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  1. I can understand your concerns but not your conclusion. MOBAs and Battle Royales are certainly a HUGELY popular type of PvP game but they are drastically different from the Crowfall Throne War design. It may be true that many casual gamers don't like lopsided PvP and don't like a game that lets you work to build up an advantage, play politics, long term strategy,etc. They enjoy something quick, exciting and with a mandatory "even footing". But I think the Crowfall audience is those people that may not like the flash in the pan, generally forgettable MOBA/BR combat. They enjoy the challenges of a game that encourages a player to invest time and effort to build up their resources/advantage and leverage that in a battles spread out over a campaign that lasts weeks.
  2. Great Job, HUGE HUGE difference from the sieges a few days ago !
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