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  1. Technically, progressives are the "degenerates", as what Pawkette calls regressives would general agree that progressiveness is a degeneration of the status quo's morals. Like all things, however, it's relative.
  2. Someone having differing opinions on the importance of something doesn't change it's actual, objective importance.
  3. But what about that dastardly male gaze from other players? This is literally the most important thing in the game right now.
  4. Considering how this is a fantasy game, I really couldn't care one way or the other. Personally, I'm partial to slightly dimorphized armor (not so much a metal bra, but a breast plate that protrudes slightly more than normal, for example) as a means for gender recognition. The argument "it's more realistic" however, is a cheap cop out that just belays how someone lets their real life morality seep in and taint the game. It's a fantasy game, and an RPG at that! The cornerstone of being a good player in an RPG, is to inundate yourself in a setting or persona that doesn't accurately reflect real life or your self. Insisting that a fantasy game shouldn't have high heels, boob plate, male armor with only a loin cloth, whatever, only shows that you lack the ability to engage in the most fundamental part of fantasy, and RPG's in general: make believe. Not every fantasy setting is going to be the west in the 21st century with elves and magic, nor should it be. TL;DR: I'm fine with it so long as they don't go overboard and make it a fantasy volleyball game; just have fun with the setting and art style and don't get angry over every perceived slight and offense.
  5. Have any of you made the trip to the capitol building? What do you think of the Silicon Hills as opposed to Silicon Valley?
  6. If they can make the lore behind the Centaurs support female members of the military, I'm all for it. But until then, I've yet to see the female Centaurs as nothing more than a quick publicity stunt.
  7. For those of you on the dev team who are not native Texans (that is, if there are any!), what do you think of the Lone Star State?
  8. I understand, and I agree, but you are still not getting my point about this. Even if Romans never existed, it's still important to maintain internal consistency when talking about a setting. As of now, the Centaurs are set up to be heavily imperial, heavily expansionist, extremely militaristic, and concerned with (presumably male) blood lines. Do any of these traits say to you "yeah, they probably have females make up a major part of their forces"? Just because something is fantasy, does not meant -EVERYTHING- goes, as whatever does go should, and needs to be, internally consistent. Hyping up a race to be a super macho empire, and then just slapping in female warriors, is just lazy writing. It's equivalent to allowing players to play male Fae, despite the race being implied to be a male-hating society that only keeps them around long enough for breeding, before killing them off. -Ignore the messed up quotes-
  9. Fair enough, but the Centaur are obviously heavily based on Romans, except for the whole "half man, half horse" bit. I'm not complaining that the lore is different from Roman myth and history, I'm complaining because female centaurs do not make sense within the implied setting of the Centaurs. As for why the female centaurs shouldn't be out killing bipeds, I alluded to that earlier with the bit about Roman men fighting, while Roman women took care of the household. In short; even if your females are perfectly capable of being warriors, your males are just as, if not more, capable of doing that job, and your females could instead be at home having children, raising them, and making sure the homefront is stable in order to support the war/expansion effort.
  10. Oh, sorry, I thought you meant "resources" as in "in-setting resources", like that the Centaurs don't have female soldiers because of a literal lack of resources. My mistake.
  11. That's all well and good, but it also calls into question the legitimacy of the other narrations. Can the Forgemaster be taken seriously if it's not representative of the actual lore, what about the Fae? Also, do you have a source supporting your claim that there is a lack of female centaurs due to resource issues?
  12. Could you source this, please? If I see statements from the devs that discount my arguments, that's fine; I obviously read too deep into the narration, and that is my fault.
  13. Although I generally detest re-linking to myself, see my explanations in http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3121-female-centaur-confirmed/ Although it could be just me seeing things where there is nothing, Gaius' narration imposed a very strong idea of what Centaur culture is like, especially considering how the narrations are supposed to be representative of that archetype, and in the case of some, of that race.
  14. They are unique as a player race mostly because of their lore, which paints them as the Roman Empire turned up to 11, with the added bonus of taking blood lines and family heritage to an even higher level. Adding in females because some girls might want to play as horses basically tells the player base: "Yeah, listen, you know that lore we were talking about? Well it isn't part of our MAJOR lore, so we'll just retcon and ignore it as we see fit because we want more money, and having a race of Roman centaurs with a purely male military isn't very forward thinking of us!"
  15. Have you not bothered to read the Archetype pages on the main website? I think those count as established lore. Fair enough, but what you're forgetting is that Todd stated that he won't compromise MAJOR lore, showing that it's still possible for minor lore to be redacted. As I've explained before, this does not sit well with me.
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