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  1. I've also always liked the idea of a survivalist who can find food anywhere - even when others can't. Trainable skill?
  2. Driving all day Monday. Sad tears. Please record the highlights?
  3. This feels like a gross misinterpretation. The point of good pvp is to make really good Risk vs. Reward scenarios. Cheap exploits (i.e. no risk) break good PvP.
  4. Props on creativity. I'm also excited to try it. That said, I see this being abused. Get a few noob myrms in crap gear, and you've potentially got a cheap gank mechanic. They don't care if they die - they just want to drop a single target on a revenge/griefing basis.
  5. I like it! The attacks are snappier and more clear. I like the subtle gestures - they convey attitude. It just feels better. In contrast, the old animations were too swoopy. That said, I'm not a fan of the strafing animation. It feels too abrupt and awkward.
  6. Excellent diagrams and distilling of a complicated conundrum. What chapter of the textbook will this be?
  7. Nicely done, Billy. This fixes all my previous complaints. I love the shape/color/outline schema.
  8. Have I told you... lately... that I love you? I don't say thanks enough. Sometimes I'm critical (hopefully in a constructive way), but as I went back through the YouTube channel and rewatched a bunch of these, I reflected on how awesome this is. Thanks for showing us how it's done. It's been a great ride, and it's not even over yet!
  9. So, it's a nice cheat sheet, but I'm having flashbacks... (Bonus points for anyone who remembers what this is) Shouldn't this information be easily accessible in-game?
  10. I'm a little sad that political hierarchies are primarily planned for EKs. I feel like there's a huge opportunity being missed to integrate feudal politics into campaigns.
  11. Oh, also, the bear swipe hit effect needs to be 2x bigger. So do most of the hit effects. The damage feedback should be much less subtle.
  12. No, I mean it, that was an amazing video. Seriously, any game developer not watching your development pipeline for inspiration is missing out. This is inches away from being a pipeline video tutorial. I hope the guys at Unity are seeing this stuff.
  13. Glad to have you on board data-man! Please keep those other yahoos in check.
  14. Yes, yes, and yes. Thank you for posting! You articulated my feelings perfectly. Bullet 3.2 is exactly my concern with a soft launch.
  15. Voice recognition confirmed. You have to yell at the screen to be the most effective.
  16. Somewhat tangentially, I believe combat doesn't have to be this complex to be engaging. I feel like CF combat is solidly inside the typical MMO box when it comes to combat. Does it differentiate itself from other games? Yes, subtly. Is it revolutionary? No, not really. The go-to MMO template is overly complex and involves dozens of skills and endless combat interactions. I'm convinced that the overly-complex systems (designed originally to compensate for lack of real-time interaction) are the biggest reasons that MMO combat takes so long to develop and is so hard to get right. Some of the best combat I have played has been outside of the MMO sphere. Look at your typical FPS: you have a relatively small handful of weapons and interactions that can engage players for thousands of hours with no reward except more combat. Heck, if you want an extreme case, look at agar.io and their extremely simple 2-3 interactions. It's as simple as it gets, but it's still a rich interactive experience. Crowfall is, thus far, marching down a well-worn (expensive!) path of overly complicated combat. Many other studios have crashed on these rocks. This isn't Crowfall's competitive differentiation, but it certainly dominates the conversation. Yes, combat is crucially central and important. It can't be ignored. However, it isn't what makes the Crowfall vision special. I wonder if the minimum viable product would benefit from a much simpler set of combat interactions than are currently planned. I'd still play.
  17. I call shenanigans. "Live" is not just a marketing announcement. Live is when you: Start charging money (a.k.a. consuming VIP time) Begin "real" campaigns with "real" exports Mark day-1 of permanent EKs and redeem pledge packages Start training skills "for real" It feels like you are proposing a "soft" release to ensure the backerbase that we will get to start playing the game. If that's the motivation, I say it's unnecessary. We can handle playing in alpha/beta builds for a few extra months. If it's a matter of opening the store and making money sooner: allow people to start purchasing (and using!) items during beta. Then, let them re-redeem their purchases in live. There are better ways to solve/message this. A soft-launch sounds indecisive - neither hot nor cold. We are willing to wait for quality and a true go-live.
  18. I say this genuinely: It still surprises me how some people don't have the stomach to see how the sausage gets made. To me, this is great stuff. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I highly value this: I know what it's like to suffer a barrage of irrational criticism. There's a wearying temptation to clam up and walk away. Thanks for keeping the communication lines open!
  19. Publicity always has the potential to be a double-edged sword. There is a solid takeaway here. Like it or not, our perception of what Crowfall will be colors our view of how it is now. We look at a clip and see progress where others will look and see deficiencies. Certainly, game performance (FPS, responsiveness, look & feel) is a huge risk that must eventually be brought up to a professional level. That said, let them interpret the current footage how they may. When better footage becomes available, they'll look again and take notice.
  20. Great summary. You might add a section about MOBs and looting.
  21. Very exciting. I'm curious/concerned about supply lines. It seems like siege engines will either require too many resources or not require enough. Bringing supplies into enemy territory will already be a tremendous risk. If SE's are too easy to supply and build, then it won't make sense to make them powerful. They'll have to be weak to compensate. On the other hand, if they cost too much, the logistics will become prohibitive, and nobody will use them (unless they are devastatingly powerful). It seems like a fine line that will require lots of tweaking. I'm excited to see where this goes.
  22. I see what you did there... In other news, I've started noticing this pattern. The news seems to start drying up and -BAM- something full of awesomeness hits. Keep up the good work, ACE!
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