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  1. Will we see cow girls? Holstarus? whatever you want to call them? I know Minotaurs were male only in shadowbane but I am curious if we are sticking with that in crowfall.
  2. Or, we could all join balance, then win every game because no chaos or order means no work for balance. IE every game becomes "let's farm resources and fight the hunger!"
  3. Head over to the kickstarter and read the section about "Game Features" where it talks about what is in the "Core Module" that they want to deliver with this kickstarter. Where the only rule set is "Dregs". They HAVE said if their kickstarter reaches X funding goals more rule sets will come in at launch. But how much that is is speculation beyond "More than 1.3 million".
  4. That's a good point actually, in relation to that- I wonder how much we will be able to actually change our appearances... In the archetypes so far male and female of the same archetype seem to share the same features down to hair and skill color.
  5. In Dota 2 (Aside from one or two examples, one of which has been removed) Valve has to okay every submission before it makes it into game. That way you can control quality level of content.
  6. I can't solve your problem with money but I do believe that the artcraft servers will be accessible by everyone everywhere. So sayeth some developers.... here? http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3299-022715-distributionhosting-outside-of-north-america-for-crowfall/?hl=europe This might give you some insight into the development thought process when it comes to combat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RGzzS1jGJc Source: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3186-my-issue-with-certain-tera-combat-mechanics/?p=81207 I feel you friend, I spent couple hundred
  7. So? Are you waiting for a certain feature to be announced? Some Clarification on existing mechanics? Maybe you haven't found the class that's right for you yet? Maybe you're waiting for payday? Or the kickstarter hasn't reached a goal you want yet? Share your reasons and maybe our lovely community can help! I know I for one haven't backed because I've been burned in the past by early access and kickstarts. Given that and the rule sets I am most interested in (Shadows,Infected,God's Reach) won't be in until post launch. I just don't feel the need to be one of the first players in. NOTE:
  8. A lizard race you say? perhaps something along these lines if not straight up dragons.
  9. Bows will already wear out and break like all other weaponry in the game, why would you make me also buy more arrows that could do the same? Why would anyone use non-magic ranged attacks in that case? Why drop 30 skill points into archery to lug 4 bags of arrows around when you could just drop 30 points into magic and shoot lightning. For siege weapons or firearms? I can see some reasoning behind them as I would hope they would be a bit more powerful than bows and crossbows, thus one might use them more sparingly. I mean if you think it just creates "realism" or makes the game more "hardcore"
  10. 10/10 would hire a concept artist.
  11. I keep seeing that "The big guilds will handle it.". That's exactly what I am speaking about guilds are the font from which all drama in MMOs flow. The exact kind of people I don't want in charge of my crafting and trade. In short they are not my king I did not vote for them.
  12. While that's true, what happens when 90% of the players "Suck it up" and just play in their own kingdom. Whole lotta time and effort into a system nobody uses.
  13. Order, as given their back story it looks like the Fae players will be primarily chaos. That and hunger bad mmmkay?
  14. I hope you like vine tentacles.
  15. So I started a thread over in the general discussion about picking which three characters you'd like to fill the slots for your base account. IE what were you looking forward to playing and why. I noticed a few joking responses perhaps of people picking the same class three times and that got me thinking. Say I'm fighting in a campaign world in the Dregs with my Centaur, Clyde. But I see there's another campaign that just started up in the Infected that is say... Centaurs only, and that sounds like it could be quite fun. What if I could take one of my two empty character slots "Clone" Clyde a
  16. Of course, but what about your base three. What are you looking at for those is what I mean. I read a thread speaking about the hermit master smith digging into a mountain and being all myth and legend, I'd like to try and replicate that with my forgemaster and that's my motivation for making him a crafter. How about you?
  17. I guess what I am most concerned about is how long it will take to get to God's reach and the infected. Coming from DAoC and Warhammer online my experience is with faction pvp as opposed to FFA
  18. Centaurs as a player race.... But aside from that I'm hoping onto the band wagon for this game because It looks like they took EQN's idea of a destructible world and then making it truly work. The idea of a permanent world that players can destroy and modify seems like it would either be needlessly limiting or leaving a barren blasted landscape. The idea of being able to visit a new world once the old one has been "worn out" seems like a much better approach. Not to mention the PVP aspect appeals to me... That said I am looking forward to Guild Vs Guild and more faction based pvp over the dreg
  19. So we get three characters with a base package. What are you playing? What would you like to spec them as? I am looking at a Centaur skirmisher archery and sword, a Forgemaster craftsman, and a Knight of... well I haven't decided on him yet. So how about you? Got a way you think building a character will be fun? Tell me of your dream scenarios and how you wish to play your classes.
  20. I believe it was Skyforge that is using my favorite response to cooldowns. Soft cooldowns! Base of the system is the idea of no mana and the ability to cast all your abilities all the time, allow me to give a few example abilities and how they could work in a generic system Shield bash 25 damage. 1 second stun. 10 second cooldown. Frostblast 50 damage 50% movement and attack speed slow over 5 seconds 10 second cooldown The soft cooldown works like this, you can cast shield bash all you like, again and again and again, but the first time you cast it you gain the 1 second stun, and then you
  21. A good idea but not all computers are created equal, Dynamic lighting, realistic shadows, and other effects make computers chug. That said I wouldn't say no to realistic day/night lighting ALA DayZ or Planetside, where night gets quite dark and wandering about without a light source can be deadly. This would make night the realm of stealth and day the realm camouflage or disguise.
  22. I for one wanted female centaurs and am happy they look like they are making it in.
  23. I think the problem is the risk is far greater than the reward. Outside of visiting for roleplay or trade why would anyone build something in someone else's kingdom? The risk is any time or effort you spent being lost vs the reward of...? What? Having your home one loading screen closer to services that you could just as easily build up in your own private residence? Not to mention your private residence will be larger and cheaper. As you don't have to pay upkeep on land, buildings, and then on top of that taxes and rent. The current system is flawed and will result in a handful of popular des
  24. Centaurs! Be a hun horse archer but without the worry of taking care of your horse! Just ride around in circles and shoot people until they get so mad they post about you on the forums.
  25. I debated posting this, I wasn't sure if I wanted to join in this discussion to say my piece or to just hope this all blows over and dies. But it appears it won't be 10 pages in so here goes. After reading the backstory there are two conclusions I can draw, 1. The writers for the game want this game to take place in a mature atmosphere at least for purposes of story. Now I'm not up to date on ESRB rating practices but I believe we're looking at M rated or worse based on the inclusion of Gendercide alone and possibly facing an outright ban in some countries. Which is fine, not that I support
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