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  1. That's kinda what I'm saying. Take infected, right. You see a natural player pattern that people farm in infected until they have what they need and then they go fight in dregs right? Okay. Those dogs are eating that food. It's probably not very healthy food but you know they like the taste. So they look at this and go "that's hogwash, they're breaking the game an that's not healthy" and they're right. It definitely isn't healthy for dregs players to be getting the stuff dregs players want in a tutorial zone. But they like the taste of taking on less risk when they want less rew
  2. The thing is, it's not a sandbox world and really never was. Crowfall from its inception was a very narrow set of activities in service of very narrow goals, and that's not a problem. When you're facing somewhat achievable opponents and have a shot at the big W its a pretty fun game. The problem is that crowfall still thinks its a big sandbox kind of MMO when it isn't and really never was. There isn't and has never been enough sand to really choose your own adventure. It's a competitive realtime wargame and its pretty good at being that. It just needs to revise its entire progression
  3. I'm pretty sure "There isn't enough dregs avaliable" isn't why you're using the word "many" to refer to like 300 people on a busy day. We've had patch after patch of changes to "drive more activity to dregs" that hasn't actually driven more activity to dregs. Why? Because Dregs is a miserable experience if you're not in the kind of organization and at the kind of efficiency required to actually compete with the top organizations in dregs. What can you even do? Outposts? Mob farming cards? I feel like I've been barking up this tree for like years and everyone was like "no, you'll
  4. This is why my stance on POI rewards is that the lion's share of that reward potential should be inherent to the POI itself rather than the scoreboard. You don't need scoreboards or complex milestones to drive objective play if simply doing the objectives successfully (which are in themselves risk-enhanced PvP activities) is ultimately a more efficient way to get rewards than grinding. At that point you're already natively pushing behavior that contributes to campaign wins, and if you're already doing outposts, forts, and keeps, then you're also much more likely to go "hey how can we do t
  5. Lower Campaign Population: This is a non-issue due to the way crowfall itself is built. Concurrency falls off in low end campaigns? Cut down the number of zones in the next campaign. Crowfall campaigns can operate as a complete game with literally one zone and a temple. The alternative is complaining "Dregs isn't populated enough" because shoving people in to dregs so fast is literally causing people to uninstall the game. You might be surprised how populated those campaigns end up. The idea that a system rewards pushing through greater risk for greater rewards doesn't mean everyone neces
  6. Honestly, I think its just the disconnect of what the game tell you its about and what its actually about. What the game tells you its about, from the perspective of a new player: Standard MMO progression systems, loot, and vendors with a food meter. What the game is actually about: POI based PvP strategy metagame that assumes you have already finished that progression Until ACE can marry these two concepts, Crowfall is going to be confusing and frustrating for new players. People may have complained about passive training, but at the very leat when we had passive training the game
  7. Honestly the shadow ruleset can help do the job, but it has to be appropriately designed as a ramp alongside infected and not "well you should really just want to go to dregs though" Infected is okay at its job, assuming it isn't crawling with people who'd rather be in dregs but can't because dregs is offline. However Infected is by definition not a competitive space. Its a training area, and the pois don't matter. You can PvP but there's no reason to unless you're competing over a farming spot. Farming spots are good pvp drivers, sure, but the issue with crowfall's progression is that it
  8. I mean its not something easy like redesigning the entire UI twice.
  9. I mean regardless the value of these things will trend down to nothing over time as people max out crafters. Assuming the game actually survives several years there just won't be a progression system at all. You have an effectively endless resource here that is generated as a byproduct of doing econ tasks with no sink other than trade or vendors. My thinking is that leads to two possibilities: Possibility A: They become so worthless that crafters just vendor them to help pay for gold sinks, effectively lowering gold sinks Possibility B: Someone tries to start a market for them and the
  10. Imagine nobody selling them because it is strategically ludicrous to help other people undercut your exact market. A crafter who no longer needs disc drops is basically shooting themselves in the foot by selling the exact thing someone needs to put them out of a job. Its like if walmart donated to small businesses.
  11. To be fair he said there's plenty of content and he would rather fix the content that exists so people want to do it than just add more stuff on top of it.
  12. I think the problem is that the strategy game concept, being an inherently PvP activity carries an assumption that it is an endgame activity. This is the function is has in MMOs with similar systems. The problem is that if you want to have an endgame that rewards progression you also need a beginning and midgame and crowfall has neither. You can either start everyone at endgame to remove this problem (No progression systems) OR you can simply remove player activity from progression (passive training) OR you actually need some content for people to do that feels fun and fair while they pro
  13. LMAO this guy unironically said "real gamers"
  14. Unpopular opinion: If I had a choice between endlessly hitting rocks, farming only the best gold per hour camp on the map, and crafting garbage to get discs upgraded, or doing some kind of procedurally generates radiant quest system that said "Kill X satyrs, okay now kill Y pigmen, okay now capture 3 outposts, Okay now bring me 20 ore, etc." I would choose the WoW-esque quests every single time just so its not so monotonous EVEN IF it were a slower way to do it.
  15. As long as I can turn it off its fine. I usually don't want a bunch of UI fly text obscuring part of my screen when I can avoid it.
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