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  1. My preference would be no imports, start at level 0. Will you be keeping the current shortcuts? i.e. easy to create disciplines? As for skills I'm on the fence for that. Based on how the game is currently built skills will never be reset once the game goes live. Each campaign your account will have more skill points allocated. So resetting will only mimic the actual soft launch.
  2. I expect once a full Alpha comes out that the resets will occur less frequently. This is a game in a pre-alpha state so when code changes functionality might not be compatible and a waste of time to try and convert.
  3. Here is a link to the requirements https://crowfall.com/en/faq/playtesting/playtest-support/#1
  4. I have the first recipe skill trained for stone but did not get anything. Probably because those recipes are not out yet.
  5. The answer to your dilemma is don't go out alone in your Knight vessel. If your out alone I will assume you are harvesting or scouting which other vessels would be better suited.
  6. Nice recruitment video. BTW - The website seems to be down (http://www.serratedgaming.com). I keep getting This site can't be reached.
  7. I have that exact card and it runs the game without issues. I currently get at least 60fps at high settings in most situations.
  8. This is pre-alpha. Characters can be reset at any time the devs feel its necessary to test changes in functionality.
  9. Actually I do have an official answer. Forgot I asked this recently to ArtCraft support ArtCraft S ArtCraft Support (ArtCraft Entertainment) Feb 1, 20:46 We will make it giftable before launch, before we open up Beta 2 testing which is what it has with it. I hope this helps. Happy to rebundle something if you need that too. Thanks for supporting Crowfall! Gordon Arnminster Feb 1, 20:32 Wanted to know if you were going to make the Digital Game Copy giftable or Redeemable? I have 2 packages that I consumed and noticed that neither option is set for the Digital Game copy that I currently have 2 of. Would not have consumed both on the same account if I had know that. Thanks
  10. You do get 2 keys to the game. You can also gift the collectors edition. I unpacked my Amber package and gifted the collectors edition already.
  11. I believe You only get the credit for Kickstarter levels that provided extra Character slots over the base 3. So the Amber level got the base 3 slots plus 3 additional slots. Based on this the contributor account got the base 3 with no additional so you would not get any character credits. I am still waiting to see what the replacement is before cashing them in.
  12. Lol - You took me out at 57 seconds into this
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