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  1. Yes, but that is not my question. In case you didn't notice, I had three questions that are a lot more specific than that. I think that answer was more for reassuring people that they won't lose their stuff that they paid real money for if they join somebody's kingdom, and then they get banned whether rightfully or not. So people can't take advantage of them and steal those unless they actually trust the other person enough to transfer ownership. I'm talking more about cases where suppose you have a vassal, whose parcel is at the core of your kingdom, then they get banned/decide to leave,
  2. this analogy: Screw up a vessel or any other piece of equipment, get an new one built. Screw up a campaign and lose, drop out of it immediately and take a chance in the next world. Want to switch which faction, or god you fight for world to world, go right ahead. Want to try a different archetype, the combat curve is shallow, go right ahead. Why are you assuming it will take a year to fully master a class? Pretty sure they already said it was going to take several months for each archetype. Also, why are you thinking that an archetype is only going to be tolerable once you fully mas
  3. A bit in a rush so haven't read full thread, but with these: "Vassals (and, of course, the monarch) have the ability to drop building(s) in the world. The monarch has the ability to remove these, which will send them back to the player who dropped them." 1. Only the monarch can remove the buildings? Or can the vassals who own those buildings also remove them even though they didn't place them there? 2. Suppose a vassal has gone rogue and you then want to ban them, does that automatically remove their building (and everything else inside e.g. thralls), because maybe it's on rent to
  4. The biggest problem in your analogy is that you lose time in each of those cases, which is how it should be. You experimented with something, found out you didn't like it, you're not locked to it, but you have lost time. A full respec that costs only resources/real money is far too cheap. As I said the EVE system is fine because there is a cost in time. Also if it takes you a full year or more to decide that you don't like the way a specific profession plays, don't you think that's kinda on you? In all the games that I have played whether MMO or single player, I generally can get a good id
  5. I personally don't support skill respec. Not in this game anyway, because it doesn't make sense. An example somebody gave was along the lines of "if you get sick of crafting, you should be able to switch to something else". Well yes you can, just stop training the crafting skills and start training other skills. Then you can make yourself more of a jack of all trades master of none type. It doesn't make sense to be able to master everything that quickly. There are other games that allow that (some of which I play) but it makes no sense in this game. Edit: The example from EVE I would
  6. My personal view 1. No to global chat, not even in EK. That way you can't just mass spam guild recruitment messages, you want to recruit someone, go to a popular EK and recruit in that specific EK. 2. EK wide chat I'm fine with 3. Campaign wide chat I would vote no 4. Guild chat across campaigns and EK is interesting. I would vote yes simply because guilds can and will have their own communications channels outside of the game anyway. May as well make it convenient by having it in-game. 5. Built in voice support would be nice but I think that should be very very low on the
  7. with b.1. are you suggesting autoloot? As much as I like auto loot in other MMOs personally I think it would be out of place in this game. I think the living combatants should very much be forced to think "should I loot first and risk getting attacked while looting? or should I kill the remaining living enemies, knowing that there's a chance that first body will be summoned by the owner crow before I can loot it which means i can only loot a percentage of what that person was carrying instead of the entirety of what they were carrying"
  8. Can't seem to post in testing forums to provide feedback even though I can actually go into the game. Anybody know why? Also testing feedback: 1. Ranger can't seem to move backwards while charging an arrow shot, but can still strafe left/right. Walking backwards animation does still play though, so possibly a bug? 2. I am colourblind, so this won't apply to everyone and hopefully once the accessibility settings are available it becomes less of a problem. I can barely see the difference between slag ore and cobblestone. They look almost exactly the same to my eyes. 3. Enemy Hellcat(?)
  9. I should probably add I am perfectly fine with the options on the different paths being more varied e.g. bigger aoe on one path vs longer range on another. But I do think different type of stats from different paths already provide these to a degree e.g. one path may give you more health and allow you to be more tanky while another path may give you more attack power and allow you to be more offensive. If you're worried about the actual numbers being barely noticeable right now, you should stop. Balancing in an MMO is a neverending process, numbers will continue to change both pre release and
  10. I think it's fine. If the game is successful and continues to grow for x years i imagine there will be new players etc who need cheaper goods that newer crafters can provide for them. You as master crafter will likely spend your time experimenting and creating premium items, not mass produced lower quality ones. You may also consider delving into gathering and combat if only to make yourself even less reliant on suppliers. As for relying on a single crafter, that would be a bad idea because if that person decides to quit. Or is sick or busy with work etc all of a sudden your guild is comp
  11. personally I like their current system. The Druid tree has 3 fruits, you can choose to eat them in any order or not eat them at all. So somebody who only ever wants to play Druid will eat all of the fruits in the Druid tree before moving on to another tree, meanwhile I only want to dabble in Druid, so maybe I'll eat fruit x and y, then skip fruit z entirely and move on to the Confessor tree and take a look at the fruit options on that tree. With enough time, is it possible for a person to master absolutely everything, probably, but that's years in the future. In the meantime even if you an
  12. No offense to anyone in particular, but in a situation where 5 skilled players are fighting 20 zerglings, if you're trading deaths at a 1 : 1 ratio, then the 5 "skilled" players are either not that skilled or the 20 zerglings are likely more skilled than you've presented them as or the 20 zerglings also include a handful of skilled players so it's not 5 S vs 20 Z and is more maybe 5 S vs 3 S+17 Z I see this argument all the time (in multiple games) from people who overestimate their own abilities, where they label themselves as skilled players and everybody else as zerglings when the reali
  13. if you go here you can check: https://www.crowfall.com/client/
  14. I agree that performance is important, but I think the performance hits you're seeing is because compared to hunger dome: 1. There are now textures instead of everything grey 2. The area is larger 3. The models are more developed with more animations etc 4. More abilities 5. Crafting is in TBH it's pointless to spend too much time optimising until at least most of the core systems are roughly done. Because each time a new system is added it will probably mess with the performance.
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