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  1. Will we see cow girls? Holstarus? whatever you want to call them? I know Minotaurs were male only in shadowbane but I am curious if we are sticking with that in crowfall.
  2. Or, we could all join balance, then win every game because no chaos or order means no work for balance. IE every game becomes "let's farm resources and fight the hunger!"
  3. Head over to the kickstarter and read the section about "Game Features" where it talks about what is in the "Core Module" that they want to deliver with this kickstarter. Where the only rule set is "Dregs". They HAVE said if their kickstarter reaches X funding goals more rule sets will come in at launch. But how much that is is speculation beyond "More than 1.3 million".
  4. That's a good point actually, in relation to that- I wonder how much we will be able to actually change our appearances... In the archetypes so far male and female of the same archetype seem to share the same features down to hair and skill color.
  5. In Dota 2 (Aside from one or two examples, one of which has been removed) Valve has to okay every submission before it makes it into game. That way you can control quality level of content.
  6. I can't solve your problem with money but I do believe that the artcraft servers will be accessible by everyone everywhere. So sayeth some developers.... here? http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3299-022715-distributionhosting-outside-of-north-america-for-crowfall/?hl=europe This might give you some insight into the development thought process when it comes to combat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RGzzS1jGJc Source: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3186-my-issue-with-certain-tera-combat-mechanics/?p=81207 I feel you friend, I spent couple hundred on spaceships in star citizen. But I like space sims, I have heard of Chris Roberts, trusted the name. I honestly don't know much about these devs and outside of warhammer online I have never played a PVP centric MMO.
  7. So? Are you waiting for a certain feature to be announced? Some Clarification on existing mechanics? Maybe you haven't found the class that's right for you yet? Maybe you're waiting for payday? Or the kickstarter hasn't reached a goal you want yet? Share your reasons and maybe our lovely community can help! I know I for one haven't backed because I've been burned in the past by early access and kickstarts. Given that and the rule sets I am most interested in (Shadows,Infected,God's Reach) won't be in until post launch. I just don't feel the need to be one of the first players in. NOTE: This thread is for discussion not shaming. If people don't feel like spending their hard earned cash yet then it's not for you to judge.
  8. A lizard race you say? perhaps something along these lines if not straight up dragons.
  9. Bows will already wear out and break like all other weaponry in the game, why would you make me also buy more arrows that could do the same? Why would anyone use non-magic ranged attacks in that case? Why drop 30 skill points into archery to lug 4 bags of arrows around when you could just drop 30 points into magic and shoot lightning. For siege weapons or firearms? I can see some reasoning behind them as I would hope they would be a bit more powerful than bows and crossbows, thus one might use them more sparingly. I mean if you think it just creates "realism" or makes the game more "hardcore" then why stop at arrows? You wouldn't want to carry your bows around strung as that decreases their draw strength by stretching the wood and cord, so obviously before you can fire you will need to spend about 10 seconds stringing up your bow. You'll want a pot of oil to coat your metal in after you're done with it for the day, otherwise it will rust. A cleaning kit for any firearms. A toothbrush and soap or you'll take a hit to charisma! A leather kit and some spare chain rings to mend any broken armor, and 10ft pole just in case. Like he said, If you make arrows expensive in time resources or skill to craft, you punish archers for no reason. If you make arrows cheap and easy to mass produce, why bother in the first place? If you make them heavy and stack only in small ammounts, then once again archers are punished and anyone else with a ranged attack is far superior. If you make them lightweight and stack up to 1000, what's the point? Changed my mind I concur with the finite ammo idea.
  10. 10/10 would hire a concept artist.
  11. I keep seeing that "The big guilds will handle it.". That's exactly what I am speaking about guilds are the font from which all drama in MMOs flow. The exact kind of people I don't want in charge of my crafting and trade. In short they are not my king I did not vote for them.
  12. While that's true, what happens when 90% of the players "Suck it up" and just play in their own kingdom. Whole lotta time and effort into a system nobody uses.
  13. Order, as given their back story it looks like the Fae players will be primarily chaos. That and hunger bad mmmkay?
  14. I hope you like vine tentacles.
  15. So I started a thread over in the general discussion about picking which three characters you'd like to fill the slots for your base account. IE what were you looking forward to playing and why. I noticed a few joking responses perhaps of people picking the same class three times and that got me thinking. Say I'm fighting in a campaign world in the Dregs with my Centaur, Clyde. But I see there's another campaign that just started up in the Infected that is say... Centaurs only, and that sounds like it could be quite fun. What if I could take one of my two empty character slots "Clone" Clyde and all his abilities but without his gear into that slot. Play him for the duration of the campaign and then have him poof when it's over. Now that's the base idea it could use some refinement, regarding if his progression updates in time with Clyde A, or will he track individually. Would his winnings go to some character bank so I can access them when Clyde A gets done with his current campaign? Should you only be able to have one character per ring? Per world? I'd like all of your help to refine the idea so it becomes something palpable to everyone.
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