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  1. Really enjoying this. I have it running on my second monitor at work, and several people have stopped to admire. May I ask: what sound tracks are these?
  2. Yep. And once it Breaks the Game, the designers will have to come up with a creative solution. Diminishing returns on stuns, anyone? *sigh*
  3. Hello! It's your friendly neighborhood rogue-hater back with another diatribe! The Good The animations are lovely. Nice work. Especially the leaping. Very cool. The Stupid It looks like someone forgot to put on their creativity hat and put on their nostalgia hat by mistake. The assassin is nothing more than a reskinned vanilla-WoW rogue. This is not innovation; this is plagiarism. Stun locks? Check. One-button stealth? Check. Backstabs on stunned opponents? Check. Missed opportunities? Double-check. Rogue-lovers get e
  4. @jonnycab might be my new favorite. Thanks for facing down those devilish details!
  5. Great find! He actually talks about punching through in this one. That said, my key takeaway was: "It'd be a post-launch thing, though."
  6. If ACE is using the default terrain utilities that come with Unity, I know from experience that it is remarkably annoying to punch holes in the terrain. They are based on the idea of every vertical line intersecting the terrain exactly once. So, you can easily make "caves" that sit on top of the actual terrain that are really just buildings made out of other primitives, but then you have to deal with the surface of the structure not looking or behaving like the rest of the ground around it. Given that terrain voxels proved a non-starter (remember when we thought Guinecians would be able
  7. Very nice. I like that this allows campaigns to become more beautiful over time as long as ACE can still keep generating new parcels. I'm curious about what this does to overall game size. Hopefully you've found a way to reuse basic assets dynamically to reduce the overall game footprint? Also, I've seen other games in the past open up map creation to the community. Do you foresee ever allowing community submissions for new parcels?
  8. Thank goodness! I believe this has been plaguing me, too. Glad to see a resolution.
  9. I'm reassured about the future of Crowfall every time I hear Gordon or Todd talk. Thanks for your time. It's definitely worth it!
  10. Ladies and gentlemen, once again we see how gas expands to fill a vacuum. (but it's not a bad thing!) The real story here is Burn Rate. The banner at the top of the website - the utmost place of honor - tells the story: TOTAL FUNDING: $13,731,555 As I understand, this is about $10M more than ACE anticipated they would be able to raise! This is great news! It means we get about 4x the features and polish before the coffers run dry. The original budget was ~1 year and ~$3M (KS + investment). The extra money lets ACE hire more (and better) staff, extend their deadline, and ad
  11. I would also love to hear some Big News, but I understand that the purpose of this stream is simply to review patch notes. I suppose sifting through the nitty-gritty is part of seeing how the sausage gets made. That said, I am falling asleep here listening. We could use more interesting anecdotes and less reading the bulleted list. What is the intent of this stream? To show that work is getting done? This is literally as boring as my daily standup at work. This doesn't appear to be building hype or building community in any significant way. Back to my hum-drum day.
  12. I absolutely love what Billy did with the stats-at-a-glance. Critical Hit is clearly a factor of STR and DEX. No more looking it up - you can see what factors influence your stats. I also love having the window out of the way. I'm hoping that along with the slick, new design, we also get more intuitive item management. Clicking on any item in any box should either do something (equip, move, open a modal) or give me feedback about why it isn't doing something. e.g. "You don't have the specialization to wear that!" "There's no available bag space!" etc.
  13. Oh my gosh. Double posting because I just looked more closely at the clouds. Sick.
  14. That hair! This piece beautifully captures what it feels like to dominate in a PvP environment. Well done, sir!
  15. The later it gets, the more I expect something amazing. However, I highly suspect that amazing might take the form of Todd in another awkward costume. Here's hoping @BarriaKarl is right!
  16. Am I the only one who is exactly the opposite? Watching the game get made is fascinating! Everyone is in such a hurry to play. As my good friend, Andy, said, "I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them."
  17. I agree with you on one point: we know. Why state the obvious? Without concrete forecasts to add to it, it sounds like pure apologetics. I'd rather wait for real news than wallow in an official declaration of timeline slippage. Imaging what what that comment thread would look like. Short Story: A couple of weeks ago I pulled a cake out of the oven before it was done. It sank. It fell apart. It was ugly. Moral: I'd hate to see ACE make that mistake. If there's one thing we know, it's that the community will come crawling out of the woodwork as soon as there is real news
  18. I don't really agree with incentivizing solo harvesting. I think the harvesting mechanics should motivate group play. But I really love seeing ideas from those who don't post often. Thanks for jumping into the conversation, Montikore!
  19. Just went back and watched it (thanks for the link, Tinnis! https://go.twitch.tv/videos/182944976) I'm loving how crafting feels now. Muuuch better. I can't wait for crafting 2.0! Please give us a 1-click-crafting option! The most painful part of this demo was watching Blair click 20+ times just to roast some blood worms.
  20. Today's live stream confirmed something that I've been suspecting for a while: The pace and complexity of the design has become unwieldy. No one person (or two people) can keep it in their heads - even if they are the architects. This is not a competency problem, it's a scale/organizational issue. Maybe this is just an artifact of the presentation, but it feels like the responsibility for building all the classes/races/skills/disciplines/etc needs to be split up and coordinated in a more scalable fashion.
  21. Love it! Makes me think of bridgemen from the Stormlight Archives.
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