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  1. Its supposed to feel excessive to pressure you in to buying VIP in stead. This is how these sorts of things work.
  2. Please don't mistake my pruning of your posts for selective responses. I'm only doing so to cut down on text walls and focus on the central thought I am responding to. I'm not trying to dismiss the entire content of your posts here just breaking down what seem to be the central thoughts for efficient response. Which is it? Do the gamers rise up and target the motivations, or is it an ultimately pointless rallying cry? Its like saying "If people just got along there wouldn't be any war" Technically true, but ultimately just a statement of ideals with no practically applicable va
  3. You're reducing a complex set of financial systems, human psychology, and legal structures down to a simple binary that, if it existed, would have prevented the problem you claim it will solve. It is a wishfully idealistic way of thinking that doesn't actually go anywhere productive. The fact of the matter is that this is not a democracy, its a trap house full of dopamine addicts attempting to soothe whatever unique boredom, desire for achievement, desire for community, or whatever it is that compels them to play video games run by dealers that know exactly how to eke as much money as pos
  4. Didn't say that it was. I said dollars are votes. Its irrelevant if a gambling addict yeets their whole paycheck or if a billionaire drops .005% of the compound interest on their tesla shares. Its irrelevant if you're a millionaire and refuse to buy the battlepass. The money spent is the vote, not the money possessed. That's how capitalism works, and this is capitalism, not democracy.
  5. Your mistake is that you think this is a democracy. That's my point. It is a company trying to make as much money as possible for the least effort, and a customer trying to pay as little money as possible for the most value. One voice does not equal one vote. One dollar equals one vote, and those with more dollars to toss simply have more votes. That's not hypocrisy. That's just plain old capitalism man.
  6. I've heard this "gamers rise up" rhetoric before but the fact is most of these games could tank in population by 50%, change nothing, and still be fine. World of warships could lose literally half of its player base and be fine, financially speaking, match que speaking, and overall game health speaking. Funny thing about collective bargaining is you have to have something to bargain with, and if the thing you're bargaining to change is a game you actually enjoy playing it mostly amounts to cutting off your nose to spite your face. Video games don't work like real world democracies or labo
  7. If it fills up we'll launch burnside behind it to pick up the stragglers, same tax free deal. Gonna hold off on doing that as I think its ultimately just a better user experience to cram as many vendors in one EK as possible rather than try to "compete" for wayward merchants. PM me if AT ever runs outta space Jah.
  8. They are manufacturing demand, and because they only require less than 5% of a user base to respond to it, it is very easy to maintain this course. Fact is I can sit through these games over and over, buying nothing buy 60 bucks worth of stuff, for eternity, but as long as you can create a market for whales the power of the majority counts for nothing. The majority actually hates this stuff, has forever, that has changed nothing, and it won't.
  9. I still have the option of gifting it last I checked.
  10. You are not misunderstanding. You make garbage advanced items to proc souls over and over and over until you can reliably make something better than mob drops. It isn't a very good system. Beginning most crafts you are incapable of making anything anyone wants to use, and your most efficient use for those items is to vendor them for gold. Don't make basic or intermediate gear ever. The only useful intermediate items are tools, and then only until you can equip runetools. You can get enough drops to get your gear going with the free stuff you get from leveling very easily. I'm not even sure
  11. Rangers are by default the best archers as they have several class bow powers including access to their bread and butter bow DPS skill Rapid Fire. Classes that gain bow proficiency from a disc will only have access to the autoattack and whatever bow powers are granted by the discs equipped. The Ranger's archery spec further specialized in this role with several bow-specific perks. Whether its "too much gimped" depends entirely on what you want the character to do. Bows in general are a long range burst weapon with disc options for several flavors of control or damage skills. Most that ta
  12. I can ensure every shred of that VIP goes to a good home.
  13. Someone who I will not name was actually hooking in to ACE's API for info (on skills and stuff to track patch changes) and they told him to knock it off. I don't think ACE is a big fan of external interactions with their database.
  14. There's a big difference between a government and a for profit company. Governments, as a rule, are concerned with sustainable spending rather than maximizing profit, and in general are accountable to their entire population. Corporations on the other hand are legally required to seek profit growth and are only accountable to their shareholders. This is why "free" services from private industry are much more inclined to slide in to really dark places while taxpayer funded services from governments, due to the increased oversight and accountability fare better on average. If a
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