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  1. My preference would be no imports, start at level 0. Will you be keeping the current shortcuts? i.e. easy to create disciplines? As for skills I'm on the fence for that. Based on how the game is currently built skills will never be reset once the game goes live. Each campaign your account will have more skill points allocated. So resetting will only mimic the actual soft launch.
  2. I expect once a full Alpha comes out that the resets will occur less frequently. This is a game in a pre-alpha state so when code changes functionality might not be compatible and a waste of time to try and convert.
  3. Nice recruitment video. BTW - The website seems to be down (http://www.serratedgaming.com). I keep getting This site can't be reached.
  4. I found some time to watch the first episode last night. So far I like it. Bummer about the food poisoning. Time to go spray for ants. They have decided on a full scale invasion this year.
  5. I have to wait until Sunday afternoon for my binge.
  6. D3 was fun for a while. Got up to being able to play torment 3 before i stopped.
  7. I would not worry to much about the shadow rule set as they already have mentioned it. As for the pets it really depends on how it's implemented. Also I don't think they care about appeasing to the carebears. This game is all about pvp and any side items are there to support it.
  8. Hey All, Putting in an application to join. The Lantern Watch seems like a good fit for me. I'm between Casual and Hardcore when it comes to the amount of time I have for gaming. Real life family and friend stuff always comes first though. Really looking forward to this game. My character preference is Support/Artillery roles. I will also have a dedicated crafting character. Will be participating in Alpha 2.
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