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  1. Don't forget the Vorringia meme squad STR based Greatsword Nephilim Thief - Invisible, nine feet tall, backstabs with the force of a thousand Ron Jeremy's, pretty custarded if it can't fly away. Human WereBear Rogue Barbarian - When scouts think they know your halfgiant rush spec, surprise them with invisible bears and magic procs! Nicole Fury, Agent of SHIELD - Using ONE WEIRD TRICK airlift an entire group of hurlbat/shield barbarians directly on top of the enemy mage stack. Then go pick up nine more! Lore server, where men were men and elves can get bent.
  2. In addition to badges you get a shiny token with a number on it. You can trade these or whatever. You shove the token in to the dragon statue and it increases the "favor" score of the EK, which ticks down over time. The "favor" score of the EK has no upper limit, and spawns are randomized but adhere to basic logic (e.g. trees spawn in forests etc.) 0-2000 = r1 2000-5000 = r2 etc. etc. These ranks are highest near the statue and fall off via distance so even getting just over the r9 hump doesn't mean you got a whole EK full of r9s. It basically just keeps eating and begging people to come farm it or lose their wad. Encourages hoarding as a catch up mechanism? IDK. In theory you could use this system to be a legit EK robber baron, charging farmers for access and using the taxes to buy more favor from campaign fighters.
  3. I want "god's favor" to grace EKs between campaigns, awarding EKs weighted spawns of mats and animals based on if their owners won and how well they placed on their leaderboard. Can't conflict with campaigns if you have to win campaigns to get the spawns and they only spawn when there's no campaign to go to. Could award these as tokens that go in to a hippo at the dragon statue so that guilds or free cities of unaligned players can pool their favor. Then I can charge people mining permits to profit off of all my spoils of war. Or sell my favor to someone who wants to harvest it.
  4. So its a newbie map for newbies. OK cool. You also want us to hang out here for a week between campaigns? Boring. Guess I'll amuse myself by chasing newbies around and harvesting and killing everything they walk up to before they can. Nothing else to do. I was hoping you'd give me a reason to visit EKs between campaigns. This seems disappointing unless there's some massive fun system we're not seeing here.
  5. If that's the case then disregard my entire statement and replace it with "merge the melee counter discs since most elemental classes can't swap their damage type" The alternative would be alternate damage typing for elemental damage types which seems, like, wrong. I wouldn't wanna see lightning bolts that actually do frost damage etc. Then add the ability to spike specific type resists on the new hp stat stick replacements rather than the broad nature/elemental/phys/balanced we have now if people wanna spike counter narrow types. God knows there are enough potential resource combinations.
  6. You mean good rock paper scissors combat in stead of the awful Rock, Rock, Rock combat we have now?
  7. Did you guys forget that last stream @thomasblair told us types were being simplified across the board alongside the next armor update? That likely means MORE broad coverage counter discs, not LESS. I'd stop using "mudman etc. is OK because its only one damage type" as of now and start considering that elementalist's utility is likely deliberate (though probably unintended in terms of siege damage interactions) and that you're more likely to see nature and physical versions with similar utility than you are to see elementalist's broad counter be removed. The "rework" of such discs isn't going to be making them counter less stuff. Elementalist specifically was created because the previous incarnation of he disc was too narrow to be attractive. The individual power numbers/effects will likely change, and you'll probably see more avenues for altering your own damage type, but I'd expect to see phys damage have a similar disc to be annoyed at before seeing elementalist counter less templates.
  8. OP is a little extreme but there are definitely some "flair" issues for various kits. Even thought its in a weird balancing place, I'd look at ranger promotions as the baseline for "what should promotions mean to a class?" Rangers have all of the base tools in the promotion kits in some fashion. They've got a set of bursty melee dps tray skills, a few really good bow attacks, and a few decent traps. Altogether the ranger's core kit CAN do a lot of things, but its not really GOOD at any one of them until you promote it. And then its GREAT at ONE of them. Promote to Archer, you're instantly the longest range DPS in the game, with a bunch of direct buffs to DPS and power alterations to enable kiting. Promote to Warden, and you get AoE melee suppress, some really gnarly AoE spike damage, and a teleport close and mail armor to keep you on target and off the floor. Promote to brigand and you've got not only another trap, but all your traps get devastating DoTs, and you get a stealth tray to deploy them from for maximum ambush. Now despite all of the above not being quite balanced to actually deliver on its promises, the CONCEPT and INTENT of these promotion classes results in a very different playstyle from promotion to promotion by simply "ascending" a specific part of the base kit, and they all do something no other template can do. No template can out-range the Archer No template can suppress spam like the Warden No template can lay traps like the Brigand. The Op may be a little cherry-picked, but he is at least correct that while many specs do a great job at justifying the class they belong to, many of them, even in concept, don't do a great job at justifying themselves in comparison to other specs on the same class as well as ranger specs do. That's a task I imagine that's on the big table for talents 2.0 where we're going to have to think a lot harder about where we want to put points in these specs versus disc powers and perhaps even harvesting/crafting stuff.
  9. I still haven't managed to cap experiment points nor assembly, with full training, the expanded experiment cap from taking my techniques minor, the additional cap on top of that from food, and wearing crafting jewelry and gear, on a purple crafting vessel build for this task. And that's for necromancy, which gets double the racial bonus and is therefore the easiest to cap out. Reaching the caps without the techniques minors and food isn't actually reaching the cap. You can easily reach the default cap with training amd minimal gear but if you stop there you're gimping your crafter. You're right about weapons in the current game though. IMO that's fine. If you don't want to have even a small chance at self defense it's totally viable to have crafters run around with noon island weld just to they can use their combat tray escape/until powers.
  10. Armor: Crafting armor does exist and does buff crafting stats currently nonfunctional on LIVE, buy gemmed weapons can also grant attribute points, which would also affect crafting stats if those ATT bonuses are factored while not in combat. Exploration Discs: The current state of these has a few compelling unskilled roles for crafters, such as foreman, and in general crafters may find it useful to take certain gathering discs that align with their needs. Depending on how Character slots are used and vessel quality using a crafter that's also a harvester can be more economical in certain situations. Also note that these slots are specifically called "exploration" rather than "gathering" so it may not be a stretch to assume more discs for non-gathering exploration types are on the way that are more sedentary andd suited to a character that hangs out behind walls all day, like the farming system ACE mentions occasionally, tracking to know when bad guys might be raiding your crafting area, or even more esoteric discs for things like thrall, tax, or vendor management. Combat Class: Keep in mind combat class grants attribute points in addition to those granted by the racial vessel. If you don't already have a spreadsheet to minmax race/class combos for crafting stats you may want to go make one. Once you get in to Epic and Legendary crafting truly every sliver of mitigation against die rolls is useful in reaching (and exceeding) your caps and getting those strings of amazing success rolls even at max training. Also keep in mind that crafter will need to travel within campaigns. You won't always have access to your spirit bank, nor will you always have access to importing gear from an EK. Though it may be infrequent, your crafting character may find itself stranded outside a recently conquered keep wearing a bunch of expensive crafting gear. Making the right combat disc choices may be the difference between getting your gear rughed up by enemies or not.
  11. What about pulling in some more narrative stuff leveraging the war tribes and hunger crystals tech? If the Crow's job is to salvage scraps of the world lets say there was always a "hunger" team, right. That team consists of hunger tribes, slow burning hunger crystals, and altars so that every facet of play has a purpose in that area. Combatants have a score target for wiping out hunger's army, Gatherers have a score target for wiping out hunger's creep over the land, and crafters have a score target for sacrificing to the gods (effectively these sacrifices are basically exporting to the gods) Scoring is primarily a function of doing the work of a crow, dedicated to a specific faction. This is good for gameplay and mirrors lore. The gods or groups of crows all have a single overarcing goal, to slow the hunger and salvage as much of the world as possible, but they're competing over who's getting the MOST out of the scraps of the world being harvested. Grant zonewide multipliers to points awarded for these actions, bonus points for outpost capturing based on time, single flat point games for each keep/fort window, points for buidling/rebuilding allied structures, and global bonuses to the efficiency of these activities for your total cap bonus. Running roughshod over a zone will give your team a nice one time boost, but that boost is secondary to actually removing scoring opportunity from your enemies. As your faction (or player nation in dregs) owns the area, they are credited with the god's favor for accomplishing these tasks, no matter who accomplishes them. This gives enemies a substantial incentive to sabotage these operations by killing people and breaking down altars as they can't gain score from these activities in areas they don't own. From there its a matter of defining the "claimed" area of each map objective. Keeps claim a wide area, forts less, and outposts on the outskirts. this gives substantial context to outposts (take an outpost even in owned territory, you've just opened up a score funnel for your own faction there) This ensures people have objectives to do and that circle standing is a means to an end rather than the end itself.
  12. Honestly and truly, take a break. My entire guild peaced out for like a year and it was a net positive at combatting burnout during a patch cycle we weren't having fun with. Its easy to get burned out in a development stage where literally none of your achievements matter. its not like you can't log in briefly every 2 weeks for your shiny and run the new hotness on test for mugs. There are tons of games to play, no sense in playing one that's not fun. That said, even though I've been extremely vocal about certain class bugs ACE is gonna place priority where they feel its best for the game. currently that's finishing the entire economic loop since that's the context by which day to day play in a longer campaign is defined, and getting real deal data on player behavior while they work out the faction campaign reward structure. I'd argue both of those things are more important priorities than fine tuning balance. Its really tough to see what players farm, how much, and how they fight each other if you're constantly upending class balance in a way that makes people want to reroll. Economically at least there are strong reasons to farm most materials in a context that should theoretically be somewha representitive of release needs, and "the tryhards" are behaving like campaigns matter, which is important for accurately gauging macro level player behaviors when contronted with different scoring and reward models. That might not be fun if your primary interest is messing about with builds the same way farming for gear wasn't fun for my guild when we took our break. It sucks but just as our farm eventually got fixed and we came back, the balance will get fixed and you'll come back for one feature and be energized by all the other little things that made their way to live in the time between. At this stage of development its simply inevitable that someone's subjective favorite thing is gonna get passed over for a bit while core systems keep going online.
  13. ((On a roleplaying basis? Okay sure.)) I have not dredged the once forbidden secrets of the scholars of a hundred dead worlds to be insulted so! Though you may skulk in such a ramshackle cage as you are, I caution you to quiet such words. What I construct is not merely a man or woman or beast made whole again. It is the best parts of two, or three, or SIX of such creatures, rent of weakness by a skilled hand and infused with what little remains of the Serpent Which Swallowed Worlds. Would you claim a thoroughbred mare was a mere donkey? Would you let the Chosen of the Gods and all that stands between creation and oblivion play at being a housewife or muckraker or servant once again? Foolish nonsense! These are precision instruments made animate by the only known natural predator of That Which Consumes All. They have no families, nor surnames, nor limps, nor pox, nor age. All that has been rent from them with purpose. Carved away to the bone and replaced with the better flesh of another with no such failing. They are more perfect than any living thing could ever be. They must be, for The Hunger consumes all that lives. Though you may be fresh and remember that which you once were fondly, you will come to know your place. You pine for a thing that is lost to you. In time you will mourn it, and then scoff at it, and one day long distant from now you will forget it entirely. On that day perhaps you too will be worthy of my instruments. On that day the thing that you now wish to be will seem as distant to you as the sparrow to the hawk. Until then, insult the Necromancer's works at your peril.
  14. Desparation Safety of node placement Not knowing any good crafters that can actually use blue stuff effectively. Tool avaliability making higher rank nodes inefficient. There are reasons. I don't think its so weird that you get more blue than green from an R10 node. I think its weird you get more white than green. Fully half that white ore should be green coming off an R10 IMO. If you have the ability to consistantly access and farm the highest rank nodes in the game I'd expect your "sell tier" mats to be better than the "sell tier" mats of someone that does the same with r5s.
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