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  1. My review... Cottage: Totally generic and boring. Only serves the purpose of creating housing envy. Villa: Nice!... my favorite of the three. The entire layout feels right. I love being in that building: on the porch, next to the fireplace, and especially out on the balcony. Manor: Grandiose, but the layout was a little odd. I liked the raised walkways around the rooms, and the upstairs room, but overall the layout felt awkward and forced. Strangest quirk was that grand fireplace hiding in the hallway. Really funky feng shui throughout. Winner? The Villa!
  2. Excitement building! Also, regarding the wallpapers, I really want a good spirit-crow wallpaper that's not so... swooshy.
  3. Money = good. That said, throwing more resources at problems doesn't always speed things up. There's a classic analogy about 9 women having a baby in 1 month. If anything, extra capital gives ArtCraft a longer runway for takeoff. Instead of paying for more employees, it is usually more effective to fund the current employees for longer. I predict that the extra money will actually delay the release of Crowfall, but that the quality of the game at launch will increase. I see that as a good thing.
  4. Thank freaking goodness. The proposed system is a vast improvement. Thank you for the detailed explanation. The tooltips help, but I don't think they are clear enough. More needs to be done there.
  5. Help me out here. I'm trying to understand (in summary) how these stretch rewards will work. Is this accurate? Investors - ($100+ via MicroVentures before January 18, 2017) Bloodwine Fountain Relic Villa Woodland Grove Parcel Fallen Colossus Parcel* "Perks" as described on the MicroVentures site * Contingent on reaching the final stretch goal of 50% Backers - (purchased any package: KickStarter, Crowfall.com, etc.) Bloodwine Drinking Horn Relic Woodland Grove Parcel Investor & Backer All of both sets of rewards (making it 2x Woodland Grove Parcels) Questions: Doesn't be
  6. Amen. That is the best freaking parcel yet. Soooo cool. You just motivated my wallet.
  7. Step 1: Harvest -> Bank immediately -> repeat ad nauseam Step 2: Switch to EK Step 3: Craft peacefully Step 4: Transfer gear back to CW Step 5: Everyone PvPs in full sets Now we just need something to fight over!
  8. I'm tempted, but I don't feel like I understand how parcel ownership will work well enough to pull the trigger.
  9. Plastic surgery is a new specialization branch in the necromancy tree.
  10. I post because I care. Consider it honest feedback. All procedurally generated worlds face this issue. I'm looking for reassurance that ACE has a game plan to address it. This crop of maps exacerbates the issue.
  11. Great news! (but I am going to express a concern) The over-reuse of parcels on these maps makes it very confusing to navigate. It just doesn't feel right. It's jarring and breaks the sense of world. In every MMO I have played, I quickly get to the point where I can look around and know exactly where I am based on landmarks. Even though their artists also reuse assets, every zone feels distinctly different. In these maps, because of the larger parcels, I get disoriented because my view is exactly the same as it would be from 4 other positions on the map. Exactly. The. Same. It
  12. Drop test buildings? Good stuff! I think this implies that new aspects of the UI will be opening up? Please tell me respawning is getting a revamp!...
  13. What's your take so far? Worth dropping a few bucks to get into beta?
  14. Congrats on the new revenue stream! Here's to keeping the lights on! *clinks glasses*
  15. Stunning art! I love the graveyard revamp. This really does 'click' with the theme almost perfectly. Also, the discourse about fostering a healthy process prompted a fun discussion at work today. I am so glad that you have a team willing to trim liberally and let ideas fall to the cutting room floor. The only major risk to a process like yours is when the entire group becomes blind to a problem. Thanks for continuing to sift through our feedback! Hopefully our collective perspective is useful!
  16. Lies. Some of us would be absolutely fascinated by the gritty details of server/network architecture and scaling. Please consider a future info drop featuring the "hard stuff".
  17. Everything got suspiciously quiet a few months ago. Sure, there were frequent appeasement updates, but it felt like something was rumbling under the surface. Now the beast is coming to life. So it begins.
  18. Thanks again for giving us a front-row seat. I know most people aren't interested in or don't have the patience to watch the whole process, but I love it. Thanks for showing us the concept art. Thanks for showing us the design discussions. Thanks for showing us the modeling, rigging, animating, programming, testing, bug fixing, and everything else that goes into bringing a world to life. Thanks for opening the doors to your house and giving us a warm welcome. ACE, you guys rock.
  19. I promise you that ACE wants this game released even more than we do. It's like being in college. You might even have a scholarship, but you know that every semester you spend in school is one more semester where you aren't getting paid. Those last couple of semesters suck. You watch the student loans piling up, keep shelling out for tuition and books, and pray that your effort isn't wasted. But if you chose a good major and you hang in there, the other side of that mountain holds a fat paycheck.
  20. I look forward to <something meta here> on the people who are creeping up on those who are testing mechanics.
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