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  1. Hi there. I just clicked in to campaign with an inventory full of sweet necromancy stuff. I had the wrong character selected. It is, of course, deleted now. It would be really cool if there was a confirmation dialog for unlocked characters that have items in their inventory or equipment slots so the game can make sure I'm not accidentally deleting hours upon hours of crafting and farming when I click join campaign. You ask me if I'm sure when i try to delete one item. Seems only fair you'd ask me if I'm sure before I delete one thousand items. Please save me from myself. Thank you. Better yet, how about just not letting me do that at all and require characters to be emptied out before they're allowed to join?
  2. Random Death and Equipment Loss! This was a crafted confessor, was AFK in the EK when servers went down I guess. PvP was off in this EK, and he was inside a walled city so it should have been effectively impossible for this character to die. Logged in in crow form, body was all the way off the map, too far away to rez. Summoning body at the temple resulted in the proper L30 character with appropriate talents, but all equipment is gone. I dove off the map and crow rezzed there, was able to find the body which contained the inventory, however the equipment is nowhere to be found.
  3. Loyalty bonus for sticking with your Faction

    "Serious push to aid an ally" shouldn't really be a thing once the full length campaigns are online as they'll have join lockouts and potentially pre-registration. As solo players register and are counted on a per account basis, with a theoretical limit of 2 joined campaigns per account a guild leader or officer should effectively impose the same limitations on said guild. Just as pop balance during this registration process counts individual players accounts whether they actually log in or not, I'd imagine guild registration would work the same way, just adding the accounts as a block. From there you just need a bit of control on guild join process to prevent guilds from adding full members mid-campaign unless those accounts are registered within the campaigns the guilds are registered in. Other outside members to join a guild would just end up on a reserved list and automatically added to the roster when campaigns end. If a guild member doesn't LIKE the campaign they have the option of gquitting and becoming a free agent. If the guild wants to quit a campaign they may initiate that process with a 48 hour window for active guild members to accept the order and quit with the guild, or gquit to remain. Note that no part of this achieves or attempt to achieve perfect population balance for npc faction campaigns. That's impossible. It only attempts to limit the impact of bandwagoning while keeping guilds together without accidentally creating huge pop imbalances as a result.
  4. Discussion on Combat Speed

    I'm guessing that the slow combat speed is very much like the generous hit cones for most hitscan abilities. ACE has gone on record several times that they want reaction skills and aiming to be important, but not so important you need to be essentially playing an FPS with FPS style requirements in terms of tracking, following, and hitting targets. The slower movement speed helps this philosophy, lowering the skill floor and ceiling by requiring a bit less of the players so that really godlike aim and curclestrafing is still helpful but not TOO helpful compared to someone who is used to more forgiving dps style systems. To be honest, I think normalizing run speed is a solid idea, and that pic run speed buffs should be applied to sprinting modifiers in stead.
  5. Burn It To The Ground - A Solution to 'Uncle Bob'

    Day 2: only the keeps remained. Day 32: forts and outposts continue to burn as fast as they are claimed. Spies continue to claim for factions specifically to use them as VP sinks. Day: 85: still just the keeps, all scores within 3k of each other. Day 90: Campaign concluded. A Victor emerges based mostly on who could quickflip objectives with spy alts.
  6. Loyalty bonus for sticking with your Faction

    "Faction Loyalty" is not a thing that needs encouraged or rewarded. Campaigns are supposed to be functionally distinct worlds with their own political landscapes. Players simply shouldn't have the ability to choose a faction, and should be able to join as a guild if they choose to play faction campaigns. The campaign itself should assign factions to those individuals or guilds of players based upon a simple "lowest pop gets the next players" until it is no longer the lowest pop. Players who opt in to npc faction campaigns are opting out of responsibility and control of faction identity. Provided the system adds players in guilds together as "blocks" of players there is no reason to allow players to choose their own once the dregs exists.
  7. Instead of friendly fire....

    1. Make an EK 2. Name it "PVP practice arena" 3. Turn on PVP 4. Make EK Public Now you have exactly what you asked for in the OP.
  8. Fundamental tray imbalance

    TBH "almost" balanced is as balanced as a game can get unless every player's kit is identical I think.
  9. Fundamental tray imbalance

    The assassin has a higher degree of versatility and build options specifically because the class is built around needing to use that versatility. The templar and knight are built around not needing to use that versatility by virtue of multifunction powers and superior defenses and mitigation. Again this is not an accident. It is intentional. It is why humans and half elves have bonus slots in stead of more racial powers. It is why you can spend a minor disc slot specifically to pick up extra to that space or a major slot specifically to pick up and extra tray, and why some classes can and other classes can or can not utilize these tray expansion options. It is why clerics were designed intentionally with more abilities than they can slot. It is why rangers and assassins have tray swaps literally built in as functions of abilities. It has been specifically stated multiple times by the developers that tray space is an intentional build crafting resource to manage just like mitigation and damage. Like any other build crafting decision there is a system of costs and benefits at play. You are not INTENDED to have the same amount of tray space and versatility as someone who has decided to build a character around tray space and versatility because you have not chosen to INVEST the disc slots and race/class choices designed to balance that versatility. There are certainly discussions to be had about the overall implementation of that balance paradigm, like any other part of character building, but your problem seems to be with the very concept. You need to be aware that that CONCEPT is as much a part of characters as race selection. Rallying against that CONCEPT is akin to demanding all races be functionally identical because it would be "more balanced" than some races having one or zero racial abilities and some races having several.
  10. Fundamental tray imbalance

    In general terms, classes with less base trays are also classes with more base survivability and damage and stronger core class skills compared the the weaker more situational skills found on classes like ranger or assassin. Builds with more trays are, by and large, more reliant on those trays to stay alive and deal damage than builds with stronger core class kits. I explained this once and you still don't seem to get it so I'll use a practical example. I play a brigand. I have fought MANY knights. In order to successfully KILL a similarly geared knight I need to: Actually hit with a melee stealth opener from behind. Actually hit with all 3 traps for DOTs Actually hit with at least 3 hits of my melee chain. Actually disengage and kite/poke with my bow to give dots time to run down while not getting smashed. To kill ME the knight needs to: Hit me with about 5 skills, at least 2 of which are also crowd control. Rightclick.
  11. Cloak Slots

    In Crowfall cloth is made of leather.
  12. Fundamental tray imbalance

    Implementation may not be perfect, and tbh we're just in to like v3 of customization with the new talent system but intent is obvious. Power slot limitations are a DELIBERATE resource limitation. That's why all the effort went in to... making sure different templates have different amounts of not just trays but number of slots ON the trays. They even made a big deal of it back in the initial druid and ranger designs. That this was a deliberate feature of the class, a deliberate feature of majors that granted a new tray, etc. This restriction isn't an oversight. It's an intentional design choice that took significant development time to implement.
  13. Cloak Slots

    So it's just a jewelry style stat stick, OK. I guess my real question was WHAT stats? I'm assuming not the neck/ring roll tables as that would make it redundant with those bonus slots. More impactful than the neck/ring slots due to being a singleton nonduplicatable slot? Unique unreplicatable gear based bonuses? Basically the real question is "why is this slot a compelling feature for race selection compared to the alternatives?" Or "What makes cloaks different than jewelry?" Or "How will this make half elves less boring?"
  14. Fundamental tray imbalance

    Have you considered that's why knight has a built in way to reduce incoming damage and ignore ccs, wear plate, carry a shield whivh contains extra mitigation, as well as one of the most versatile 3 stage combo abilities in the game? Access to or lack thereof trays and power slots is a deliberate limitation used for balancing templates with each other. It's so integral in fact that it comprises the primary advantage of an entire race and has two minor discs dedicated to it.
  15. The Role of Negativity in Crowfall

    Look guys if it isn't No Items Fox Only Final Destination it is obviously a garbage game for casuals and destined to fail. OnLy ReAl GaMeRs UnDeRsTaNd HoW To MaKe A cOmPeTiTiVe gAmE