single point. it took several iterations to get to where we are now, and where we are now and how people are responding to it validates my point here. I'm not saying more activities isn't a good idea. I'm always for more sand in the sandbox. I'm saying that making campaign scoring elements in factions campaigns any more strategically complex than they are right now is unnecessary complication for no benefit. When given the choice of dregs or factions, people are not playing a faction campaign to be patton and fight rommel. They're playing a faction campaign so they don't have to be patton because rommel is off annexing dregs.
  4. They're trophy rooms. I'm putting trophies in there dammit.
  5. There are two types of people. You and I are not the same type of person.
  6. They already stated they want to have skull pikes for your EK but I believe that's part of the decoration layer stuff which isn't currently finished. This is also the layer on which other nonfunctional deco is supposed to go and they've showed a bit of it before like alternate window designs, or the various cosmetic items you can see in some houses currently being used as a placeholder. EK stuff is currently on the backburner as they get the main game in ship shape but we were assured multiple times by Todd that Eks are still super important to him and will definitely have their time when the campaigns are fully sorted out.
  7. I question if complex campaign map strategy is a viable goal for faction campaigns when the entire point is a lack of leadership structure and ability to compete without assembling massive player hierarchies. Making "player leadership" and grand strategy too important in faction campaigns kind of undercuts the purpose of faction campaigns. You're supposed to be able to enter faction campaigns, talk to nobody and know nothing about politics, and still have a competitive experience. It seems to me the entire point of faction campaigns compared to dregs is you're told by the ephemeral CPU leadership who to fight, where to go, and all you need to worry about is how to fight and whether you want to show up with your little squad. Its an introductory/casual campaign type. Being led by the nose in to fight locations seems appropriate for it.
  8. You could ditch the stealth speed buff and make them straight up immune to slows (but not roots or hard CC) to further naildown on mobility, but I liked the idea of brigands having an option for slightly faster stealth and a more "close range dance" race for warden. Half elf just seems like the logical "default" melee ranger race (in the same way as nethari is to confessor, Mino to myrmidon, wood elf to druid, or elken to archer) so it made sense to me to think about synergies that would be specifically appealing to both melee ranger templates. This also makes a good middleground option for assassins that feels worth giving up glideand the crit bonus. HELF assassin with this setup would be less good at infiltrating, but better at skirmishing, seems like an attractive tradeoff. This suite of bonuses alongside HELF's more DPS friendly stat array also makes an attractive platform for DPS druids, giving you some nice close range skirmish power so you can have a bit of kite without teleporting out of the fight. I really think some kinda super-retaliate is the way to go for them and then work everything else around that though. Straight up ground speed is kind of a thing a lot of races have, and while increased combat speed is unique it has the same problem as stat caps if its by itself in that it just doesn't "pop" like the high impact abilities afforded to other races. The uber-retaliate (preferably with a unique and faster animation) would have that cool factor and be something wholly unique with great synergy for ranger, druid, and assassin builds. Other random race balance/appearance notes: Stoneborne are cool but their racial ability needs a buff. Maybe remove the healing limiter, increasing the CD if that is too OP. Centaur chants could use a range buff. Where are the nethari tattoos? Weren't the magical glowing tattoos supposed to be the most striking visual difference between them and humans? Shouldn't that be what the accent color is for? Humans don't have a use for the accent color. I suggest giving them cosmetic piratey jewelry options (noserings, hair beads, racks of earring, etc.) to further differentiate them from the missing nethari tattoos. This would help showcase the diversity/ubiquity of man, having the more standard "noble" looks alongside the more "roguish" looks on the same race for very little art budget. Half Giant's making me mad passive should have its low damage requirement removed and be rebalanced around simply taking attacks. It is the only racial ability that is literally nonfunctional when fighting a more dangerous opponent. Where are the sun elf variants for high elf? I want my red elves!
  9. TBH I've always been critical of the invisible orbs. Pro Druids have always told me I'm stupid. I've always felt that bombs would be more interesting if the orbs remained visible (enemy orbs colored yellow or something) to use as a zoning threat, and had their explosion radius increased to about double what it is now with clear ground marks for mazimum explosion radius. This seems much more appropriate for druid orbs as they're dual purpose devices. If you successfully zone people with your orb trap it isn't wasted resources as they can still be used as a fallback position for heals. Even fully visible no matter what you do with a druid orb its useful. Then you'd have affirmative counters to breach that area like: Pummeling the people standing behind it with ranged attacks so they panic-eat the orbs for HP Walk around Make a coordinated tank rush to eat the damage with ults It would also help to differentiate them from traps, because traps are a thing now, and there's an entire promotion class built around traps that's worse at functional traps than a druid. Currently those traps are visible to all but we were told that eventually they should obey the same stealth and perception rules as players, which is a much more reasonable counter (get a perception scout) than "dodge out of the way in 1.5 seconds even though retaliate takes like .6 seconds to animate and you're in combat tray and blocked in by who knows how many allies and you had no idea this was going to be an issue unless you've been staring at the floor for 30 seconds in stead of fighting and meticulously memorized the tiny green farts where each orb was placed"
  10. 2x sieges in a day is meh. 1x per week is yay. Please check my post history for suggestions about revising the siege materials economy to add context to all the time in between. I could repeat the same novel again but that would be redundant. I think the major issue people have with windows is that their actions between windows don't feel meaningful. With a better set of risk/reward systems focused around movement of POI resources via caravan to reinforce owned objectives, and the ability to loot that storage by taking down objectives during windows the context of the space between windows would be about preparing for the next windows rather than just trading outpost captures or ganking harvesters out of boredom. I'm all for ganking harvesters. It's my favorite thing. However there should be a persistant and valuable feeling pvp activity in the world and outposts alone don't do that. The way the current system works it feels like the war stops whenever the vuln window stops. The war should feel persistant and offer you a persistant opportunity to contribute to the war effort even if you're not going to be around for those large battles, and do so in a way that invites pvp interactions. In my personal opinion that should be the concept of player driven supply caravans driving those big chunks of stone, metal, and timber to make your keep or fort even harder to take down next fight, or stored to construct even more siege weapons rather than those weapons being constructed from just the same materials as gear. Also I completely agree that objectives having literally zero reward and only serving as a way to beat up your gear for ephemeral points is bad.
  11. Don't forget racial elfsplaining. The reduced power efficiency can seriously screw with a lot of builds in a groupfight situation. Mana users, champions, and melee rangers are often in rough shape for resources and getting elfsplained can break their rotations or tanks. I'd prefer their dodge clearcast was just changed to a third dodge pip though. Midfight RNG like that rubs me the wrong way. Sure you'd lose the occasional 4 dodge string but I'd happily give that up for something more consistant like a third pip.
  12. Nethari are good but could be substantially better with more sources of fire damage to capitalize on their racials. I'd like to see some fire elemental daggers for neth assassin or more disc or equipment based sources of fire damage and perhaps a buff to the %damage from their racial active. Giving them the extra passive was the icing they needed to go with their racial and long dodge. Nethari are well positioned to be a good spike build for anything they can play but they could use a few more tools made available to them to capitalize on that racial specialty as the spike elemental damage option for their classes. Half elves are garbage, have always been garbage, and will remain garbage until they get a complete and total rework. Higher base stats are simply not a meaningful race buff once you get to blue or higher vessels and everyone has the ability to hit caps. They have no racial abilities and their buffs are the most boring parts of wood elf and human but worse. If you are playing a half elf you spend more time looking at your character sheet than actually playing crowfall. TBH I'd like to see half elves on theme with shadowbane half elves focus on mobility and anti-cc, but built for crowfall buy giving them a supreme retaliate. +1 passive slots (human ancestry, like nethari now have) Racial Retaliate - Fight or Flight - Recover from a crowd control effect and gain a 300hp barrier. This ability costs half as much stamina as Retaliate. When triggered this ability may chain in to Fancy Footwork or Reposition at the cost of additional stamina. Fancy Footwork - Gain "Resilience of Man" for 10 seconds, gaining 3% resist all and reducing your dodge pip regeneration to 3 seconds per pip. Reposition - Gain "Sylvan Trickery" for 5 seconds. Sylvan Trickery grants true stealth for 5 seconds as well as 10% additional stealth movement speed. You are prevented from using other abilities or swapping trays during this period (this does not grant access to the stealth tray) but may end it early by dodging. Stealth speed improved by 10% (Slower than fae, but faster than everyone else, this stacks with the stealth speed from Reposition, and is also useful for assassin/brigand) Combat movement speed improved by 10% Cloak Slot Adjust base stats if needed to compensate.
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