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  1. Opinion, sure Here are mine. Disagree, game needs more RNG, loot is boring without harvesting, lots of unexperimentable crafts that should be stat sticks. Runemakers already make the most desirable, quickest decaying items in the game, sell to literally every gathering profession, and are required to finish (not just optimize, but actually play at all) every single build. They probably needed less income. Good. This leads to player conflict. Player conflict is the point of the game. Also keep in mind actual map size and not our test map size. Good. Combat line trained players are severely disadvantaged in the economy when compared to crafters and gatherers due to the very small number of dropped crafting additives and ease of acquiring gold without combat trains. They needed additional "real value" items to sell. Disagree. Without a runecrafting middle man and with everyone ever killing a mob sourcing them passively, it will probably take less time than going through a crafter due to literally every player having a handful they looted but don't need.
  2. In crowfall every single character comes highly trained for combat and absolutely awfully trained for harvesting and crafting. New players don't have anything that crafter wants, and if the discs are so cheap that broke people can afford them, nobody will want to craft them. Also, the discs are supposedly tied to mob type to cut the RNG to a reasonable level and allow players to farm directly for what they want. Killings mobs in the hopes of getting a disc is no different than skinning mobs in the hope you'll get a hunger shard, hitting rocks in the hope you'll get a green ore in stead or white, or any of the other highly random systems already implemented. Random loot drives repetitive play and is a highly satisfying reward model, which is why it is a standard in RPGs. It works and is fun. (It's also why a lot of games use RNG loot boxes in their cash shop, its so much fun they can screw people out of money just to do it) The economy being flooded with discs seems to be an intended effect of this system mitigated quite a bit by giving them a nice bump in sacrifice xp. If they're truly just everywhere you'll see a meta for minors very similar to the one we have now, where people may regularly replace their minors to do various tasks but unlike now can't easily replace their majors. If this becomes too commonplace all that destruction from field respecs brings the supply down again. Seems like a self-regulating issue. Social issues amongst groups over random loot is a problem with the group. Random loot is a thing in crowfall now. All forms of harvesting, and crafting have highly randomized systems with a lot of potential for "social problems" and fighting over "the good thing" but that's not really an issue you can design around unless you make loot and crafting entirely predictable. It seems like a cool idea for the crafting discs to drop from nodes, but ore doesn't drop from boars, and logs don't drop from rocks. Keeping the crafting discs as loot as well gives newbie looters something of value to trade to newbie crafters, who have more basic experimentation points and assembly and can make much better intermediate weapons and gear for them. Seems like a case where this is an interaction that should be encouraged to me. Looting discs they don't need is the best way to get them thinking about who they can sell it to, and therefore the best way to get them in to chat channels and safe zones and interacting with those newbie crafters who they may develop a long term business relationship with or even become friends or guildmates.
  3. It is my personal opinion that turning minors in to baseline equipment doesn't remarkably impact the potential market share of the runecrafter (who is, realistically, going ot make most of their money from crates of tools anyway) and has benefits for both the new player experience and the sanity of rune makers. I'm not trivializing the impact of minor discs, quite the opposite. I'm saying that turning them in to mob drops allows all players access to significant disc based customization early on and I think that's a good thing as it helps harvesters and crafters as well. "The Reaper" is a harvesting disc that is essentially pointless if you have access to a harvesting major. Stuff like "armor of faith" and "hardy" are also of much value to harvesters just starting out. Just those three discs and you've already specialized yourself to harvest much more efficiently, and given yourself a much better ability to escape a gank. Obtaining them makes the character instantly much more adept as a specialized harvester, but in the absence of appropriate majors (from crafters, which they can't afford yet) their only option to specialize this way would be to wait on skill training if they couldn't afford the asking price for crafted minors. We haven't seen the crafting disciplines yet, but I'd assume there will be quite a few crafting related minors as well which well help newbie crafters specialize early, and veteran crafters minmax their crafting vessels better as well. I'm saying that perhaps it is a net positive to offer those benefits to every player from the jump for an activity most players will gravitate toward early as a method of early build crafting because specialization is important, and the randomization enforces the idea that player trade is important to get the ones you want. The only possibly down side is that rune makers make less theoretical money than they otherwise would, but honestly I think the rune maker's wide tools market is matched only by alchemist potions for the title of "hottest selleable items in crowfall" and no runecrafter is going broke because they can't sell minors. Alchemists aren't going to go broke because everyone can make dust potions either.
  4. Druid

    Druids do not shapeshift as a class feature. They do, however have to balance their life and death spells by shifting between life and death skill trays. As you cast life spells, which are generally healing and support related, you build up essence. If you build your essence too high you'll take damage, and it is possible to kill yourself with this damage. Your death tray spells are debuff and damage related and use this essence up, hurting your enemies and keeping you from hurting yourself. There's even a pretty infamous one that turns all your healing orbs on the ground in to bombs that when used properly can deal serious aoe damage to groups of targets should they happen to be nearby. Also note that in the initial discipline reveal we were shown shapeshifting related disciplines like "Werewolf" Crowfall's disciplines are like subclasses that many races and classes can equip, so stay put and learn your druid and eventually you may realize your dream of playing that shapeshifting crowfall druid, or even play a shapeshifter of a completely different class!
  5. Discs come in minor, major, and mastry, and a build's disciplines aren't complete without slotting all of the above. Minors are minor for a reason. I suspect part of this decision is similar to intermediate equipment. A way to ease players in to the system naturally and make them want more. New guy kills mob, picks up disc, says "what's this?" and is compelled to naturally figure out that this whole discipline thing seems pretty important. They're now customizing their build and have some meaningful build customization they can do in the first two weeks of skill training when they're too broke to buy better items, working on intermediates, and training those early boilerplate skills that don't really let them specialize in any role very well yet. As all players have the ability to loot, this doesn't really create any kind of power imbalance, and as I stated before, prevent players from having to do a lot of boring "fill the slots" style recipes so they can use intermediates as a better and more representative introduction to crafting.
  6. It isn't my intent to be aggressive. Sorry if it came across that way. I'm really just trying to suss out why people seem to have such a big problem with it and attempting to explain why it seems like an overreaction from my perspective. Not saying you're overreacting, but that the general tone seems like an overreaction. To be fair the tone of a few of my posts probably sounds like an overreaction too. I just like yelling about game design.
  7. False. People skill in combat, harvesting, or crafting to do those things better than the baseline ability all players have. All players begin the game with the ability to do all three. Simply adding minor runes to that baseline ability doesn't invalidate that any more than intermediate weapons, armor, and tools.
  8. My problem with that is that the use case is so narrow. Dropped discs can be slotted, sure, but that assumes the player has free disc slots or is willing to destroy discs already slotted. It also removed the discs from the economy entirely, they can't be banked to use on another vessel where they mayu be more appropriately, or traded to friends, etc. etc. The stretch of time where this would actually encourage players to visit a fort is far less than the existing systems for intermediate weapons and armor, which are intended to decay on use, can't be looted, and can be sacrificed when no longer needed for extra XP. I'm not sure that extremely narrow sliver of "would equip this in the field" is at all significant to the overall risk/reward dynamic in the long term as it is even less impactful to that player dynamic than tool breakage, item breakage, and other forms of loot. What's the thing todd likes to say? "Not enough juice for the squeeze" or something like that?
  9. How to change faction ?

    You can't change faction during a campaign. Faction selection is permanent for the duration of a campaign to prevent faction hopping and bandwagoning. It is a bit of a pain but its there to at least try and make campaigns a little more fair. Consider serving your new guild as a spy for the duration of the campaign and swapping when its over. You can still trade exported items within the EK of yourself or your guildmates, and import any items traded this way back in to the campaign.
  10. So your problem with it is that its not crafted, and thus you hate it on principle because you had a mental image of it being crafted. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on this one for the reasons previously stated. I think its a solid change of plan.
  11. You're suggesting the change of plan though. The plan we've been told is that there won't be any recipies and that the minor runes drop from mobs. You're asking me to "wait and see" something that isn't in any way planned to exist. I stated why I think this seems like a solid plan, and the benefits using minors as mob drops seem to have for the QOL of runecrafters and the combat player experience. Is the throwback here simply that "its not crafted so I hate it" like i was saying or do you have a better idea than the current plan that is being implemented by ACE? People have a lot of ideas that I often think are better than the way ACE might be planning to do a thing.
  12. Again, you seem to be seeing something I'm not. Please explain it to me so I can see what you're seeing here, Jah.
  13. You are assuming that recipies that output a singleton item with no variable stats can somehow have skill and choice reflective crafting method. Take a look at what we've been told about other discs as a baseline. They are quite simple things. Capture the proper thrall + mats = disc (just put the things in the slots) Get hold of the proper advanced weapon + mats = disc (just put the things in the slots) I'm assuming based on the design of their sister items given that there is no inkling of any plan for any experimentation, or customizability in minor crafting, and that the choice made seems to have enormous benefits. I'm assuming that every rebuttal I've seen are either some variation of "make it a crafting recipie because if its not crafted we hate it" or "make it a crafting recipie so I don't have to deal with RNG on mob drops as much as I would with this system" If your response is "if the devs wanted" we could spin off a large number of pie in the sky scenarios. They could make pve raids with tanking mechanics and a single player campaign if they wanted too. If your reasoning behind this is "it should be a crafted item because everything else is" I have trouble seeing things from your perspective. What are you assuming could relieve these minors of the problems that seem to be alleviated by the planned design? Again, change my mind, I want to be convinced here but I'm just not seeing it after making the four millionth gathering potion are realizing there's a lot of busywork for seemingly no reason in that system, and seeing people basically suggest that making more stuff the equivalent of crafting more identical no-experiment flasks creates a better overall experience for the crafter and/or looter.
  14. What choices does a crafter have to make when crafting a discipline in this model that also retains the design goal of varying mob loot drop tables? If "broken X rune" goes in to the "fix rune" recipie, what choices is the crafter making and what is gained aside from making players even further reliant on a profession that already enjoys one of the widest sales markets in the game? Elaborate for me if you would because every argument I have heard is a kneejerk "but a crafter didn't make it so I hate it" without any additional reasoning. I'd love to have my mind changed about this one but the more I think about it the more I see it being a case of making it crafted just so we can maintain the "purity" of a crafting economy that doesn't actually need it in this case, given the role of the related crafting profession and its remaining similar item's use cases already being extremely broad.
  15. And it would be a boring busywork recipie that adds literally nothing to the game but a requirement to click a few buttons.