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  1. Great response - thank you! Can you give us a final "All emails have been sent?" so we can make sure to check?
  2. Nice overview! It was well-written and very consumable by techies and non-techies alike. I'm very interested to hear more about the challenges of herd positioning once you've had some time to chew on it. Happy hunting!
  3. Can you give us more guidance on what these names should look like? Should we be thinking of single names? Surnames? Titles? For example: Girger Girger Goldarrow Girger b'al Goldarrow Girger b'al Goldarrow the Mighty Marksman The Ancient Girger b'al Goldarrow, Mighty Marksman, Last of the Aldebar Tribe What level of specificity are you looking for?
  4. Oh man. That's good times. I started this one: http://www.translationparty.com/this-statement-isn-t-true-is-a-good-example-of-a-12982181
  5. (emphasis added) I cried a little. I'm going to miss the pre-alpha experience.
  6. Are there abilities that come native with each race/class, or have the powers on the tray been totally absorbed into the Discipline system?
  7. Edit: Fixed. Thank you! The image of the lighting video (with the big play button) at the bottom of the announcement doesn't link to the actual video. The video link up top is good, but it seems like a minor oversight?
  8. Wait, did the soundtrack get an update? Nice! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dk9C1yDfF0U
  9. Oh, also, I think we all have some required reading to catch up on. http://literature.org/authors/shelley-mary/frankenstein/
  10. Nice find. Maybe this was an intentional leak to fuel speculation, but I don't think so. Rather, I suspect someone is wearing the cone of shame this morning for accidentally adding that to this weekend's build.
  11. Going out on a limb, but could the concept art be organized into any sort of a "table"? Races as columns, archtypes as rows? Maybe work weapon style in there somewhere?
  12. You should hear him when the censors aren't watching. Holy poorly made socks storm.
  13. You are all wrong. And Tuesday will be the birth of the biggest hand-waving-freak-out thread this community has ever seen.
  14. Even though the possibilities seem to be narrowed down, I'm still waiting for Todd to come back next week and blow our minds with something totally unexpected.
  15. I still suspect there's something more dramatic with materials/crafting/weapons. Anyone got a theory that incorporates the screenshots from yesterday? Or is it possible that the lighting updates on this Ore are just a nicely lit red herring?
  16. Quite the contrary. This is fun. Even if it's slightly oversold, I still say, "Thank you!" It takes effort to make things interesting, and ACE is doing a great job. For the record, I'm confident that it is not being oversold. Todd only gets behind ideas he is passionate about.
  17. The word of the day is dichotomy. Light, Dark. Order, Chaos. Hunter, Warrior. Fire, Frost. Take a look at the different qualities of weapons. Crude, Refined. The announcement will be connected with supply, crafting, usage, and some sort of epic trade off. There are choices to be made.
  18. I think it will be one big thing. Everything we've been shown is accessory. It. Something fundamental to the design of the game has changed.
  19. Prose like that? I don't think so. That takes effort and time. I'm sure the Crowfall team is maximizing hype while being very economical with effort. Lots to do and such.
  20. All of the content drops being released this week were crafted before this started. It's feeling like the announcement involves classes, the pantheon, and how CWs work. We'll see.
  21. Summary of what we have so far: Concept Art: Elken using Templar gear Frostweaver freezing things New Lore: Frost is the opposite of Fire Arkon (Order) gifted Fire (Chaos) Kane (Chaos) gifted Frost (Order) Screenshots: ??? Design Tables: ??? The paradox of gods receiving ill-fitting gifts may imply nothing in regards to the big reveal. It might be an illustration of how the student of Frost is ill-suited for Order and should switch to the Chaos of Fire. But it makes me wonder... From a lore perspective, what separates O
  22. Ask yourselves: Why would the god of Order receive a gift of Chaos (fire)? Why would the god of Chaos receive a gift of Order (frost)? Why would a God of the Hunt be given the weapons of a Templar?
  23. There's a big clue in the wording of the announcement that we should scrutinize more: Concept Art: check New Lore: ??? Screenshots: ??? Design Tables: ??? The question is, what kind of reveal would be well illustrated by each of these types of info drops? Also, I suspect that the current picture will only make sense in retrospect. A black swan (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_swan_theory). Todd is too careful with his big reveal to give away something obvious. Something about that picture will make sense later once we understand the context. My
  24. The sword is glowing. It contains the soul of the All Father.
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