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  1. Hello all, Like many here, Shadowbane ruined other MMOs for me. I played WoW for a while but it just wasn't the same. Too much questing, too little open-world PvP, and too few true character customizations. I played with many Shadowbane guilds over the years, starting in beta, taking 1-2 year breaks in between. More recently (last 6 years), I played with Crazy Talk and Circlejerk among others. I rarely posted on the forums so I'm not expecting many to remember me, but I wracked up quite a few kills over the years on my main (Irekei Wizard) named Vile. I am Axiom in voice comms and developed the stat-tracking website sbstatistics.com for tracking kills / banes on magicbane. Anyway, I'm looking forward to playing Crowfall where I will... play to crush.
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