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  1. Keep in mind that a major part of the marriage of ranged and melee is the snappy nature of rapid fire and the synergy between dropback root and ranger's long cast heavy damage auto. I know what you're looking for is some sort of "snipe shot" mechanism to dump a load of damage on the start of a fight but that's simply not in the ranger toolbox because if it was you'd also be using it in PvP. If you want to have powerful openers, play a duelist or assassin. Ranger is not an alpha strike class unless you promote to brigand, and even then your alpha strike is more about traps than your bow. You basic autoattack at full charge is your highest single hit damage, and that's on purpose. Its there so you can apply more damage before breaking a root on a target than anybody else at range. The base class isn't so much designed around the idea of "ranged opener and camp melee" as it is "ranged opener and swap back and forth between trays in combat for resources" the promotion classes play up different aspects of the base kit, but you'll be doing this kind of tray dancing on wardens and brigands all the time too, while you'll be doing nothing but kiting on archers. The leveling experience, as is the case for most classes, doles out your core tools very slowly, and judging any CF class before its around level 25 doesn't give you a good feel for what the core of the template is capable of. There's a really good reason the base ranger kit has a melee combo that roots the target, dodges backward, and swaps to ranged all in one skill and a ranged skill that dumps a ton of arrows on the target quickly which also always hits enough times to break root. The game does not want you to simply abuse targets at range with impunity, but does want you to have powerful incentives to use bow attacks if you're willing to kite. You can get three full charged autoattacks off on a rooted target, which is a significant amount of damage, and most mobs don't have the ability to break roots by themselves. Every ranger has a melee combo that applies root. In addition, the base class is only half of any crowfall character's kit. Major disciplines make up a significant part of that kit, and ranger is no exception. Want better bow utility, range,. and damage? Get some bow discs. That's what they're for. Want more roots? Take a bow disc and molehunter and you have two ranged roots. Want to deal more first strike damage? take one of the many options with a castable self damage buff along with Pound of Flesh as a minor. If you can't take down a single mob at range, you simply haven't built a character to do that. If doing that is important to you, build a character capable of it.
  2. Exactly. Its like the T1 ship situation in EVE. Eventually your lower cost vessels, through sheer production glut of bad rolls will end up so cheap on the market they can't really be made for profit. Where in EVE this is due to massive production scales and alliances dumping their old fleet ships for super cheap just to liquidate the stockpile, every single vessel that a guild crafts that isn't an upgrade over currently used vessels, or the current stock of on-hold vessels for future guild members or specs won't even hit a bank. Those things end up directly on a vendor as soon as they're rolled the moment your guild bank's stock is better than what you just rolled, if your guild even keeps ready made vessels on hand for newbies at all.
  3. I think the fact that they're the only crafted that will never be mass produced, and the fact that they're the only crafted item that requires xp to use effectively invalidates any concerns about their ease of craft. The grind for vessels is in sheer RNG volume, customer selectiveness, and the back loaded investement of all of the xp you have to pile in to them to make them actually useful. In addition, the long term economy has huge effects on the economic over/under for necromancy. People will happily keep and use a mediocre rolled sword to extend the the life of a better one. Nobody will keep and use a medicore rolled vessel. unless its an upgrade, its useless to you, and over time, useless to almost everyone else. You're essentially throwing away materials unless the new vessel is better than the best vessel a player owns, and vessels becomes linearly less valuable to you the longer you've been playing, unlike every other item. Vessels cost an appropriate amount of resources for these reasons.
  4. Don't underestimate how awesome the mino's racial tank ability is when combined with ranger ultimate, or the utility of an extra movement ability. Everyone sucks at archer compared to wood elves, but minos actually make excellent wardens or brigands, even more so with the race and bar changes in the next patch.
  5. We get it. The lizard people are hoarding all of the toilet paper in the hollow earth and you don't know any old people.
  6. So I posted this a while back in the Dev partners forum in a discussion about gold. Its relevant to this discussion so I guess i'll repost. This was part of a much larger (and rather old) thread about the economy (mob farming, gold sinks, the removal of gold sacrificing, etc.) so I'll just post the bit about repairs. Basically the idea is to have flat durability, a shadowbane style repair system, and allow a stat called "workmanship" so that crafters can remain in the loop and have various markets other than "make the best thing with the best crafter"
  7. The smart move would be to hold off on alternate cultural inspirations for future expansions or major patches so you can do a whole proper content drop, like releasing ireki+desert biome+middle eastern aesthetics, or kitsunes+bamboo forest+japanese aesthetics, etc.
  8. Or we could add a non-optional gold sink that doesn't also result in a profit. Something like SB style item repairs where you lose max durability, making refining cost gold to get those sweet mods, or having identifying dropped magic items cost gold. The primary problem with gold is that its easy to get, but hard to spend. Make gold easier/necessary to spend for all players and you'll see gold being valued the same way dust and embers are valued. In order to make people spend it you have to have a system they can't literally skip. People want dust and embers because they're required to craft everything. People only really want gold to run vendors, and most players don't utilize vendors to get or distribute gear. They added some gold sinks to crafting, but it doesn't really address the problem as those sinks are too cheap, and if you made them more expensive they'd make crafting too grindy when combined with all its other costs.
  9. Yeah couple months back Todd was specifically talking about them adding support for item type filters for importing. The example used was to disallow importing resources while having enough slots for gear.
  10. I am satisfied with the state of humans compared to other races now. They didn't functionally change much, but the changes to the other races. passives, and hotbar makes thier special adaptability shtick a lot more impactful now. An extra minor in the new passive system is a really nice feature to contrast with the flashier features of other races, even if their mitigation bonus is still a measly 3% All these races look pretty decent aside from my previous qualms with maken me mad. I'm particularly happy with the fae and neth changes, both are still compelling choices with additional utility for their traditional classes but their racial runes are now much more well rounded in a way that makes them attractive for their other classes.
  11. Actual health professionals please correct me if I'm off base on any of this: We're doing all this poorly made dergs because we've already failed to contain the flu, and because we successfully contained the spread of the others. We are still in a stage where we MAY contain COVID-19 or we may fail. This is literally the only thing that matters as long as there is any health risk to any human being alive. Of the outbreaks you listed half were easier to contain because they were influenze variants which responded well to existing antiviral treatments, and the other half were much more lethal cornavirus strains, that lethality making them far easier to contain. COVID-19 is unique in that its spread has been exceedingly rapid and difficult to track down, and this is why you see these measures. The mortality rate doesn't matter. If the mortality rate is literally one person a year and you have a change to stop a strain from becoming, like the flu, no longer possible to contain, you make best efforts to contain it. The fatality rrate of CVOID-19 is also hilghly variable, being on average far more dangerous to people with existing immunodeficient conditions, diabeted, former and current smokers, and the elderly than influenza due to the absence of any effective traeatment at all other than some hit-and-miss oxygen therapy. Not to mention the curiously high mutation rate that has seen some patients re-infected within a month is itself a worry for letting this thing get away from us. The WHO doesn't care about your money. The politicians enacting measures would really rather not be in the middle of this crisis. They have no desire to be the one people look to to attempt to contain an outbreak of disease because disease itself is inherently apolitical and virtually never makes the people in charge of stopping it look good until years after the fact. I know it might seem comfortable to say its overblown because the mortality rate is lower, but the lower mortality rate among some people, higher mortality rate among others, long presence of viral load, and relatively long incubation period which leads to many people spreading the virus while feeling fine to people who are at elevated risk of mortality does in fact make this a serious public health threat. Whether it is a threat to you specifically is irrelevant. A pathogen with this kind of spread at this rate requires a pretty drastic response if we want to control it. Don't panic, but don't assume that because its not a horde of zombies or a streets filled with body bags it isn't important to attempt to stop it at all costs, or that it's not actually a big deal. The response isn't about the death rate. Its about containment because having a widespread uncontained human transmittable coronavirus strain is just plain asking for future trouble that we could avoid by taking some simple steps like working from home and avoiding unnecessary interactions for a few weeks or months. Nobody's desire to see a concert or play a video game sooner or whatever really has any reason to supercede the possibility of containing a new virus in stead of just letting it become another "we just have to accept it's out there" strain like the cold and influenza variants. You do that and you just add it to the compound risk of random ass viral deaths and health complications for no good reason. It's pretty simple math really. If the flu kills 20 people in a city and COVID-19 kills 2, you still have 22 people dead. When you still have the chance for that number to be 20 in stead of 22 next month or next year, and use those resources to continue to fight the flu for the next 20 years in stead of now fighting both, you do what you can to make that happen. If you try to contain it and fail well that sucks, the number's now 22 and we deal with it. If you say "It's only 2 people lets not cancel the football game" You're basically just increasing overall health risks to others, and eventually yourself for no good reason at all. The fact some people are overreacting doesn't have anything to do with the actual risks or objectives of the public health response to this pandemic. People are going to overreact no matter what.
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