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  1. I don't really agree with incentivizing solo harvesting. I think the harvesting mechanics should motivate group play. But I really love seeing ideas from those who don't post often. Thanks for jumping into the conversation, Montikore!
  2. Just went back and watched it (thanks for the link, Tinnis! I'm loving how crafting feels now. Muuuch better. I can't wait for crafting 2.0! Please give us a 1-click-crafting option! The most painful part of this demo was watching Blair click 20+ times just to roast some blood worms.
  3. I like it, but Double Jump why?
  4. Today's live stream confirmed something that I've been suspecting for a while: The pace and complexity of the design has become unwieldy. No one person (or two people) can keep it in their heads - even if they are the architects. This is not a competency problem, it's a scale/organizational issue. Maybe this is just an artifact of the presentation, but it feels like the responsibility for building all the classes/races/skills/disciplines/etc needs to be split up and coordinated in a more scalable fashion.
  5. I was hoping for something visual.
  6. Love it! Makes me think of bridgemen from the Stormlight Archives.
  7. Anyone else think of Harry Potter on a broomstick when they saw the first pose?
  8. Some are complaining about the infodrop not being rich enough. I totally disagree. This update was exactly the flavor that I like. It's always interesting to hear behind-the-scenes anecdotes. I appreciate understanding how you came to your decisions. Thanks for the detailed explanation!
  9. I hope that's true, but that wasn't the impression I got during the Twitch stream. I'd love clarification.
  10. I've been stewing on this since the stream yesterday. I have mixed feelings. First: I've been saying since Day 1 that VIP (as originally explained) was a business model waiting to fail. This fixes that - no question. It's not classic Pay 2 Win, but it's in that quadrant, and that's enough to boost revenue 10x-100x. We now have a potentially successful business model: one big step forward. Second: My inner Idealistic Gamer just died a little. I really wanted something that was Pure and Fair. Todd started talking about the Time Bank and I got really excited. "I'd pay for that!" I thought. Then he started explaining Tomes. "Oh, so they're cleverly masked micro-transactions that you purchase on a subscription schedule. Got it." One sad step back. Third: It does provide a catch-up mechanic. Not a perfect mechanism, but it fills that gap. That's another step forward. Fourth: "But, they have DIMINISHING RETURNS!" Please, stop saying that. Everything in an MMO has diminishing returns. If min/maxing has taught me anything, it's that players will invest heavily in diminishing returns. It sounds like a bad excuse, and it's a little unbecoming of professional game designers. :P I've come to expect better of the ACE team. Fifth: If you're going to have tomes, you're going to have a black market. This can be avoided be selling the tomes yourself. Yes, it's ugly (like micro-transactions). Add it to the store and it becomes an alternative to alt accounts and it short-circuits out-of-game trading (a support nightmare) and saves ACE resources in the long run. Synopsis: Time Banks and Tomes are good progress, but they carry some very real collateral damage. The self-proclaimed "knock it out of the park" may have been premature, but I have faith that ACE will get paid now, and that's a Good Thing.
  11. Hello Gamescon Crows. It's nice to meet you! Thanks for being there and sharing our collective excitement for the game.
  12. Nice! And to think, this is only a small taste of what is coming!
  13. | The Crowfall Database

    The site is really well done! I love how simple yet effective it is. Great job on the design an implementation!
  14. Hurricane Harvey

    Stay safe and dry, ACE!