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  1. Finally when people ask me "If shadowbane was so great why don't you play shadowbane" I can just plain show them how jank it is to actually control or look at.
  2. That's not how players behave. A player that needs iron isn't going to go gank people on the off chance they have iron. They're going to go farm iron. A player that has no immediate needs is going to gank other players or do other pvp activities until they have some form of immediate need to farm. The best way to get something is never to gank people for it because ganking people for it is always an unreliable way to get it. I didn't say "no one" I said "less" and that is absolutely true. Barriers to pvp create less pvp. All forms of risk are barriers to pvp. This is a pretty si
  3. This old song and dance. The reason gankers don't risk anything is because they ARE the risk to counterbalance the significant reward for farming that otherwise has no risk at all. Your options remain the same in either case: Put stuff in your pocket, your risk is getting stuff stolen. Whether a player or mob or rock had it first really doesn't matter. Whether the person trying to steal your stuff experiences any risk is irrelevant. If they lose the fight, you have lost nothing. If they win the fight, they have assumed your risk. This is crowfall. You are a fully capable combat
  4. You are comparing elves and half giants dude.
  5. So no more alchemist coatings right? On the one hand, cool, hates farming them. On the other hand, man, alchemist back to just being necromancy's gripe.
  6. If it wasn't him it woulda been somebody. Infected is really a pointless exercise without campaign progression and rewards. I get that they want to have a low risk "training wheels" map for pvp but the issue is that the PvP that goes on there has no context. If Infested is supposed to teach people PvP, it also needs to teach them WHY to PvP. PvP just to loot people is pretty simple and intuitive. Literally a warning "you opponents can tak your stuff when you die" tells a player everything they need to know about it. Objective PvP on the other hand is a complex framework that is
  7. Not a big fan of vessel durability as a concept. The recent changes to vessels are part of a long line of vessel changes to move them away from "just another item" to "the only permanent progression in the game" That's exactly what they are, what they do, and the RNG in the crafting process under those structures combined with the rarity of legendary parts means the "problem" people have with them is actually a roundabout natural catch up mechanism over time. You're going to get that legendary vessel eventually. This means that at that point the only vessels you're going to want
  8. The only way this makes sense is if it doesn't have any resource nodes at all. Why would anyone bother with campaigns if they can get all that stuff without having to constantly farm to build up new keeps? Like, if you need to be at least 50% in a category what incentive is there at all to go to dregs unless you're *certain* you can hit those reward tiers? They already have permanent maps in the form of EKs. If you want people to have a place to bring their stuff and fight over stuff it would make more sense to have some kind of opt-in EK pvp thing. Even then, the idea is that campai
  9. It would be a terrible idea for them to do this before the crowpedia is ready. I also think they could benefit from looping EKs in here a bit too. Like in warframe you have many frames and weapons that you get through normal content but a few of them are clan research that require facilities and investment in the dojo. You could have a subset of discs that require certain relics in an EK to be sacrificed to or something, or even make that the relic system so you have a choice between farming or sacrificing to relics to get the ones you want. Seems to me that when it comes to "pe
  10. Yeah. Basically if you can equip a purple, you can replace it with a better purple without losing anything, but if you wanted to move up to a legendary you'd have to get that last level (35) that the purple unlocks. Levels 31-35 exist only to unlock higher tier vessels as I understand it, they grant no talent or attribute points. 30 is still the effective cap in terms of gaining power from leveling, and you only have to do that once on the free one. What IS different is that you have to go through the progression from one vessel tier to the next since you can't actually level to 35 on a
  11. I mean I've seen those posts but lets be real here. The game has had leveling far longer than it didn't. It takes literally a few hours to get all your talents, slots, and everything that composes your build. If this is the hill you want to die on don't let me stop you, but it seems like a pretty goofy hill.
  12. There isn't a fix because that isn't a problem. Those are two remarkably different characters, with different powers, different disc options, made from entirely different body parts. You may was well be expecting to switch classes too. You have invented a problem and become angry that it wasn't fixed despite nobody claiming to have fixed it or even considering it was a problem.
  13. Its not a proposed solution to leveling. Leveling isn't considered a problem that they're trying to fix. New characters require leveling, and that leveling is intentionally fast in order to get you through the "lets test drive this" phase. It's a proposed solution to having to repeat levels 1-30 and redo the NPE just to upgrade a vessel. That was an actual problem with the vessel system, having to re-do the same "test drive" phase for the same exact character. I think you have a misunderstanding of the problem they were actually trying to solve here man. They were never trying to make
  14. Lemme get this straight. You want leveling a mino brigand to allow you to skip leveling a wood elf archer? That makes no sense. Race is THE fundamental function of the vessel you're upgrading. The necromancer literally requires different resource nodes for different vessels. This system is being put in place to get RID of the concept of deleting characters as a thing you're expected to do. Not make it more attractive. The way this system works you only have to level that character literally one time. No more "level a green, and then delete it and level a blue" You level one mino brigand
  15. Its a bit easier when your guild has less than *checks notes* One winterblades amount of players, however the issue stands. The ambrosia bottleneck increase is linear no matter how many you're making. Even if you're making 10 for your whole guild you're now effectively making 20 to be able to equip 10.
  16. Major issue I see with the new vessel system: Massive Ambrosia Bottleneck Increase With the new need to "max out" a level on the previous rarity to equip the next one, the ambrosia cost for every blue and higher vessel has effectively increased by double or more. Currently, when people request vessels, its generally a matter of minerals, not body parts, or leveling time that serves as the bottleneck. The reason my guild isn't walking around in purple vessels isn't because I couldn't get the purple parts, but in stead because of the mineral farming required to build a good one. Th
  17. Imagine also some other options for buildings. What if you could opt out of a guard building and replace it with an engineer's workshop that build extra static defenses like oil pots on walls or invulnerable (outside of siege windows) defensive siege, and have it culminate with a legit moat and drawbridge at r3. Then you make it so guineas can't take the swimming discs so they'd have to be visible crossing the moat before they tunnel in.
  18. If you're worried about tunneling under the walls during siege, you can build an anti-stealth sentinel. Tunnel is a stealth ability and as such can not be used when that sentinel is active. Sentinels right now are only active during siege as people found them really annoying when active 24/7 since seninels effect all players rather than only enemies. As for raiding keeps outside siege. Its fine. The ability to do so is why the only race that can do it has one heal, one tank, and 1 DPS option. They are literally designed to have this option at the expense of powers, discs, and class option
  19. Just do like zelda and make it where you only swim on the surface. Do one set of swimming animations per race, write a simple script that puts the "swimming" debuff on anybody in water, preventing them from using skills or abilities and forcing them to use that animation set. Trigger that state with a trigger volume placed on deep water. Put the "edge of world" triggers at the bottom so if people die in the water from ranged attacks the cairn spawns on the shore nearby. Bam. Water with barely any extra design or engineering space dedicated to it. You can extend it after launch by having d
  20. The difference is that all items are sacrifice items. That's the key here. *everything* is sacrifice XP and as such *everyone* can get their own doing *anything* they want to do. This means removing the stupid "item is too low tier can't sacrifice" nonsense and making sure you look over the sac xp numbers and make sacrifice values compelling for not just dedicated sac items, but all other forms of loot/crafted items as well. We already need to make sure this works properly due to how sacrifice is used to rank keeps anyway. This work better than forcing quarrymen, alchemists, and necromancers t
  21. PopeUrban


    I have been banging the drum about how stupid this is for literal years. It was responded to recently in a dev stream with a resounding "we haven't really thought about it that much"
  22. Because then you're simply passing a grind on to the people gathering and requiring a smaller number of players to do more grind to support a far larger number of players in stead of placing the majority of that progression in the hands of the one that's going to be using it, not to mention you're now requring those players to do one very specific piece of content in stead of literally any content they want.
  23. That's why I advocate for fixing sacrifices and removing activity based xp on crafted vessels and using only sacrifices to level those vessels. So you don't spend time not being pvp ready and not pvping, and in stead play your current vessel to ready your new one doing whatever pvp or pvp content you like to gain the loot to sacrifice while not constantly feeling like your only way forward is to go hit rocks or be bored out of your mind in a GR war tribe camp, or that your personal character advancement is solely a function of someone else's ability to craft stuff. Most importantly, it ad
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