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  1. 2x sieges in a day is meh. 1x per week is yay. Please check my post history for suggestions about revising the siege materials economy to add context to all the time in between. I could repeat the same novel again but that would be redundant. I think the major issue people have with windows is that their actions between windows don't feel meaningful. With a better set of risk/reward systems focused around movement of POI resources via caravan to reinforce owned objectives, and the ability to loot that storage by taking down objectives during windows the context of the space between windows would be about preparing for the next windows rather than just trading outpost captures or ganking harvesters out of boredom. I'm all for ganking harvesters. It's my favorite thing. However there should be a persistant and valuable feeling pvp activity in the world and outposts alone don't do that. The way the current system works it feels like the war stops whenever the vuln window stops. The war should feel persistant and offer you a persistant opportunity to contribute to the war effort even if you're not going to be around for those large battles, and do so in a way that invites pvp interactions. In my personal opinion that should be the concept of player driven supply caravans driving those big chunks of stone, metal, and timber to make your keep or fort even harder to take down next fight, or stored to construct even more siege weapons rather than those weapons being constructed from just the same materials as gear. Also I completely agree that objectives having literally zero reward and only serving as a way to beat up your gear for ephemeral points is bad.
  2. Oh god I derailed this thread. BACK ON TRACK PEOPLE.
  3. Don't forget racial elfsplaining. The reduced power efficiency can seriously screw with a lot of builds in a groupfight situation. Mana users, champions, and melee rangers are often in rough shape for resources and getting elfsplained can break their rotations or tanks. I'd prefer their dodge clearcast was just changed to a third dodge pip though. Midfight RNG like that rubs me the wrong way. Sure you'd lose the occasional 4 dodge string but I'd happily give that up for something more consistant like a third pip.
  4. Nethari are good but could be substantially better with more sources of fire damage to capitalize on their racials. I'd like to see some fire elemental daggers for neth assassin or more disc or equipment based sources of fire damage and perhaps a buff to the %damage from their racial active. Giving them the extra passive was the icing they needed to go with their racial and long dodge. Nethari are well positioned to be a good spike build for anything they can play but they could use a few more tools made available to them to capitalize on that racial specialty as the spike elemental damage option for their classes. Half elves are garbage, have always been garbage, and will remain garbage until they get a complete and total rework. Higher base stats are simply not a meaningful race buff once you get to blue or higher vessels and everyone has the ability to hit caps. They have no racial abilities and their buffs are the most boring parts of wood elf and human but worse. If you are playing a half elf you spend more time looking at your character sheet than actually playing crowfall. TBH I'd like to see half elves on theme with shadowbane half elves focus on mobility and anti-cc, but built for crowfall buy giving them a supreme retaliate. +1 passive slots (human ancestry, like nethari now have) Racial Retaliate - Fight or Flight - Recover from a crowd control effect and gain a 300hp barrier. This ability costs half as much stamina as Retaliate. When triggered this ability may chain in to Fancy Footwork or Reposition at the cost of additional stamina. Fancy Footwork - Gain "Resilience of Man" for 10 seconds, gaining 3% resist all and reducing your dodge pip regeneration to 3 seconds per pip. Reposition - Gain "Sylvan Trickery" for 5 seconds. Sylvan Trickery grants true stealth for 5 seconds as well as 10% additional stealth movement speed. You are prevented from using other abilities or swapping trays during this period (this does not grant access to the stealth tray) but may end it early by dodging. Stealth speed improved by 10% (Slower than fae, but faster than everyone else, this stacks with the stealth speed from Reposition, and is also useful for assassin/brigand) Combat movement speed improved by 10% Cloak Slot Adjust base stats if needed to compensate.
  5. I don't know you very well, as all I read is your forum posts. From that perspective it seems like you do politics a lot. Like a LOT.
  6. Last I recall it doesn't work in PvP unless something changed recently.
  7. I'm almost as tired of goblins as I am of threads asking for goblins.
  8. The better solution to this problem is to remove pve bosses from GR so people aren't encouraged to farm GR for boss drops. There are plenty of mobs in GR for leveling and basic gear and scarcely any reason to loot ninja.
  9. Weren't we told this is going on a potion in the alchemy stream?
  10. It is a video game. Population concurrency numbers are transient because most people have to do things like sleep or go to work or watch their kid's ribbon dancing recital. Every game is a ghost town during off hours compared to its population during peak hours. In addition, Crowfall as a game is literally designed around mass combat. The entire function of the game is to create zergs and make said zergs fight each other. It markets itself as a throne war simulator, not a barstool skirmish simulator.
  11. I literally never heard of you until I went to register a guild tag.
  12. I'm pretty certain I only know one druid. Probably because of the leather thing. Clearly I don't know what I'm talking about.
  13. What you do set the import filter to gear only, export filter to resources only. Remove whatever mechanism is used to salvage those drops, like make sure the salvaging table or tool or whatever isn't present. This would allow you to add more/better dropped gear on war tribes or system vendors to have a reasonable campaign economy that actually exports a reasonable amount of value and not have to change crafting or gathering formulas. You just add a bit more "easy come" to the drop pool to offset the "easy go" and then make sure people can't export the "easy come" Since the RNG drop systems are driven by simple data randomization you could get a good full loot experience this way that can still interact economically with the EK economy and not break it.
  14. Creating higher tier ek structures unlocks more visual variations, currently just for castles but in the future this should be for most ek buildings. As well, we have been told that higher rank EK parcels and structures built by stonemasons will have economic advantages in terms of requiring less upkeep both through a lower base tax rate on structures and city parcels and an increased supply of upkeep by resource parcels. They have also teased bits of info about possibly creating crafting stations with bonuses that would scale up with quality as well as factories with better properties when made at higher quality. EK taxation and upkeep is not in the game yet at all, and EK stuff is on the back burner at the moment so currently these factors are only cosmetic.
  15. You can train two lines and only one of them can be combat, so its up to you if you want to do combat/harvesting or combat/crafting or harvesting/crafting on your account. You have either 3 or 6 total character slots, and due to the way disciplines work you are generally better off having separate characters for combat and crafting, however using the same character can sometimes be a good idea depending on which class and which type of crafting you want to do. You don't HAVE to roll a separate characters for crafting as but it is usually (but not always) the best idea. You can have a perfectly good crafter that is also good at combat if you choose to do so without sacrificing very much in the quality of your crafts if you choose to use a combat build with stats that would benefit crafting as most of the quality in crafted items come from the base stats, training, and gear of the crafter with only a very small amount coming from things that would impact your combat build like minor disciplines.
  16. This is a feature, not a problem. The problem in this scenario is if your map is built in such a way that it is trivial to control the only source of a given resource. How widespread your harvesting resources need to be has a lot to do with your population count and how much people on average need to harvest. You've probably made a bad open world game if the only place to get your most competitively valuable loot is in one specific spot on the map. One central harvesting might drive a lot of fights, but it is also extremely easy to camp and lock down. Conversely if you do what the last campaign map did and pepper the entire map with nothing but high tier resources, it becomes pointless to camp or gank those nodes because there is entirely too much ground to cover and harvesting loses all risk. You need to have a middle ground of availability and campability that works in tandem with the scale of your user base. You want resource fountains that are worth camping, but also not too easy to camp. The best overall mechanism here is controlling for density rather than quality. For instance, you make sure you have a handful of extremely high density sources of your top end harvestables, but you also ensure that you provide the same quality at lower density throughout the rest of the world. This means that your key density points become fight drivers that reward dominance without also allowing them to simply lock a population out of expanding their ability to compete. They can't be simultaneously roaming the entire map to lock down all the small spawns AND camping the big one.
  17. Hence limiting roster sizes in factions. if you guild holds 300 accounts, that at least 100 people with an average 2 alt accounts. That is an organization that should be nudged away from faction campaigns and toward something better fitting their scope. Faction campaigns don't exist to play host to 300 person guilds. Faction systems exist to create temporary 300 person alliances out of 5-20 man guilds so they don't have to be 300 man guilds to have a fun campaign.
  18. you always count the roster. If you have a roster full of inactives that's your problem, not the game's problem.
  19. You don't need to scale for bigger guilds in faction campaigns. Faction campaigns exist to serve smaller guilds and soloists as their primary function.
  20. I would give up the entire frostweaver class for a wood elf male that doesn't make me want to vomit with an eldarin accent every time I think about playing one because of their ridiculously generic design.
  21. The current status quo isn't a population problem. Its a skill, organization, and bandwagoning problem. The problem is that the winners always ending up on the same faction creates a too-predictable situation that encourages bandwagoning. Being good at the game should result in wins. The problem is that winning in factions shouldn't make winning easier in the next campaign by default by virtue of the desire to coast to a win by people that aren't as good evacuating the other factions. Were it load balanced all of these random small groups and individuals may easily end up in configurations that actually present some competition, or at the very least end up on the winning team without the stigma of bandwagoning to a victory. Were that uberguild's numbers sufficient to justify classifying it as a population problem (and let me be clear, that is not the case right now) its pretty easy to cap guild membership numbers for faction campaigns and tell people if they want to have a bigger guild to go to dregs where the arena is more suited to their size. Call me old fashioned but I don't think penalizing people for being good at the game is a good idea.
  22. Wood elf has one of the best racial kits in the game are you mad. Free camouflage, 20m teleportation, and top end unmounted run speed. If you're talking about race rebalance the discussion you should be having is how to make all the other races feel as unique and useful as wood elves beyond just class choice.
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