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  1. It's "in the pipe" as they say, both the players and developers agree with you that this is an essential feature.
  2. 1: Make group member crows visible so you can more easily coordinate rallies after a wipe. 2: Abolish the associated timer and in stead give players a warning dialogue: "Respawning too quickly will afflict you with death shroud for <remaining respawn timer> seconds. Are you sure you want to do this?" and simply inflict death shroud on the player for the remainder of the respawn timer. 3: Remove crow form from GR, make sure death, crow form, deathshroud, and the respawn timer is part of the infected NPE. 4: Add minors for crow combat: Crow Sight (You may see other crows while you are a crow), Crow Spite (LMB fires a spirit orb capable of damaging other crows), and Crow Flight (Greatly increased crow speed) Being killed via enemy spirit orbs forces you to take the highway to the danger zone back to your temple/bind point. 5: Hostile hunger: Hunger crystals fire slow moving spirit orbs at nearby crows (these orbs are only visible in crow space) Take evasive action! Hunger crystals emit a visible and audible pulse that living players can percieve when these orbs are fired (even though they can not see the orbs or crows) The drums of death beat strongest in winter! 6: Pierce the veil: Players in crow form can see thralls. Crow Spite orbs can deal minor damage to thralls (but crows can not see or interact with the shards they drop)
  3. I don't think they have current powers that do this so they'd have to write new code but... Bard songs: 1 power, casting swaps between effects in sequence after each casting animation (this allows maintaining all 4 if all you want to do is spam the song cycle, or flexibility in combat by sacrificing some time to cast the swap 1-3 times) Change the terrible hp/sec song to a resources/sec buff so it is compelling when compared to other songs and adds further dimension to the song swap mechanic Toggle powers in general: Remove the requirement to recast and the detoggle from CC. Replace it with toggle suppression on hard CC for 10 seconds. (You get stunned, your toggles turn off for 10 seconds, then they are active again) Twisting: Removed, in stead add a separate twisting minor for each song, named for its upgrade. These upgrade their given song while removing its opposite from the cycle (for instance, Getting the DPS song minor would give you an upgrade DPS song but remove the defense song, getting the speed song would remove the resource song) Extended song minor: Renamed "Concentration" and halves toggle supression for ALL toggle powers (not just songs) to 5 seconds
  4. There is already a built in extra cost in resources and currency when mass producing items, and that is enough. If you make mass production functionally inferior to handcrafting, then you've make a pointless mass production system. Nobody wants to make a worse item out of the same materials. Every part of the crafting system is about making better items out of the same materials more reliably. Mass production is an extension of that same ethos. If you made mass production worse than handcrafting, people simply wouldn't mass produce anything. There is no inherent value in taking the time to click a bunch of buttons that people need to be rewarded for. Crafting is not a player skill in this system. It is a character skill. Harvesting, arguably, has elements of player skill, and harvesting remains unchanged.
  5. Not that I reccommend it with modern hotbar limits, but FYI you don't need to re-twist midfight. If you've twisted a more powerful version of a song, as long as you recast it before the previous cast runs out it will maintain the twisted version. I used to do this with a fort solo/pve cleric. You'll still have to slot 4 songs, spend most of the fight re-casting that song, and slot a mandatory minor though, so probably just don't.
  6. Honestly in the current paradigm there's no real role for a disc that eats up 4 hotbar slots with abilities that can't be used together. To fix bard or troubador with the current hotbar limitations they'd need a host of features that would make them too powerful as discs. The whole conceit of 4 auras that can't be used together doesn't work without something on the level of what you see in crowfall's classes. Something like having a main mechanic that just lets them "mode switch" between offensive and defensive trays like a druid with talents for burst effects when swapping songs, an auto with different addon effects based on song, an ult built around the song mechanic, etc. As long as you've got majors that take up 4 slots that do nothing but minor buff/debuff effects its not worth slotting, and even if you buffed the effects the opportunity cost of taking a major for one buff or debuff power just isn't very attractive when there are so many better options for single power discs that also come with excellent passives that don't take up bar space. Since the change to passives, if you're not able to use at least half of of a major it's pretty much not worth taking, and most majors let you do that by slotting one power.
  7. The common argument against this is when stam costs dodge people start hoarding dodges in order to have retaliate avaliable. That's not exactly a bad thing, but it does call in to question to role of retaliate and the whole balance of crowd control, since so many CC abilities are ranged. What if we reworked stam and its relation to retaliate entirely? What if EVERYONE had both block and dodge, with "weapon block" being significantly worse than shields, and shield dodge being worse than regular dodge? "Stance" now replaces "sprint" as the default shift binding, there is now a "stance" slot in all trays Retaliate - now consumes 1/4 soul power. Retaliate stops stamina regen for 10 seconds. You must balance retaliate with your ult and stances. Dodge - unchanged Combat roll (shield dodge) - if shield is equipped, racial dodges replaced with "combat roll" 2 pips, 12 sec recharge, 10m distance. riposte (melee stance) - blocks crowd control and crits, slower move speed, melee weapons only shield block (blocking stance) - same as weapon block, also mitigates damage, costs less stamina, normal move speed. Evasion (ranged stance) - blocks crowd control, slower movement speed, does not mitigate damage Combine this with some minors: Buckler proficiency (1h weapon users, melee or ranged) - You may equip a buckler and gain block in melee or ranged trays (you lose weapon DPS) Fleet Footed (any template) - Gain the "Sprint" stance - Sprinting increases your in combat movement speed by 60% while draining stamina (does not mitigate CC or damage) Nimble - (any template) - Gain the "Skirmishing" stance - Root yourself and crouch to charge for 2 seconds at the cost of stamina, when fully charged, release to leap 20m in a chosen direction (does not mitigate crowd control or damage) Rugged - (any template, replaces current version) - Gain the "Second Wind" stance - Root yourself and gain % health over time at the cost of stamina. (does not mitigate crowd control or damage) Focused - (any template) - Gain the "Focused" Stance - Root yourself and gain bonus attack and healing power for each second you remain in this stance, attacking and using abilities costs additional stamina (does not mitigate crowd control or damage) Expands options and build templates So your retaliate access and vulnerability to cc is relative to how well you are blocking and positioning, and using it delays your ult. It also means you simply can't retaliate after an ult. Your choice of stance now informs how you play as you have the option of powerful mitigation, healing, mobility, or damage at the cost of stamina. This would make CC both more and less powerful situationally. You wouldn't be able to easily stunlock people that build against it, but dumping CC on those people would also control their access to ult. This would make using retal a considered choice for all templates, as well as create situationally powerful options for opting in to being more vulnerable to CC.
  8. Give them an ability to drain stam as a pip replacement maybe? Like "focus" to eat 80 stamina, for five seconds your next ability functions as if it spent five pips. This means you can get pips on demand, but at the cost of being vulnerable to CC, since if you don't burn an ability in 5 secs you don't actually have the pips. Good burst or utility, but risky.
  9. When ACE has talked about crafting and blueprints in the past, they've usually talked about them in the mold of SWG factories (Blair was a designer on SWG, and much of crowfall's crafting system works very much like the SWG crafting system, so this is unsurprising) Crafters LOVED that system. Nobody wants to constantly reroll every single piece of an item. Here's a primer on how it worked in SWG: Crafters have the option, when crafting an item, to output it to crafted item OR blueprint. Blueprints have a limited number of uses, and will create that many copies of the crafted result, but also require the exact inputs. These would generally output in crates, and as carbon copies with the same exact item data, stack together. This means you can roll ingots until you have a good one, blueprint the good roll, and then output a crate of however many ingots, say 100. Blueprints require the EXACT inputs used to make them, as in the same serial number, and as such the same blueprint run. This means that if you blueprint a blade, that blueprint can ONLY accept a specific unique mass produced ingot from a single blueprint and only that SPECIFIC run of ingots. You must use this specific ingot run for both your experimentation (to create a blueprint that uses it) as well as the actual mass production run. This mechanism continues further up the chain. If you want to mass produce 10 swords, you also need to mass produce enough of their subcomponents to experiment for good rolls (throwing away bad rolls) as well as generate the blueprint (effectively losing one sword's worth of materials to generate the blueprint) and mass produce everything. On top of that you generally had an additional resource cost (in SWG is was currency if I remember correctly) to run the factory itself. You slotted a blueprint in to the factory, and you could toss the appropriate materials or crafted components in there, and it'd generate the items, removing durability from the blueprint and depositing the items in to a "crate" which was just a stack of identical items. In all, the general rule of thumb was that as a crafter you'd budget a portion of your raw materials specifically for expermientation, which had a push-pull relationship on the end results. If you have enough raw mats to build 100 helmets, for instance, You're at most going to be able to build 99 helmets on a factory run, and that's only if you just take whatever the first experimentation roll is on each component and blueprint it. In reality, you're probably going to make more like 70 or 80 helmets if you're going for quality, as you're going to burn 20-30% of your raw materials on bad rolls that you don't use as blueprints. Those bad rolls are usually then sold to other crafters who aren't trying to make blueprint runs and just want to make one or two items to recoup your costs, and the money used from selling them helps pay for the raw materials for your next crafting run. Blueprints and factories don't remove crafters from the ecosystem in this model. They remove tedium from crafting by allowing crafters to balance mass production with quality and random experimentation, and generally result in a more accessible market for beginning crafters to acquire decent quality components. They also tend to create a components market that we don't current have. Many crafters in SWG just made crates of components for sale to other crafters without creating any usable items themselves as a less rewarding, but also less risky business. This model of mass production also created a near constant buyer's market for raw materials and rare additive drops, as it wasn't uncommon for high end crafters to generate blueprints that required a rare drop before acquiring sufficient supplies of the drop. SWG's raw materials were a lot more complicated though, as there were no "default" stackable mats and every raw material was also unique and rotated out on a weekly basis. If this was mapped on to crowfall's resources, you'd find it far easier to blueprint out large numbers of ingots and decide what to do with them later, so the base quality of the first tier of components would end up consistently high across all crafts and generally not be a profitable business.
  10. No, the fact that it pays out a pittance in mitigation, and does so for way too high a stamina cost is the problem. If block worked like a block, as in 90% or greater mitigation, your options are actually mitigating damage or repositioning. The assumption that every template should have doing DPS at the forefront of its kit is ludicrous. Of course you're not going to spec in to block if your goal is to apply consistent damage. If you're a blocking template, and blocking works, your job is not to deal damage. It's to heal damage, mitigate damage, or run interference for people that deal damage. If two or three enemies are wasting their time attacking you, you are already doing your job. If they are not, why are you blocking in stead of sprinting? Your argument is like saying heal specs suck because they don't deal enough damage. That's not the point. If you want to run dodge, while gaining the extra passive mitigation from an equipped shield, you should always have that option. DPS promotion options, ideally, shouldn't suck. They also shouldn't feel like plainly superior options just because block sucks so bad. Clerics don't have a shield to help them deal damage. Neither do stormcallers or knights. They also retain the ability to just.... slot dodge if they want to build for DPS. Block is always going to be a bad choice for fighting solo, or consistent DPS. There is nothing inherently wrong with that. Those things are not the point of a tanky spec who has decided to trade mobility for mitigation. Your job is not securing kills. Your job is standing on points, or being an unattractive target with skills that help other people in your group secure kills or stay alive. The major problem with block is that it doesn't actually do that very well. The basic knight template showcases exactly the kind of kit that a blocking shield user should have. Damage reflects, pulls, closing abilities, etc. Stuff they can activate quickly without letting block down too long that has big effects on the positioning or behavior of themselves, their enemies, or their allies. The problem is their mitigation sucks when blocking so the whole mechanic falls apart when you compare it with other templates who have both more EHP due to self heals and other mitigation mechanisms as well as more mobility due to leaps and dodges. To start with, the movement penalty on block is overly punitive as blockers by default lack dodge and that alone is enough of a movement penalty. Block also doesn't scale for poorly made dergs because of the per-hit cost to stam. Blocking should really just have a flat stamina cost whether you're getting hit or not. Finally, blocking simply doesn't mitigate enough damage. At the very minimum block should simply cancel incoming crits, if not also experience a significant upgrade to raw mitigation while blocking. Once the core of blocking is in a better place then maybe think about making revisions to blocking related skills and talents.
  11. The problem isn't how illusionist stacks up to other discs though. The problem is how discs stack up to class powers. Any way you slice it you have to change a lot of powers, and ACE plans to do exactly that very, very soon. Any suggestion at all comes with the caveat "how I'd like to see this working at launch" because the order of changes and stability of the game state is meaningless except as ACE's current testing goals is concerned. It isn't our job to arbitrate or even suggest stopgap measures. Its our job to say "this is how I'd like to see this work when the game is finished" We know for a fact that powers balance as a whole is unbalanced, ACE knows that, and a major patch cycle in the near future is being devoted specifically to it. If you're suggesting powers changes you should really be doing it from that lens.
  12. With the changes to the skill tree you can now access advnaced harvesting trees with a 3 node investment. This makes the 75% exploraation basics tree completion requirements feel excessive, considering the low impact of leadership. I think a more appropriate requirement would be rank 4 in movement, survival, and gathering proficiency. That's still triple the requirement to unlock excavation or reaping.
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