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  1. Unity terrain is notoriously quick'n'easy, but remarkably obnoxious to punch holes through. Since day 1 of pre-alpha, it appeared that parcels were out-of-the-box terrain, so I suppose I already gave up on the notion of voxel-based digging. I guess going off the beaten path was too expensive.
  2. I rolled my eyes at this joke the first time. Somehow, now, it has become totally awesome.
  3. I think I'm going to love/hate Impale. That's my favorite mechanic yet. Also, tunneling under walls will be incredibly useful and obnoxious. It will also be incredibly broken. It's the ultimate escape strategy. Had the Sicilian not died so abruptly, I imagine him telling us about Classic Blunder #3: "Never fight a Guinecean near a wall." This made my day.
  4. You know what would be nice? A really good lore drop. Something juicy.
  5. I think this comes back to breaking down materials (lossy vs. lossless). You may have to drag huge chunks home to break them down in an efficient way - chunks too big to fit in a player's inventory. At least I hope that idea is still on the table!
  6. Yes, this is one strategy of mitigation. That said, there will always be a plethora of low-value materials that have to go somewhere. Other outlets include high-cost recipes and (very) fast decay. Harvesting is the faucet of the economy. Design choices now will have a huge consequences (some unintended) on every other feature of the game from now on. There needs to be a comprehensive plan for creating a balanced ingress/egress equation before the big decisions are settled.
  7. There's a huge pitfall here I don't hear anyone discussing. It's great that alloys give different stats, but the demand will inevitably be imbalanced between desirable stats. Everyone will care about Crit. Nobody will care about Mana Regen. There will be a huge variety of alloy bonuses and only a small handful that anyone cares about. The materials used for useless alloys will also become useless.
  8. Also, Testing nothing. I promise this will lead to some very entertaining bugs in the future. I can't wait. (I honestly wouldn't mind if some combat abilities did affect harvesting. If it fits thematically, why not?) I also really like the notion of "boss" harvesting nodes. There's room there for more creativity.
  9. Runes... cool. Summoning animation... awesome. Ghost pickaxe... kind of dumb looking. That's the best the immortals can do?
  10. The bog bear is okay, but not great. It's an interesting concept, but the frills on its back don't mesh well with its physiology. It doesn't look natural enough for me to suspend disbelief. Rather, it looks like two different animals loosely connected somewhere in the fur. Also, the Hunger version has extra beak-like bones in the jaw that don't exist on the healthy bear. The other creatures had a more natural progression.
  11. Regarding the excerpt from Crowfall Live!... It's the shadows. The shadows are creating the most visible 'pop' in the crowd simulations. I've worked with Unity some, and I've been annoyed by the hard cutoff distance for shadow rendering. I don't know if there are any cheap tricks (some sort of shadow fading over distance) that could make that better, but if you can find a way to fix the shadows, it looks like the rest of the pop will become negligible.
  12. It's minimalist, but I just realized how much I like the Male Champion cloth concept. Also, is everyone right-handed?
  13. I love it when Todd throws the smack down. That said, it seemed mostly unrelated to the actual thread topic. Things may have derailed, but I think the original post was very relevant. I'd love to hear answers to those questions (when they are ready). The dichotomy between EKs and CWs is at the conceptual heart of this game. It's the reason we backed. We all want to understand as many of the implications as possible.
  14. These are the kinds of infodrops I really like. Specifics (even if they'll change) in the context of the long-term goals. Keep up the great work, ACE!
  15. Kudos on a nice article, Tierless. IMO, you gave it just the right balance of enthusiasm and critique. It has been a while since I looked at the calendar and realized how fast the end of 2016 is coming. Anyone can judge for themselves. As much as there has been a lot of great stuff developed, that sandwich is clearly only half-eaten. At this point, "Delay" seems inevitable. I still want to reiterate that a good late launch is infinitely better than a bad soft launch. Obviously, our opinions don't speak as loudly as budget constraints, but I can hope. Keep up the good fight, ACE.
  16. Do we anticipate that the construction costs will be the same between CWs and EKs?
  17. Like everyone else, I'm excited for Part II. I'm also hoping for a Part III, Part IV, Part V...
  18. The smoke-splosion is overly dramatic during the building phase... but I'll buy it if you make the destruction smoke-splosion bigger (instead of the other way around. As it is, destruction looks entirely lackluster in comparison.
  19. Welcome to the gauntlet. When you look back in 20 years, I suspect this will stand out as a pivotal point in your careers. Here's wishing you all the best as you tackle this amazing challenge. Good luck!
  20. Definitely interested in some of those all-over prints. Nice work.
  21. I love how you don't seem to agonize on the lighting and shadows. You just seem to drop them in exactly where they belong on the first try. Crazy talent (or really evidence of years of expertise!) Also, I didn't realize these were after-hours projects until now. You guys are insane. Thanks Billy!
  22. Regarding lag concerns... What if breakage is deterministic? All your client needs from the server is the impact parameters and everyone sees the same thing?
  23. Being honest, I didn't think you guys would pull off this part. It seemed too "out there" to be realistically within scope. I'm impressed. This is very, very cool.
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