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  1. Happy to have you on board, Mr. xexeb!
  2. Welcome to the forums...and yay for players old enough to have two kids.
  3. Welcome to the forum. So here's a question for you...which archetype would bring the best snacks to the party?
  4. Welcome to the forums. As for your question - ranger is likely my pick. I enjoy gathering, scouting, and exploring in games, though I'm concerned that node harvesting might be less of a thing in Crowfall. Most of the chatter about resources has centered around Points of Interest. As for Deity...I need to see more of the game before I can pin down who/what I want to be.
  5. Welcome to the forums, though you seem to be well known already.
  6. Nice to see socially focused players also being attracted to the game. Welcome to the forums.
  7. Welcome to the forums. Nice to see your level of enthusiasm.
  8. Welcome tot he forums. Nice to see more people from across the pond (and a fellow Welshman...or so my elders informed me).
  9. Welcome to the game. Nice to see a couple that play together.
  10. Welcome to the forums. Hopefully once all the archetypes are out, we'll all find at least one that tickles our fancy.
  11. Welcome to the forums. Given the habits of your namesake, will stealthing be a staple of your gaming style?
  12. Ah, but there was this line in "First Look: Ranger Powers & UI"... "There are disciplines that will grant them access to additional stealth powers, if this is an area where they want to specialize."
  13. I'm thinking a kitty bell might defeat the purpose of stealthing...
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