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  1. @TNO: sounds suspiciously like GW2-WvW... So many questions... Are you planning any crafting beyond Keep repair? What role, if any, will passive abilities have? What is the 'win' condition? (i.e. Will there be points tallied?) Will caravan paths be static? Or are you stuck driving a caravan vehicle? Will gear persist offline? Will there be gear trading/storing in the Keeps? Will resource spawns be fully consumable? Or will they replenish over time? plz2canhazmoarinfo!?
  2. Also because campaign exports happen sporadically, prices should fluctuate naturally. A campaign will end, supply will briefly spike, and then taper off until the next export cycle. I also like the idea of fluctuating resource scarcity between different campaigns. If the current campaign is rich with precious metals but short on rare wood, the meta-market will fluctuate with speculation. Each time a new campaign is launched, there will be a race among merchants to discover which resources are scarce - both for the immediate application within the campaign itself, and for the ramifications on the eternal markets.
  3. Even though we already know this, I still want to weep tears of joy every time I hear it. I've been yelling this at my screen in every auction house for the last decade. Thank you ACE!
  4. Top-down design; bottom-up development. It sounds so simple and logical. It makes me wonder why are there so few who actually do it. Keep up the good work, ACE!
  5. Amazing! When can I get the mini-figurine? And I love the battle/heal mechanic. I hope the knife cuts both ways. Too much damage also puts the druid in a bad state?
  6. Love the animations. Has a very good, tactile feel already. I'm also concerned about siege engines having being a solo mechanic or having too much mobility. I like anything that increases strategy instead of just being another hammer. Do the wheels not actually turn?
  7. I like that second layout. It's actually very similar to what I gravitated towards with my free-floating windows in GW2. However it looks, my biggest preference is that you can close all the windows with a single click. Nothing is more frustrating that needing to get back into the action and having to individually close multiple panes. Likewise, it's very nice to be able to pop everything back open with a single click just the way you had it before the panic-close.
  8. I love updates from Billy. Great stuff! Some of these changes are perfect examples of design principles where small tweaks yield huge results. My $0.02 about the UI. The compass in the top middle works well I like the ability tree being simplified The icon colors are awesome The ranger icons themselves are too intricate and homogeneous. I can't tell them apart easily I like the wrap-around health/mana bars in your screenshot I've always hated the color of the health bar - it reminds me of chewed up mint gum On the topic, some of the ability bars are too similar in color I like the fullscreen character/inventory layout. I think modular windows can be better, but they take a lot more polish to get right Thanks for sharing! This is the kind of stuff I love to see.
  9. Fwiw, I had this same problem. After manually switching to use the GPU, it was 1000% better (literally). If Unity doesn't solve this, it seems like something that would eventually be worth detecting and calling out on the launch screen to help avoid confusion about performance.
  10. 100% agreed. My pledge was worth the backstage pass alone. Playing the game will be gravy. No apologetics needed - keep up the good work, ACE!
  11. My first impression is that the ranger toolbox is still too versatile. Sticky bombs? Daang.
  12. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: Your hard work shows. Thanks for all you guys do! Also, I laughed out loud at your new office walls. Here is the view from my desk at work: Don't worry. Once you've burned out the green receptors on your cones, it looks normal.
  13. Before the Kickstarter, I spent over a decade looking for this game. I was annoyed that nobody seemed to think about fun the same way I did. Nobody saw that the major problems with political/economic stagnation could be solved with a big reset button. When I discovered Crowfall, my initial reaction (besides excitement) was profound relief. I was afraid that this concept would never fly. But it will. Thank you, ACE team!
  14. I'm pretty sure I saw this driving through Vegas last weekend...
  15. So you want us to go all Banksy and spraypaint the Crowfall logo on famous landmarks? How edgy!
  16. EK's with full-loot PvP would become popular just for existing. No bonus needed!
  17. Love this. We are part of an ecosystem. We scratch their backs; they scratch ours. For anyone looking for a proactive take-away from this discussion, I encourage you to support sites that give Crowfall free publicity. It's a WIN-WIN-WIN situation.
  18. I've got a couple of new desktop backgrounds from this. Thanks!
  19. I woke up this morning and realized that I forgot to mention HOW FREAKING COOL the world layout pipeline progress is. It's aliiiive! Kudos!
  20. I agree. This was one of the most enjoyable discussions to date. I love discussions about the 30,000 ft. view. And I want to see Todd's 'currency' circuit chart.
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