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  1. An small limit on guild size or Alliances isn't going to fix the problem because a large guild could split into many small guild for a siege and log on a couple hours early to fill the zone to cap.
  2. Given your following critiques, I would bet your 40,000 hours were not spent playing MMOs. I agree the New Player Experience isn't very engaging and that leveling up through the act of PvP would be ideal. Given that the NPE was recently added to help New players understand the systems in the game I don't think there was a goal of being particularity innovating. My advice would be to skip the NPE when making new characters and just kill MOBs for a couple hours to level and get gear. Character creation is limited and hopefully will expanded through the cash shop. I agree levelling in Crowfall isn't innovating, it is typical MMO experience with fetch quests, running around etc or by grinding MOBs. Again it was something added at the end to help New Player acclimate to Crowfall and was never part of the original design goal. The Meta is not set in stone. it changes frequently and there are separate Metas based on the what you are doing; Harvesting, Solo Play, Group Play, Sieges, etc. But you aren't exposed to mush of that in God's Reach. Not sure how to take this. You are explaining the development cycle of all MMOs. Are you saying you don't like games that adjust or balance classes ? The impact of gear on PvP is a standard for MMOs and even exists in many MOBAs. So what PVP MMO do you like ? Crowfall by design is a Group/Guild based PvP game. if you don't want to play with groups than you are wise to avoid playing Group based PvP games. I agree crafting is an important part of the game and if you don't want to craft you are stuck having to pay other players to craft you top end gear. I generally agree, though Skill and Class Meta in a particular situation can out weigh gear, since War tribe gear is so easy to get and is good until the very top tier. I can understand you not getting hooked, Beyond Crowfall's faults the base game design isn't targeted to you. Crowfall isn't a hyper-mitgated PvP environment that negates numbers, gear, character advancement, crafting. The game was design as a spiritual successor to ShadowBane that targets players that want a less restrictive PvP experience where numbers, politics, crafting/econ and class specs/builds matter.
  3. Anything is possible but in the last 5 years there has never been talk of a no inventory drop campaign type except for the revised God Reach we have today. I am sorry you backed the game thinking this was a planned campaign type.
  4. I agree, restrictions on guild size don't work and only give the illusion of fairness. A dedicated and coordinated large group of players can work around the limits and it actually makes things harder for the disorganized smaller groups who have a harder time managing the multiple guilds and friendly fire. Even campaign systems designed to target small groups or solo players like the unlanded or per member Devince Cards can be dominated by a larger guild through the use of Alts and Placeholder guilds to funnel effort. Chasing the dream of fairness for solo and small groups vs large guild in a PvP MMO can be discouraging since the only reliable way is to force players to ... not play together ... by jamming them into tiny battleground, hence the differences between and MMO and a MOBA.
  5. A solo player working on a Legendary Disc and Belt crafter would take 150+ hours and multiple characters to cover harvesting disciplines. The 50 hour estimate for an Epic crafter was built on data from the time it takes me to farm gold and click through the 30 or so Compound Bows and the time it took one of guild mates to farm wood, hide, meat and dust. The estimate also made some assumptions that the harvesters were progressing as well, using the discs they generated during the 40 hours of material farming for the crafter. Your note about end game crafters having advance vessels and jewelry is true and making your Necro first would help towards that goal. As far as how feasible it is that a solo player to achieve is simply a duration of time and effort, a solo player will take longer than a group of 3 players, who will take longer than a 5 man guild, who will take longer than a ten man guild, who will take longer than a 20 man guild, etc... I am sorry for not giving you more context on my 12% power difference observation. The 12% difference between a crafted Epic item and a crafted Legendary item is an estimate made specifically for jewelry that we crafted using a Legendary/ Legendary crafter. The data is reasonably accurate given the relatively small sample size of creating about 150+ pieces of jewelry spread over green,blue and mostly purple and a few Legendary to test power difference. One thing you need to be careful with when you continue your argument regarding the power scaling in crafting is that you don't craft and don't actually know the real data you are arguing against. It is fine to have a emotional feeling on how the game should play but emotions don't do well when trying to support a fact based argument about statistical difference in crafting. Crowfall certainly poses challenges to solo and very small groups of players, if those players refuse to work together with others they certainly need to put in more effort if their goal is to become Top Tier, End Game Crafters. Given that the game is designed around Guild vs. Guild PvP and not solo or small team of a couple players, I am not sure I should be concerned that players of non compatibile play styles are upset with a game that isn't designed for them.
  6. So putting in the 300% more effort to make a Legendary crafter compared to the Epic Crafter and the HUGE amount of time harvesting Legendary resources is simply too powerful for a 12% increase in power ? Honestly it sounds like this discussion is more about feelings than data. The power gap in real numbers is small yet the complaining and emotions about the required effort are overblown and self defeating.
  7. Thanks for the reply. So you feel there are 2 out of 20 Game loops that solo players and small guilds are excluded from due to the amount of effort involved. Let's look at the effort to make sure we understand exactly how much is involved: So I will start with a baseline that a decent crafter will be purple disc and purple belt. This level of crafter can make some Wartribe quality gear, and decent jewelry / vessels. Purple/Purple Crafter: 128,000 gold (8 hours of solo farming Wartribes) ***(wood working) 1851 wood, 411 sandpaper, 462 dust, 308 hide, 205 lacing ( solo harvester maybe 35-40 hrs) So in say 50 hours of solo play you can make one crafter or with a group of five people working together you could get it done in maybe 10 hours. Also keep in mind that pooling effort of a large guild only works to level crafter because after it is leveled, the amount of resources needed to make items is multiplied by number of people in the guild. Everyone's playtime is different but is 50 hours of play prohibitive for a solo play to play a game where they want to be an competitive crafter ?
  8. Just to clarify things and to help get the discussion baselined on the reality of the Infected and Dregs campaigns, I want to review the current game loop then move forward with what the small and medium guilds feel they are missing out on compared to the ZvZ game play. Game Loops: Grinding / Farming: Levelling Vessels Levelling Crafters Levelling Harvesters Wartribe farming Elite Mob hunting (Heralds, Ancients, Elders, King, Chief,etc..) Thralls Conquering: Capture God/ Hero Statues Capturing outposts Capturing Forts Sieging Gathering: Solo Harvesting Resources Motherloads Skinning GraveDigging Picking Mushrooms/Cooking additives Pack Pigs Open World PvP roaming/ganking Building Keeps/Castle Divine Favor Cards *** I am sure I missed a couple items but this covers most of the bases. So which items are small & medium sized guilds excluded from ?
  9. I agree, certainly some of small chokes should be looked at but there is no such thing as a "guaranteed win" choke or not. Neither the Caste or Small Keep had just one choke point on the ward room, there are multiple window entrances but they would require more coordination and specific races/classes to leverage them. A group like BAP being prepared to hit at siege live would have changed the choke meta entirely or even just the removal of friendly fire through an Alliance could have let the attackers push more bodies to break the choke but with sieging being 85% no shows, people don't have much experience trying different strategies and I think the castle has only been sieges twice or three times ever.
  10. The Darkfall system is a good way to encourage PvP and also help discourage the no show carpetbaning that Shadowbane suffered from.
  11. What I got from his video: game doesn't feel complete, doesn't offer enough solo activities, performance/optimization is bad, feels too much like testing an Alpha than playing a Beta.
  12. I understand that people can be put off by the amount of effort dedicated players are willing to put into campaigns but it is the single best way to test the game. When playing a campaign you are testing all the game systems ; leveling, resource gathering, crafting, outposts, forts, keeps, PvP, PvE and exploring. The Test server is fine and can help to identify a focused set of obvious problems but without running through all the game loops you are not fully testing anything. It's too bad there isn't some coordination or direction for testing since the server will be up for so long. The amount of time the game stays in pre-alpha is based on the ability of the dev team to design, plan and implement. The biggest impact so far appears to be the morphing design and not the lack of testers.
  13. It is great that you get some gold and a couple apples when you start out a character but the amount of gold is very high given the current campaign rewards. I would suggest you lower the starting gold to 2 and lower the costs of starting weapons/etc to 1 gold. It is discouraging when pooling starting gold for hours is a more efficient way to make money than actually playing
  14. I support removing /who, it is a cheap way to gather intel and doesn't actually encourage playing the game. Real world scouting should be the primary way to gather intel.
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