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  1. His mouthlessness is a perfect spin on the silver-tongued archtype. Well done!
  2. So much yes. These sprint review videos are fantastic - probably my favorites you've done. I especially like the cameos/pictures from the rest of the team. Thanks for the hard work and long hours. Don't burn out! (Tully looked a little tired in Sprint XI)
  3. From what I gather, you can "Check Entitlement" here: https://backers.crowfall.com/#/client it should be accurate with or without the email.
  4. I'm trying to decipher whether "weekend" means Friday night or the whole weekend. Are you done with invites this weekend or should I keep watching my mailbox?
  5. Read carefully and there are some very exciting hints in the article. Perhaps his wording was random. Even so, we tend to pull ideas from the forefront of our thinking. Said otherwise: Dynamic worlds confirmed for 1.2!
  6. I personally really appreciate the clean, transparent, straightforward communication style that we consistently get from Todd, Gordon, and Blair. Seriously, this. When communication gets botched, this is a common factor. That said, I trust the ACE team. They always have good explanations and take care to clarify whenever there's a problem. tl;dr: less coy, more clarity
  7. "Hardcore Casual" Maybe it's an oxymoron, but maybe it's exactly why Crowfall is attractive. I suspect we have a bunch of busy gamers who want a hardcore, immersive experience with not-so-much time commitment. Thwarting Uncle Bob isn't appealing if you are Uncle Bob. For the rest of us, hopefully Crowfall can capture the excitement of conquest without the obscene time commitments. I'd buy that.
  8. Mmm, data. Geeking out here. My takeaways: Our early-backer demographic skews older, busier, and wealthier than most games. A huge slice of backers are likely "nostalgia backers" with less time for gaming than they previously had. Even though they pledged, many won't have as much time to play as they would like. Shallow progression curves and dying worlds likely had high appeal to this segment. Education levels are abnormally high. Complex gameplay (politics, economy, conquest) may have been a draw.
  9. On a darker note, if his story resonates, consider that it might be yours. His is the eternal metaphor of the gamer: forever awakening into the next fight with only brief glimpses of the world he loves and misses in between.
  10. This is a crazy good interview. I believe it deserves official callout - maybe as a bonus drop this week.
  11. We only have a few concrete clues, but they really seem to narrow the possibilities. Sounds like perma-death to me. It would create more need for character creation and advancement (finally, a better reason to buy VIP!) by applying more finality to your death/loot.
  12. I'm glad to hear this. Thank you. What does that mean for player inventory? How should we reconcile teleportation with players carrying materials? Is this mock-up relevant?
  13. Please say NO to portals. They go against everything that caravans stand for. Everything. All the things.
  14. Not just fun to watch, but also inspirational. Thanks, Billy, for sharing!
  15. The mirror selfie made me chuckle. It was creative, and he was willing to do it. Kudos, man! I believe the prize was well deserved. As a note to my future self: enter the contests, dummy!
  16. I can't wait to see some results from the survey. How many of these clowns are the same type of gamers as me?
  17. What happens if a knight and a champion grapple a third character at exactly the same time? (i.e. the knight grapples someone 1ms before the champion does)
  18. EK content expansions seem safe. Money for exclusive archtypes/disciplines is a tried and true idea, but would seem to break Crowfall's precedent of early-access classes with eventual accessibility to all.
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