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  1. My review...


    Cottage:  Totally generic and boring.  Only serves the purpose of creating housing envy.

    Villa:  Nice!... my favorite of the three.  The entire layout feels right.  I love being in that building: on the porch, next to the fireplace, and especially out on the balcony.

    Manor:  Grandiose, but the layout was a little odd.  I liked the raised walkways around the rooms, and the upstairs room, but overall the layout felt awkward and forced.  Strangest quirk was that grand fireplace hiding in the hallway.  Really funky feng shui throughout.


    Winner?  The Villa!

  2. Money = good.


    That said, throwing more resources at problems doesn't always speed things up.  There's a classic analogy about 9 women having a baby in 1 month.  If anything, extra capital gives ArtCraft a longer runway for takeoff.  Instead of paying for more employees, it is usually more effective to fund the current employees for longer.  I predict that the extra money will actually delay the release of Crowfall, but that the quality of the game at launch will increase.  I see that as a good thing.

  3. Help me out here.  I'm trying to understand (in summary) how these stretch rewards will work.  Is this accurate?


    Investors - ($100+ via MicroVentures before January 18, 2017)

    • Bloodwine Fountain Relic
    • Villa
    • Woodland Grove Parcel
    • Fallen Colossus Parcel*
    • "Perks" as described on the MicroVentures site

    * Contingent on reaching the final stretch goal of 50%


    Backers - (purchased any package: KickStarter, Crowfall.com, etc.)

    • Bloodwine Drinking Horn Relic
    • Woodland Grove Parcel

    Investor & Backer

    • All of both sets of rewards (making it 2x Woodland Grove Parcels)




    1. Doesn't becoming an investor give you a backer package?
    2. What is the difference between the "Fountain" and "Horn" relics?

    Am I understanding this correctly?

  4. Knight Pursuit Cooldown set back to 15 secs. (this happens too often, a developer will set a cooldown low for testing purposes and check it in with the cooldown they were using to test)
    Thank you!  I was sick of getting chased down by these knights.  So annoying.
    When the player logs out the client should no longer slide on the client.


    Aww, my favorite bug!

  5. Great news!  (but I am going to express a concern)


    The over-reuse of parcels on these maps makes it very confusing to navigate. It just doesn't feel right.  It's jarring and breaks the sense of world.


    In every MMO I have played, I quickly get to the point where I can look around and know exactly where I am based on landmarks.  Even though their artists also reuse assets, every zone feels distinctly different.


    In these maps, because of the larger parcels, I get disoriented because my view is exactly the same as it would be from 4 other positions on the map.  Exactly. The. Same.  It reminds me of playing the original Metroid where rooms just kept repeating.


    I appreciate how cool this system is.  I'm already impressed with how well parcels are stitched together.  But each location needs more variety.  Parcels need more distinct flair.  It's okay if repeated parcels feel familiar, but each one needs to feel distinctly different from all the others.

  6. "Our first version of the Eternal Kingdom will be a common world where players can log in, drop a few test buildings and then use those buildings for advanced crafting."


    Drop test buildings?  Good stuff!  I think this implies that new aspects of the UI will be opening up?






    Please tell me respawning is getting a revamp!...

  7. When skilling into the harvesting tree (Plentiful harvest Copper for me) it disables drops if you also use the corresponding potion.


    Same.  Two of us found that we were having this problem just with copper tonight.  We compared notes, and looking at skills/stats we realized that unbuffed we both had 2 in plentiful harvest copper.  With the potion, everything else was a 5 but copper was a 6.  As soon as we drank plentiful harvest potions, we no longer got anything from copper nodes (everything else still worked).

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