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  1. Explosive and Faerie traps still explode on time out and remove the user from stealth. Being revealed by failing to damage anything makes it impossible to utilize the quick arming talent for its only logical purpose of setting up a larger/denser trap field, and makes setting explosive and faerie traps in stealth, and by extension, Brigand's entire role unplayable. Spamming nothing but concussive traps is not a sufficient opener for the brigand to kill anyone, nor does it allow the brigand to play the role of tactical stealth trap specialist. When we asked you to make Archer a comparable option with Brigand we didn't mean you should break Brigand. We meant you should fix archer.
  2. Caliman's Axiom: All political socksposting threads will inevitably devolve in to specific and unverifiable head counts of opposing forces.
  3. I can not imagine holding consumers responsible for the shortsightedness of the company from which they have purchased a product. This thread is highly entertaining.
  4. Hey have you guys tried deploying a survival campfire made with meat?
  5. I can not imagine thinking my guild was responsible for the health of the game. This thread is highly entertaining.
  6. (I don't know what this thread is supposed to be so I made a vignette) Meanwhile in Fort Wick, Garrison of the Flames of Exile "You mean its still there?" The commander grumbles. "Yep, still there. You could have started training it last week. Nothing was lost in the cataclysm this time. Hunger only took a few runestones. Left the boats intact." The minor functionary scoffs at his commander, still furious at the lot of faulty triggers on the latest shipment of explosives. "Well this one's pretty much shelved until they work out the kinks in the proximity triggers. I guess lets take it off the slab." From one form to another, the commander makes an all too common transition, from vessel, to crow, to vessel again. He sits up on the slab, a flood of realization crashing against his mind. The collected experience of a life, vying for purchase against his own. New skin. Darker, but softer. A good look, but fragile. New legs. Slower. Not ideal, but unimportant. We hadn't built this one to run. New brain. Full of apothecaries and dogma. A Nethari mind. Tricky, but conquerable with practice. Young, but smart. A father. Fire. A table covered in blood. A shovel. A grave. Trial. Execution. Heresy. Secrets forbidden to the living but vital to the Crow. Secrets salvaged from a world now lost to Hunger. "What does it know?" The underling again. Staring upward at the robed form. Unsure of the extent of its promise. "Oh its in here." The guild leader taps his temple. "It just needs a walkabout so I can shake it all out." "What about the trials? The spider god calls for Crows." "The spider god calls for a lot of things, constantly. The spider god is a real pain in my ass." The commander points at a dusty table, littered with detached limbs and viscera. Candles arranged around its periphery alight, and as they do, a trickle of blood begins to flow down a groove in its center, pooling on the floor. "Dust that thing off. I'm going to need it soon. Malekai will get his Crows in the fall after I'm done with them. The spring is for making new friends."
  7. I can not imagine being this offended by being accused of having a larger, more coordinated, better equipped force than the enemy. This thread is highly entertaining.
  8. Choose your own adventure! Mild Take: Take solace in the knowledge that almost everyone got facechecked by a lack of what were previously build critical weapon disc powers. I'm sure they'll fix the thing they broke in this patch in a future patch so it'll be as fun as the previous patch again. Hot Take: Builds had too many utility powers anyway and the ones that required utility from weapon discs were probably not very good anyway. This testing period is probably crucial in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the core kits for various promotion classes. Nuclear Take: I mean technically you can roll a Champion. The game isn't unplayable. Why do you guys complain so much?
  9. Its pretty exciting not knowing if that horde of cats or zombies or spiders or whatever will fall upon you like the army of any angry forgotten god or stand 10 feet away furiously attacking the empty space that can only be filled by ranged attacks or stupidity.
  10. I've said this before and I'll say it again. People should have the option of joining faction campaigns as guilds or solo crows. Players should not have the option of choosing their team in a setting with preset open enrollment teams. This is a standard method of team assignment in virtually every competitive system that includes limited open teams for a reason. When given the opportunity, players are not idiots, and players will stack teams for tactical advantage. The system should place said groups of players or individual players in factions as required by simply adding each new player/guild in the que to the least populated faction. This would not achieve perfect pop balance (that's impossible) but it would both prevent lopsided faction campaigns (which literally everyone said would be a problem with the faction system as is), make faction spy accounts less reliable, allow people to play with their guild, ensure each faction campaign reset is actually a mechanical reset of player and guild relationships, and be yet another push as of dregs launch for players that want to play the guild alliance metagame to do so in its appropriate arena. If you want to pick a banner and have pride in that banner, you should be prepared to do so in an arena where your guild banner and your alliances matter in a political context. Faction campaigns are not that place. Faction campaigns are an arena where strangers are smashed together under the limitation that nobody is in charge, but nobody is responsible. Faction banners are and should be meaningless outside the context of single campaigns. Faction banners exist to collect a bunch of unorganized groups and single players in to a single scoring block. They're not your guild. They're not your alliance. They don't belong to you, they don't represent you, and they don't care about you. When you play a faction campaign, you're a temporary mercenary at best. That's the point. That's the appeal. Limited responsibility, limited politics, same access to mass battles and objective based rulesets. The game should stop treating them like they're something that they are not. The guilds stacking balance currently are not to blame. They're playing to win given the rules on offer. The rules are to blame. Imagine telling people you're going to host a hockey tournament and give the winners each five hundred bucks. Now imagine telling the players they can all choose to be on whatever team they want and the teams can have as many people on the ice as they want. That sounds like a stupid way to set up a hockey tournament. That's the game we're playing at the moment. How is it at all surprising that players took the path of least resistance to the greatest amount of reward? That's literally what the game, the marketing, and the rhetoric of its developers encourages them to do. It is literally the point of the game. To win. At all costs. By any means necessary within the bounds of the EULA. The entire DNA of the sandbox PvP genre revolves around building systems for players to use to find advantages over one another, not an assumed sense of fair play. Why are people angry than in a game about winning through creative strategy, politicking, and violence players decided to win through creative strategy, politicking, and violence? They are playing to crush, and they're crushing it. Its not their responsibility to make the game fair. That's on ACE.
  11. To be fair its a nerf to build diversity for everyon for the time being. I just had such a brief time with "good brigand" it makes me anxious
  12. Brigand is well and truly busted. 2/3 of my traps are still pointless to place in stealth. As reported in the 5.8.2 thread, Explosive and Faerie traps are still exploding on time out and revealing the brigand. Being destealthed because I failed to deal damage is not fun. having shorter trap cooldown is a waste of time when 2/3 of my traps just blow my stealth. Placing even more of them is more dangerous to me than beneficial as a source of damage. Quick arming is useless, and the overall design of brigand is unplayable in this state. Lack of weapon discipline powers seriously hampers my utility and build options. Remember how you guys put binding arrows on master of Bows? Remember how it let me choose if I wanted to be a more pokey or slashy Brigand since I wasn't forced in to a major for a root, andcould choose between great ranged utility root of great energy sustain from resto? It was pretty great. I was playing around with melee majors and all kinds of fun stuff. I had options. I was using discs I always wanted to mess with but never had a chance. Since Weapon discs are gone, that's no more restoration slash or binding arrows, two powers that are VITAL to the performance of any brigand the moment stealth is gone. Skirmisher style builds REQUIRED the bow root and unlocks for maintaining range to restealth as dealing enough damage required discs like knife grinder or poisoner for the additional DoT action. Brawler stlye brigand REQUIRED restoration strike to keep energy topped up, even while running weapon finesse. I am wearing LEATHER. My options are either kite/dot or alpha. Without weapon powers and with busted traps I can't do either properly. Now I am pretty much forced in to at least one disc with several redundant powers. I can take one of the pow majors and get redundant damage powers and my root or mole hunter and get redundant antistealth and my root. This problem isn't unique to brigands but it has effectively pigeonholed brigands in to taking bow discs if they want any bow utility on "the bow class". Why weren't weapon disc powers migrated to talent nodes, and why don't disc powers require talent point investment? This talent update has actually reduced rather than expanded build diversity for not only brigands, but for everyone. Where's Gleeful Strike? 5.8.1 brigand, after the +2 traps update, was fun. it was effective. And even then it was unplayable without slotting gleeful strike. With all of the problems you've just saddled the subclass with in regards to traps sabotaging the user and nerfed build diversity it is doubly so. Can you please return the 10% of my damage and my missing energy because you're forcing me to actually use a lot more energy and use a lot more melee and ranged powers than before anyway. 5.8.1 Brigand was the most fun I've had on my ranger in crowfall ever. You slightly broke it in 5.8.2 and in 5.8.3 it is borderline unplayable. Please return my ability to stealth trap efficiently, build diversity, damage, and resource efficiency.
  13. Brigand Traps Bug As of 5.8.1a my Explosive and Faerie traps appear to be exploding on timeout rather than despawning. This is terrible. Being destealthed because I failed to hit with a trap is not fun. Not being able to actually utilize my decreased trap cooldown to have more live traps is not fun.
  14. Faction play is a critical new player hook IMO. New people don't want to get roasted or immediately join some existing organization the day they drop in. They have no idea what's going on, don't know who any of the bigger organizations are, and most aren't likely to do outside research. SB's "safehold" model was a stopgap for this exact problem, in a persistant world format. it gave players a "default" NPC guild in order to learn the ropes and benefit from some level of security. Safeholds forced players to leave with a level lockout, often before they were ready. It left them the option of SDR if they wanted additional time before getting in to the big leagues. However, those players that couldn't commit to certain schedules necessary for a win in SB were effectively pushed out of the game. This was bad for the game's population. Faction campaigns are an elegant solution that solves both of these problems cleanly. They serve as that newbie training ground and also don't force more casual players who like the open PvP cometitive ruleset but don't have the time to be valuable in a more freeform ruleset by allowing them to stay there and compete among players of similar gear and overall composition. Clamping the resource quality also ensures that consistant alpha predators are encouraged to behave as intended and leave for greener pastures and better stuff and divest the faction campaigns of a lot of the power and tactical imbalances we have now that can make them frustrating for new players that run in to the likes of a WB or UDL who should be beating on each other and ganking people with a much better eye for what they're up against. The only problem with faction campaigns at the moment is that players that shouldn't be in them are in them. Dregs opening will do more good for faction campaigns than any half measure to patch out emergent gameplay. People will still have cross faction spy alts (and it doesn't matter anyway) and people will still try to do dumb poorly made socks to game the system, but the severity of dumb poorly made socks required will drop dramatically when the most efficient performers leave the arena to its intended audience of small guilds, newbies, and solo gankers looking for solo gank targets.
  15. Great job finally fixing the wall snapping bugs for fort walls! 5.8.1 is the first time I was actually able to successfully snap together a combination of 2x1 and 1x1 walls, gates, and corners without getting some kind of snapping error message! Most EK fort defense structures are too restrictive on how far in to the terrain they can be lowered or raised. Fort ramps can't be lowered far enough in to the ground to actually walk on to, making the entire ramp set of pieces useless as ramps without some creative use of envronmental features or non-snapping interactions like slamming them up against the side of a lodge so you can actually walk on to them. This makes the snapping points for them on gates useless. Also, walls could use snap points. It is extremely easy to end up with gates that are either so high you have to jump to get through them, or so low you have to weirdly slope walls because the road is in a depression in the terrain. You place the gate to line up with the road, and now the snap points for the walls you want to connect to the gate can't actually be used by anything but sloped walls. Let me place low walls, and if they're not useful as defenses let me screw that up for myself. Maybe I just want to use the tops of wall pieces as makeshift trench liners like I could before in stead of walls. Maybe I just like building forts that fae can jump in to without gates. Considering EK defense structures are potentionally purely cosmetic, let me use them with a greater degree of freedom. The fort towers can be raised so high nothing can connect to them. I like the high towers. I don't like that I can't make a high tower I can actually get in to. EK structure placement still starts relative to camera in stead of grid, and doesn't follow the grid. This makes it borderline impossible to line up walls with the edge of a parcel, or line up structures that don't snap together if you don't place them all in one editing session. EK structure placements should start relative to the grid, not the player camera. The grid is effectively useless because the grid used to actuall place structures is relative to the player's camera when they entered edit mode, not the actual world grid. moving EK structures around in edit mode does not obey the displayed grid. Fort packages still have useless rampart pieces. I don't know what the deal is with these. Fort walks come with attached ramparts, and these "castle ramparts" are useless without castle walls. Fort walls have nothing they can be attached to. Where is my kickstarter guild hall? Amber KS backers are supposed to have a guild hall, which is ingame as a recipe. Why don't I have one to redeem? I'm trying to test out EK layouts using only stuff I actually own but I don't actually have the stuff I own, even though its implemented.
  16. All I know is that we tested a previously trivial r1 motherlode with a foreman and a skilled miner with a +40 pick and could barely hit the first breakpoint on a full stam bar. These are motherlodes you could previously devastate with nothing but 2 players, 1 foreman, and basic tools. Motherlodes are broken.
  17. My beautiful gold guild shield is now a less impressive pink one. We're super aware of breast cancer at this point, we assure you.
  18. The carrot for going through successive campaigns is, in a broad sense, EKs EKs are the end point, the "why" of winning campaigns, to export loot, grow permanent kingdoms, and do... whatever you want with them. Think of an EK like a trophy shelf. Maybe you have a personal trophy shelf or maybe you share one with a group of players. Maybe your trophy shelf is for cosmetics or maybe your trophy shelf is part of a wider player created metagame of PvP EKs. Maybe your trophy shelf is purely utilitarian and used only for EK crafting and relic buffs or maybe it's part of a living environment of trade and combat. Maybe you don't care about the trophy shelf at all and in use your winnings in trade to afford better vessels and gear to progress an ever more dominant field position in import campaigns. Because there is no implicit use for EKe and no explicit competitive endgame attached to them, Crowfall's endgame is purposely very subjective. "Winning" a campaign is a very specific thing, but "winning" Crowfall itself is not specifically to let players set their own permanent goals and define their own endgame while still interacting on a somewhat more "matchmade" system of competition by choosing campaign types that align with those goals.
  19. There is literally only one campaign ever at launch where this is the game state. The very first one. Testing environment that replicates a literally once in the life of the game event is a waste of time. Testing an environment where players enter with variant amounts of skill training and banked loot with the same starting constraints if going to be a far better indicator of what a real release campaign will look like and how those results Will be used to influence things like import caps, equipment cost, and economic systems that actually matter to the long term health of the game.
  20. Hi there. I just clicked in to campaign with an inventory full of sweet necromancy stuff. I had the wrong character selected. It is, of course, deleted now. It would be really cool if there was a confirmation dialog for unlocked characters that have items in their inventory or equipment slots so the game can make sure I'm not accidentally deleting hours upon hours of crafting and farming when I click join campaign. You ask me if I'm sure when i try to delete one item. Seems only fair you'd ask me if I'm sure before I delete one thousand items. Please save me from myself. Thank you. Better yet, how about just not letting me do that at all and require characters to be emptied out before they're allowed to join?
  21. Random Death and Equipment Loss! This was a crafted confessor, was AFK in the EK when servers went down I guess. PvP was off in this EK, and he was inside a walled city so it should have been effectively impossible for this character to die. Logged in in crow form, body was all the way off the map, too far away to rez. Summoning body at the temple resulted in the proper L30 character with appropriate talents, but all equipment is gone. I dove off the map and crow rezzed there, was able to find the body which contained the inventory, however the equipment is nowhere to be found.
  22. "Serious push to aid an ally" shouldn't really be a thing once the full length campaigns are online as they'll have join lockouts and potentially pre-registration. As solo players register and are counted on a per account basis, with a theoretical limit of 2 joined campaigns per account a guild leader or officer should effectively impose the same limitations on said guild. Just as pop balance during this registration process counts individual players accounts whether they actually log in or not, I'd imagine guild registration would work the same way, just adding the accounts as a block. From there you just need a bit of control on guild join process to prevent guilds from adding full members mid-campaign unless those accounts are registered within the campaigns the guilds are registered in. Other outside members to join a guild would just end up on a reserved list and automatically added to the roster when campaigns end. If a guild member doesn't LIKE the campaign they have the option of gquitting and becoming a free agent. If the guild wants to quit a campaign they may initiate that process with a 48 hour window for active guild members to accept the order and quit with the guild, or gquit to remain. Note that no part of this achieves or attempt to achieve perfect population balance for npc faction campaigns. That's impossible. It only attempts to limit the impact of bandwagoning while keeping guilds together without accidentally creating huge pop imbalances as a result.
  23. I'm guessing that the slow combat speed is very much like the generous hit cones for most hitscan abilities. ACE has gone on record several times that they want reaction skills and aiming to be important, but not so important you need to be essentially playing an FPS with FPS style requirements in terms of tracking, following, and hitting targets. The slower movement speed helps this philosophy, lowering the skill floor and ceiling by requiring a bit less of the players so that really godlike aim and curclestrafing is still helpful but not TOO helpful compared to someone who is used to more forgiving dps style systems. To be honest, I think normalizing run speed is a solid idea, and that pic run speed buffs should be applied to sprinting modifiers in stead.
  24. Day 2: only the keeps remained. Day 32: forts and outposts continue to burn as fast as they are claimed. Spies continue to claim for factions specifically to use them as VP sinks. Day: 85: still just the keeps, all scores within 3k of each other. Day 90: Campaign concluded. A Victor emerges based mostly on who could quickflip objectives with spy alts.
  25. "Faction Loyalty" is not a thing that needs encouraged or rewarded. Campaigns are supposed to be functionally distinct worlds with their own political landscapes. Players simply shouldn't have the ability to choose a faction, and should be able to join as a guild if they choose to play faction campaigns. The campaign itself should assign factions to those individuals or guilds of players based upon a simple "lowest pop gets the next players" until it is no longer the lowest pop. Players who opt in to npc faction campaigns are opting out of responsibility and control of faction identity. Provided the system adds players in guilds together as "blocks" of players there is no reason to allow players to choose their own once the dregs exists.
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