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  1. The economy gods are intrigued, but I agree with the sentiment that there is little being offered from those who want to purchase the parcels.
  2. Let's talk philosophy. Crowfall's elegance comes from using real-world motivations to create choice and conflict. For example: Land Ownership leads to Conquest Decaying Weapons leads to a Renewable Crafting Economy Fealty and guild heirarchy leads to Rich Politics Shipping (Caravans) leads to Local Resource Scarcity ...and on and on. Why do all these design choices have so much promise? I think it's because they are remarkably good simulations of real-world phenomena. This doesn't make them inherently Good, but it does mean that they inherit the interesting nuances of their real-world counterparts. And that "simple complexity" creates emergent gameplay. Now let's talk about Stealth. Stealth is a hack. It has been for 25+ years. Stealth was invented in games because, originally, it was the best they could do. It was easier to make the character actually disappear rather than using fancy graphics and physics to simulate blending in with the surroundings and keeping out of sight. Crowfall has an opportunity to think beyond that hack. We have the technology to do something interesting! What if Assassins had abilities that actually helped them be stealthy? What if Crowfall fundamentally redefined rogue classes instead of adhering to the age-old hack? Can we change this conversation to be creative? What if (instead of invisibility) she could float (fly) above the battle and only be hit by ranged spells? What if other archetypes make proximity noise and she is totally silent? What if the surface of her wings blends in really well with the night sky? There is endless possibility here. Combat has generally been a little less than fresh. Here especially. I think that Crowfall can do better than "PUSH BUTTON TO BE INVISIBLE".
  3. Reminds me of Captain America throwing his shield I'd love to hear more about the servers. How do you spin up / tear down EKs on the fly? Will CWs live on a single VM?
  4. I'm not complaining that she's basically a WoW rogue ripoff (although, she is). I'm complaining that the rogue archtype has been stale since I typed 'sneak; hide; backstab troll;' on MUDs in the 90s. Yes, you can detect stealth as a counter, but it's not innovative, and rogue gameplay boils down to two camps: I <3 Rogues!!!1! How is blick/stunlock fun... or even strategic? It's a stale trope. Someone on the archetype design team has an unhealthy fondness for rogue-style gameplay. This doesn't need "tweaking in the future". It needs a strategic review and a top-down overhaul.
  5. She's awesome looking, but very (very!) unspecial. Her abilities could have been (and feel like they were) unceremoniously ripped out of another MMO. I know people like playing classic rogues, but they've flat-lined in PvP for a couple of decades now, and I see no improvements here.
  6. I generally like the updates. Thank you! Some of the icons are still too busy and hard to identify at a glance. The cleanness of the new UI amplifies the clutter. This applies mostly to the icons that feature the head or full body of the avatar performing an action. I think that most of the clutter is due to the 2-color scheme. If the background was offset in a darker hue, it would make the figure pop out better. My $0.02
  7. Thank you thank you thank you for addressing a serious game design topic. This answers several questions I had. I see a lot of good here. I also see a lot of grind. Too much, probably. I'll be staying away from faction-based CWs.
  8. Svenn's idea in the original post is "clearly flawed". It breaks CWs as we currently understand them. And that's a Bad Thing. However, his premise is spot-on. As currently outlined, EKs are going to be mostly empty and useless. Yes, I'm declaring them broken before they exist. In that context, the only way to fix EKs is to tie them more closely to CW's somehow. So, props to Svenn for trying to find a creative bridge. Maybe breaking our current understanding of CWs is a Good Thing. The relationship between CWs and EKs has always felt half-baked. There's a more elegant solution hiding here somewhere.
  9. Showing this one around at work and getting some good laughs.
  10. Very nice promo video. While most of the old-timers aren't seeing anything new, this is a great primer to pass along to people new to Crowfall. Well done!
  11. This comment has been eating at me, because I totally agree with it. The giant is one-dimensional. It's a typical B-grade tabletop description, "Ooh, he's big and scary! He knocks over trees! He wants to fight you!" It's totally generic. It lacks characterization. It literally doesn't connect to Crowfall lore in any way. After the quality lore attached to other mobs, this was disappointing.
  12. Great video! Sorry everyone else at ACE, I have a new favorite employee.
  13. I disagree. People play the politics game within the framework of available mechanics. Things I'd love to know more about include: How will guilds be managed? (oligarchic? democratic? monarchic?) How will land ownership in campaigns be managed? Can all land be owned and built upon? Only designated parcels/plots? How will alliance mechanics work? Do alliances affect friendly fire? Will there be any politics in a order/balance/chaos scenario? Answers to how these (and other) basic game mechanics work will provide the foundation upon which the entire political system will rest. There will be a system, and the details will impact how politics can be played. We can extrapolate based on some of the recent news about EKs, but it would be nice to hear the current vision for CWs.
  14. Reflecting on the journey so far, I see a lot of great work into building classes, combat, and multiplayer architecture. Nice work! That said, I notice that one of the original pieces of hype seems to be absent in most of our recent discussions: I'd love to see some visible progress on politics in CWs - even just a hint of the current direction. This is a big part of what got me hooked on the Crowfall idea.
  15. What's the long-term plan for parcel borders? Water? Natural barriers? A wall?
  16. Fantastic work. I'm exited to play with the layout tools.
  17. Seems early-ish to be making this jump, but I'm supportive. Assuming this all works out splendidly, this will be a good chapter to learn from in the playbook.
  18. I consider my pledge money as if I had purchased a backstage pass. Every time I get to meet the performers, learn how you make magic, and see behind the scenes it makes it totally worth it. Thanks for the transparency! No flagging now... keep up the good work!
  19. I have no idea how to answer that question. I was really hoping there would be an infodrop that would help me answer it. The art is nice.
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