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  1. I think idea is to use the best of both without the fluff quest log and arrows. Essentially using features from RPGs,RTSs,and MMOs to create a super game. I am to totally ok with PvE elements that complicate the campaigns.
  2. This type of stuff can happen without a system in place for it. A leader board could be fun within each EK. I could see people making a living off of it in game.
  3. There will be learning curve, but there are usually newbie friendly guilds and guilds formed by newbs. So if you can find one of those groups you should be fine. After all it is all about playing with others in an MMO.
  4. Bottom line, too many development dollars for not enough return on investment. Delivery on the over arching themes of the core design cincepts is much more important than creating a bunch of options that may or may not really get used.
  5. If that's the case I'll go play a different campaign and have no desire to be part of either guild, because that sounds booooooring.
  6. I have to admit the Throne World idea is intriguing, but it seems silly to me to heavily modify the vision of the game before it has even been alpha tested. People keep referencing a need for a meta game,but I think they're overlooking the kind of political/economic meta game that will likely emerge from the system as proposed. There's nothing to stop guilds from paying off other guilds in resources in the EK or in future campaigns to support them or throw the campaign. Permanent territorial control is not necessary for this type of meta game. Players will plot, scheme, negotiate, bribe, spy, and betray to win if it is necessary. That said, I am not against the Throne World idea, but I think it would be a shame to at least try the core vision.
  7. False. I fully intend to be a tenant. I look forward to it actually. That way I can be in a nice EK hopefully public with a lot of other players and actively engaged in the EK politics. Running an EK does not interest me, being part of one does.
  8. My theory us that campaigns will have phases that will look more like one type of strategy game during spring (probably 4x) and another during winter (RTS). Spring will be largely about exploring regions, claiming them, and exploiting their resources to get up and running. As the campaign progresses the edges of the map will get filled in, everything will be claimed, alliances will be set, and the full scale wars will begin.
  9. Model Thrall ftw. I shall call him Zoolander.
  10. I was a big fan of the SK back in my EQ days. Tried to make something similar in Guild Wars with War/Necro Necro/War builds. Didn't quite come together.
  11. Just a thought for policing without people sitting in jail, because that sounds really boring. Unless they exploit or dupe or whatever then ban hammer them. Players will use the tools you give them and kicking a spy from the guild wouldn't necessarily deny them loot.
  12. My thought on this is to give guilds the ability to organize a vote to kick some one in their guild out of the campaign without receiving rewards. This does a few things. First guilds will be more reluctant than usual to trust players outside of their guild because the worst punishment they can manage can only be applied to guildmates. Second a spy managing to get in a guild and feed the sensitive information to a rival guild would have some potential consequences. Third, on the other hand spies could charge more for their services and receive payment in the EKs. Fourth this could lead to impromptu in campaign coups, if their guild decides their leadership is not necessary and could be a catalyst for the formation of a new guild. It's important however that this ability is restricted to guildmates. The implications of applying this campaign wide should be fairly obvious.
  13. Dude we have almost no new info from when the KS started so I am not sure exactly what you mean. If you backed before reading and didn't change your pledge that's your bad. Either way I fail to see this incoming theme park game. Pretty sure you don't know what that means. Furthermore all the games you listed had strengths and weaknesses from a design perspective. You actually did not state any problems and apparently did not do any reading, because nothing has really changed.
  14. I may not always play warriors but when I do I prefer spears.
  15. I can say this much, the proudest moment of my life in MMORPGS was not hitting level cap or maxing my craft in WoW, it was when I became a trusted advisor and Senior Officer in my guild or when the guild I lead achieved something as a guild. That's what I want from an MMORPG in a nutshell. Not some spoon fed vertical progression system. Social progression should be the key drive behind in game action. Whether it be your goal be an effective leader, an infamous robber,professional mercenary, or respected crafter is inconsequential. All of these are social goals and achieving them is more meaningful than any skinner box pixel manipulation that ACE can conjure up. Why? Because it is your peers that determine whether you are successful or not. Not some computer program.
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