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    Joziah09 got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Is Anyone Else Affraid Of What This Game Could Be?   
    Dude we have almost no new info from when the KS started so I am not sure exactly what you mean. If you backed before reading and didn't change your pledge that's your bad. Either way I fail to see this incoming theme park game. Pretty sure you don't know what that means.
    Furthermore all the games you listed had strengths and weaknesses from a design perspective. You actually did not state any problems and apparently did not do any reading, because nothing has really changed.
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    Joziah09 got a reaction from JamesGoblin in The Pve Fallacy   
    I think idea is to use the best of both without the fluff quest log and arrows. Essentially using features from RPGs,RTSs,and MMOs to create a super game. I am to totally ok with PvE elements that complicate the campaigns.
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    Joziah09 reacted to Adall in The Pve Fallacy   
    Every new PvP focused game gets bombarded with PvE focused players who want to carve out their own slice.
    The same goes for every new PvE game, but strangely it is to a much lesser extent.
    I will never understand anyone who tries to enter a place and ask for something else that isn't being offered...
    It is like going into a bank and asking for a burger and fries... that is the level of stupidity people engaging in this activity share.
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    Joziah09 reacted to jtoddcoleman in A Request For A Very Important Stretch Goal...   
    I can certainly understand disappointment (and believe me, I'm all-to-familiar with the feeling that my design decisions have left someone disappointed).  
    In this case, however, the answer is easy, because there is absolutely no way we can afford to do it the way you are suggesting.  Even if your argument was so compelling that it completely changed my mind, to the point where I was just as disappointed as you -- it still wouldn't matter, because I can't magic up $10+ million dollars.  
    It's simply not something we can (remotely) afford.  No sense in debating the pros and cons of something we can't change, even if we wanted to.
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    Joziah09 reacted to PopeUrban in Let's Talk About: Campaign Permanence   
    First thing's first obviously. If the core campaign system doesn't work, it doesn't make sense to devote time to an extended metagame.
    It's just a discussion on what I think the real heart of the issue is. I don't believe it's campaign permanence as much as REWARD permanence, and spitballing on how permanent rewards cna actually sit alongside temporary worlds and still feel useful, rewarding, and fun without devoling in to a snowballing overpowered uncle bob situation.
    Also, you know, it's just my own ideas, and last I checked I don't work for ACE so their word is law here.
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    Joziah09 reacted to Eren in Let's Talk About: Campaign Permanence   
    Current content :
    5 EK  - 95 C (Primart focus : campaigns)
    +Rens content :
    105 EK - 95 C. (Primary focus : EK)
    It shifts the game by adding content. Thats what im trying to say.
    Guilds will be in warfare to control those keypoints, its very likely they will start ignoring whole building game in campaign worlds and focus on that warfrare for economical advantages. If they become the capital they can simply get going. And they can build a base around the points of interest, a base so powerful that would literally be imposible to conquer. Their economy would rise unmatched.
    Campaign worlds last long, they can last for months.A guild cannot go to campaigns if they want to conquer EK.. And when you give a human such possibility its highly unlikely they will ignore it. Campaign worlds will lose guild population and its very likely dregs and gods reach will become more popular. 
    In current state of game ; There are stages.
    You start with plenty resources, you try to build, form alliances, start shaping the world.
    Next stage where capitals are set, trade routes follow, games of mind and economy.
    Later stages, world is dangerous, resources are rare and you need to gather it from other players, betrayals, wars, destruction. A winner rises.And gets his reward.
    And now you repeat, a whole new world to discover, whole new strategies, plans. mind games. And trophies of your victory will be shown in the eternal kingdoms.It will be a good memory. But not an eternal victory. As there is no fun in being the winner, nor the loser.
    IF the focus moves into Eternal kingdoms;
    Warfare between guilds, one guild emerging victorius, having richer economy. Achieving a level where it becomes unmatched. This may take even a year but it will happen. And what then? Simple warfare opposed to the things listed above.
    Guilds do not have luxury of going into campaign if they want to secure something in eternal kingdoms. This is the reason eternal kingdoms should not have a focus and be more of a resting place. You can stay there for your time between campaigns, strategize, train, craft. But that is not where the game happens. Eternal Kingdoms are not your meta game, they are your resting place.
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    Joziah09 got a reaction from Tofyzer in Crowfall's "strategy" Element: Rts, 4X, Grand Strategy?   
    My theory us that campaigns will have phases that will look more like one type of strategy game during spring (probably 4x) and another during winter (RTS). Spring will be largely about exploring regions, claiming them, and exploiting their resources to get up and running. As the campaign progresses the edges of the map will get filled in, everything will be claimed, alliances will be set, and the full scale wars will begin.
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    Joziah09 reacted to jtoddcoleman in Let's Talk About: Campaign Permanence   
    Oh, wow -- I need to clarify something.
    These are all separate design knobs.  They aren't tied together.  We intend to have different rules settings for different Campaigns WITHIN each band. Not all "Dregs" campaigns are going to be the same.  The illustrations were only intended to get example settings that we think will work well together; not to say "every World in this band works exactly like this."
    Again, it's about experimentation.  That's why I am comfortable talking about ideas like the ones that I brought up, above -- the design architecture was specifically created to allow us to try out different options, to see what takes.  
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    Joziah09 got a reaction from Gryphonedm in Crowfall's "strategy" Element: Rts, 4X, Grand Strategy?   
    My theory us that campaigns will have phases that will look more like one type of strategy game during spring (probably 4x) and another during winter (RTS). Spring will be largely about exploring regions, claiming them, and exploiting their resources to get up and running. As the campaign progresses the edges of the map will get filled in, everything will be claimed, alliances will be set, and the full scale wars will begin.
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    Joziah09 reacted to Tipsy in Crowfall's "strategy" Element: Rts, 4X, Grand Strategy?   
    Yes YES my darlings muhahahaaaa!!
      Ahem,it isn't hard to see that the RTS elements in Crowfall's combat would change the flow of battles quite drastically & innovate combat  in a very positive manner. Because now we have to be aware of other unit categories that impose a threat on us. And we'd have to help fellow units that fall short in one area but can help us further on(like ones with slower movement speed like siege units) It makes us aware of the players around us & also caters to the emphasize they want to put on tactical decision making. The problem with the more recent classless mmo's we've seen is that they could fulfil any role & are very self-sufficient. All classes are so balanced that none of them impose a real danger to each other. So in large scale battles they can all just rush through content/battles because there isn't really something that imposes a great danger towards a bigger group of players.But when the rts element sets in ,a group of ganking rangers that stumble accross a siege golem would be made into apple compote. We need peril on the battlefield ,retreating should be a valid tactical consideration
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    Joziah09 reacted to Lastgirl in Why Ttk And The Zerg Are Inextricably Linked   
    RNG and Personal Skill is like oil and water. They do not mix.
    RNG is really a dice roll and gambling on that. Man it's just so tricky to balance something like RNG. Used on things like passives and it might encourage people to build cookie cutter like throwing most points into critical chance just so they can get burst damage at a consistent rate. When you play action paced games, like a shooter, you don't introduce RNG to recoil and pray that you hit your targets maybe 30% of the time. Recoil kicks in based on rate of fire alone and that feels natural. Your bullets aren't hitting in a straight constant line. I would expect the same for an action focused PvP where you swing and miss based on distance and position. If they're claiming Crowfall to be more action oriented, then I hope that is what they'll focus on. Ontop of dodge with dashing and jumping, some things like block or parries would be interesting to allow a sense of timing, mobility, and application. although I'm sure that's more complex and difficult to implement but it would be much better off for it in the long run than having to rely on something that feels more artificial and gamey like RNG. If it's somewhat in the vein of Mount and Blade maybe? Like really loosely inspired. Just a thought. I'd love to hear yours on that aspect.
    I understand that RNG is practical when you play tabletop games and it's a core feature in card games, and that's a good thing. You're not really doing anything else with these cards or pieces on the board, they're passive and they stay there so they need a little something to kick things off. In more traditional MMOs or CORPGs as well, the mechanics are so vastly different because they involve staticism of your character being in one place and that's a passivity of its own. You're deciding on skills or spells to use on your opponent and you're seeing how much damage you're doing for every turn you make and vice versa. You could compare older Final Fantasy to Kingdom Hearts for a better picture, albeit a crude one.
    However in more modern MMOs as the trend is going.. you're being so actively participant as you control your avatar in an MMO, you want to be rewarded for reading your opponent right and being in the right position, and be punished for your missteps, being out of position. That's only fair right? RNG only brings such a distaste to that because you could outdance, outshine your opponent and pretty much are outpacing him and overwhelming him, but suddenly your opponent throws a spell or an attack and that crits you out because he had better numbers.. Your personal skills were irrelevant because he got lucky, simply got lucky on numbers. I would rather say "nice hit" or "nice shot" instead of "lucky hit" or "lucky shot." It sounds way more less condescending at that don't it? I've seen how communities react to RNG compared to ones that are outskilled. The resentment and bile is unreal.
    We'd have to know what kind of combat is being developed in Crowfall and the extent of it to see how zerg behavior and pattern is affected. We only have the basis to compare older MMOs on currently, so it's extremely difficult to say what zergs or players will really do. Impossible even. And if we fall back on older MMO systems to compare, it's really a headache because you have to dismantle every system that's involved in that MMO to a basic level. It's really like assembling a car engine together. We don't even have a blueprint to go off on, just a little napkin doodle of the potential. Not only that, who would honestly want to compare with older MMOs? Why not actually go in a new direction, it really does tire me out. What I do know based on past experience however is zergs are rewarded, as some people have mentioned in the thread, firehose healing, no fear of consequences, and actually...RNG. The more people in that cluster, the higher chance that some person will throw off a crit to dislodge another zerg and move forward. Even critical heals acts as an RNG to make zergs all the luckier in staying power.
    In fact, zerg feels like it has a negative connotation because you get a sense of a mindless disorganized mass of brute force that rely on numbers for a better CHANCE outcome. It would be really nice to do away with the "zerg" connotation and mentality and replace that with "armies". And if personal skills factor into that, then you feel like you're in an army, contributing to a mission and being active instead of being lumped into one blob. Your commander tells you and your group to go defend the gates while archers are lobbing projectiles from the towers, instead of people just going "Lol custard it, just occupy any space and just make sure there's more of us there.". You'd have a much greater sense of purpose and tactical feeling, and that guides a direction, essentially making you an army. If you introduce tactical action that rewards personal skills, your large group becomes an efficient machine instead of a swarm designed to banzai wave constantly. You punish the carelessness and recklessness of zerging with tactical action and skills and force players to have a pardigm shift to find the better approach to many situations. There's a middle ground somewhere, there has to be.
    (Basically, I mean if you realize that zerging is more of an action and tactic rather than a large group of people. In certain historical shooters, this is actually a tactical action and conscious choice that involves a crowd of people, not that IS a group of people. If Crowfall can MAKE that an action and tactic then that's kind of a success in my eyes. It could be a cheap tactic in an act of sheer desperation to break a hold. It's kind of sad that we have to automatically think that if there's 100+ people in an area, that's a zerg entity instead of simply an army. That's how bad MMOs have yanked players around when it comes to large scale PVP.)
    I don't know if you saw the video, but I saw a knight knocking an enemy off a bridge with an AoE spell of some sort. If you can use positional based CC skills like that AS a UTILITY rather than a spammy mechanic to press over and over, it might shake things up because that's all relative to timing, placement, and application which = personal skills. You don't land a headshot by praying to an RNG god in a shooter. You take your time and wait for the best clear shot to happen, sometimes you miss, sometimes you land it and that factor had to do with your personal timing and aiming skills and your relative position on the map, and how you applied it.
    Regarding Time to Kill, mobility does a great amount of deal with that. The problem with ArcheAge and most MMOs is the tab targeting system, and that in ArcheAge, even if I backflip to dodge, the spell will hone on me like a missile just because of the last range I was at, not during the moment I was ejecting. That's so lame.
    If you ever played SMITE, mobility is a HUGE factor in buying time. You're about to die? You can pretty much zig zag or spin and cut right inside your attacker, confusing the hell out of them. This is called a Juke. You juke your foes and they can't attack you because they expected you to go in one direction but you went full 180 and they don't have their skillshot ability or basic slashing attack lined up with you. So this starts a benny hill chase sequence where you're ducking into different areas and it buys SO much time that your teammates already show up to land a CC on them, allowing you to escape. Add in a dash or jump, that's like a free dodge. Even in SMITE there are attacking abilities that you can use as an escape, like Serqet's Deathbane, Ne Zha's Wind Fire Wheels, Athena's Preemptive Strike, etc.
    I mean if Crowfall can ensure that archtypes have a gap-closer that isn't a target lock, like a tab system required, then it'll be just fine to use these gap closers to escape as well, which will buy players borrowed time, increasses their chances of survivability. Can't exactly "one-shot" something you can't catch, if that's even feasible. If it works perfectly in SMITE, why not in an MMO?
    Just my 2 cents, feel free to tell me how dead wrong I am
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    Joziah09 reacted to bairloch in Why Ttk And The Zerg Are Inextricably Linked   
    So I've contributed to many conversations here about Time to Kill. A lot of folks think it should be longer than real life because it isn't "fun" to be randomly one-shotted on occasion. I'm of the opinion that one shots should be possible. And this morning, I realized that having that possibility is very important to battling the Zerg. Allow me to explain.
    In real life, fortifications can trump the Zerg. Well fortified forces often need sieging and starving out (the real meaning of siege, not the SB one). Having more numbers isn't necessarily going to beat a well prepared, well defended fortification. Why is that?
    Because humans are so very easy to kill and/or incapacitate. IRL, you lob an explosive, some boiling oil or alchemists fire into a packed group of humans and you're going to take a large portion of them out of the battle in one blow. It isn't "fun", it isn't "fair", but it is true.
    In video games, we've decided that this can't happen. We've given everyone these massive health bars so an explosive near us takes off, say... a third of our health, and then we pop a potion and we're not even breaking stride. This is what gives the Zerg its power. If the Zerg was as fragile as a human mob, this kind of thing would not happen. That explosive would put them down in large swathes and they'd have to change tactics.
    In a game like CF, you can have explosives, AOE spells and whatever else they put in. If those took people out of the battle a dozen at a time, you'd break the Zerg fairly quickly. But that brings up an awful question of balance. That same splodie used in a small battle or even one-on-one would be horribly unbalancing.
    So what to do? Perhaps a mechanism where the more toons per square meter (or some such measurement) has a multiplier on the explosions. This does have some real-life merit as contained explosions do much more damage than one dropped on an open plain. So that same AOE nuke that does a third of your health bar in one-on-one combat does triple damage if you're packed into a Zerg.
    Now, this doesn't mean that large armies will be useless. No, you'll just have to actually use tactics to deploy them. A raiding party to the wall in this spot while an artillery team works over this section of the wall and sappers are undermining this section. The rest held in reserve because you know you will take heavy losses. Send in reinforcements here, a cavalry charge there and your own nuke squadron there... when the time is right.
    This won't be popular because everyone wants to be fighting all the time, now now now, me me me, instant gratification!!!!111!!!eleven!! Yeah, well, that's how we got the Zerg to begin with, isn't it? So maybe changing our thinking a bit can get us out of this Zerg-loop we're stuck in and actually see some real battles?
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    Joziah09 reacted to Daevic in An Armory   
    Quite often I find myself hanging on to armor or gear that has some kind of meaning in games be it gotten from a difficult boss, full set, or just something that's a once a year event. For whatever the reason I'd like to be able to keep gear or sets in my EK and display them maybe even be able to setup a note beside it so people passing through can see what that gear is to me where it came from etc.
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    Joziah09 reacted to malkav in Archtype Request - Necromantic Knight Type   
    Yeah Joziah, that is one of the main reasons for my request. I don't want it to be a sorta SK. I really want that Heavy armor wearing, dark magic wielding lifetapping play experience again.
    I even re-installed EQ2 and tried an EQ1 Emulator recently to play it again. But I really want a more modern MMO with that same character play experience. I will say the Hidden Forest guys do a great job with EQ1 but it isnt quite the same experience as the first time in the world which is why I am excited by the possibilty of an SK type in this game. New worlds all the time!
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    Joziah09 reacted to malkav in Archtype Request - Necromantic Knight Type   
    This is a great idea, the same game play mechanics and overall aesthetic would be able to be used. (If there are no Undead in CF). If there are undead, I still like the idea of undead control. 
    As for the change from disease to hunger that could very well play into the ideas that have been shared about how hunger will affect players and monster. Could lead to a truly unique and interesting character much like the SK was for EQ.
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    Joziah09 reacted to sheen in One Of My Biggest Fears For Crowfall - The Death Of The Guild In Modern Mmos   
    Do you agree that a problem exists with guild systems in modern MMOs?
    Not particularly, it's more a problem with what people want outta the guilds in modern MMOs.  We are in a social media age and superficial bonds run rampant. 
    What features and mechanics do you think Crowfall can implement to help foster strong, tight-knit guild communities? 
    Allow betraying and mutiny to happen, then people really have to think about who they let into their guild.  Let in too many peons and they may just take your stuff if they don't like the way you run things. 
    Making player skill matter will always help foster strong tight-knit guilds/groups.  Great players don't want weak links. 
    What features and mechanics do you think Crowfall should specifically avoid to do the same?
    Convenience features and the spirit which they exist for. 
    Are you worried that campaign win conditions will strongly favor mega-guilds in too many circumstances, and that this, combined with export rules, will smother small guilds in their cribs? 
    No need to worry about this til we see how it is implemented.  Maybe having mega guilds means mega expenses in some way.  Maybe the hunger can be more aggressive towards larger cities or groups.  I imagine something like a clump of marines being more attractive to a baneling than a small group slightly spread out.  Maybe that can become part of the strategy... even if you have a mega guild maybe you will want to spread them out across the map a certain way to avoid too much attention from the environment or elements.
    Any thoughts on multi-guilding mechanics like Guild Wars 2 and The Elder Scrolls Online?
    Multi guild sucks, creates shallow bonds.  Picking a guild should be an important choice. 
    What's your opinion on alliance systems, featuring a shared chat channel for a few allied guilds?
    Sure why not...
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    Joziah09 reacted to ellie in Explain Crowfall In A Sentence   
    At this point in time:    Forumfall!    It's all we got right now
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    Joziah09 reacted to caffynated in Explain Crowfall In A Sentence   
    Crowfall is an MMORPG sandbox with game mechanics designed toward large scale PvP combat and territorial conquest within a series of temporary campaign worlds.
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    Joziah09 reacted to evade2015 in Is Anyone Else Affraid Of What This Game Could Be?   
    The OP suffers from what I refer to the "unique snowflake syndrome" or USS.
    The issue with people with USS is they don't understand that in MMOs, unlike a single player game, no one can rule over all. No one is special and no one achieves real greatness.
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    Joziah09 got a reaction from bahamutkaiser in Spears   
    I may not always play warriors but when I do I prefer spears.
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    Joziah09 got a reaction from bairloch in Where's The Long Term Character Progression?   
    I can say this much, the proudest moment of my life in MMORPGS was not hitting level cap or maxing my craft in WoW, it was when I became a trusted advisor and Senior Officer in my guild or when the guild I lead achieved something as a guild. That's what I want from an MMORPG in a nutshell. Not some spoon fed vertical progression system. Social progression should be the key drive behind in game action. Whether it be your goal be an effective leader, an infamous robber,professional mercenary, or respected crafter is inconsequential. All of these are social goals and achieving them is more meaningful than any skinner box pixel manipulation that ACE can conjure up.
    Why? Because it is your peers that determine whether you are successful or not. Not some computer program.
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    Joziah09 got a reaction from wargasmo in A Few Permanent Worlds   
    Where? I haven't found it and would very much like to see this. Link please.
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    Joziah09 got a reaction from nesogra in Wheres The Petition To Keep Out Slayers   
    To you, but other people like their fantasy with a dose of rediculously deadly cuteness. Why so serious?
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    Joziah09 reacted to Gilgamer in A Combat Dialogue   
    Call it semantics but I am not using this thread to suggest just a combat system for Crowfall per se; I would like to start a discussion on combat.  All I've seen so far is a general dislike for telegraphed combat, very generic statements about skill counts (few versus many), the hope of action combat aside from any concrete details, and a community that has taken up the posture of wait-and-see.  I too am curious to see the developer's vision for combat and what they do about telegraphs, but that doesn't mean we can't each take a crack at it. 
    I hesitated to go here because combat systems can be a very contentious issue; everyone has played games they liked and games they disliked, and every game draws either negative or positive comparisons.  I thought I'd take a stab at it however, not because I have any particular expertise, but because I've been trying to distill my own thoughts about what I like/dislike and find a way to articulate it. 
    Goal: Create a combat system that eliminates global or arbitrary cool-downs, allows developers an opportunity to show off stunning animations, and creates a flow to combat that is situational, never rotational, and impactful.
    The Proposal:  Categorize player actions into tiers based on shared animation length*, and give them a reason to use actions from each tier to build custom combos, while weighing resource management against factors like positioning, opportunity, and situational demands. 
    This system uses three tiers of abilities based on animation length:
    First tier - abilities with quick animations you want players to have immediate and constant access to. 
    These would be spammable until their tied resource (stamina/mana) is exhausted**, but doing so would be far from optimal. 
    Second tier - would encompass more powerful direct damage abilities, ones that hinder your target's combat flow, and ones that either close gaps or create space; the increased power comes with a longer animation and greater resource consumption (stamina/mana).
    Diminished returns and player reactives will handle Stun and CC spam as opposed to CDs.
    Third tier - will be the most situational as you will have to decide between buffing yourself, your allies, or continuing to dish out the damage. These have a very lengthy animation by default and high resource cost.
    Combat flow: 
    All abilities would be usable anytime your character isn't in the middle of an active animation; however, there would be a benefit called momentum*** to using them in ascending order by tier.
    Tier one abilities should be numerous and varied as these will be the majority of the combat, but their primary role is to keep the pressure on your opponent while you wait for a good tier two opportunity.  
    Tier two abilities will be very strategic, because they give you the chance to take away an opponent's opportunity, create an opportunity for an ally, or take advantage of an opportunity created by an ally.
    Tier three abilities, due to their animation length, would be hard to pull off successfully in hectic combat, but when successful could turn the tide of combat
    Just because you can move to the next tier doesn't mean you should, and will you be ready to capitalize on an opportunity with an ability from the appropriate tier.
    *Animation Lock: 
    A game mechanic by which your character is locked into a player made choice of action until that action's animation plays through in its entirety. Example: a massive overhand chop with a two-handed axe might be a three second animation, once the player commits to the overhand chop they cannot choose another action for their character.  Many people believe this means your character is rooted during the animation; this doesn't have to be the case, though that might be desirable for certain actions, you could also allow only limited movement like the ability to pivot allowing for better aiming without outright moving. 
    Animation locks give the developer's a nice chunk of time to fill with very detailed and weighty animations, that do a much better job of conveying character momentum.  Tera, a game that is being looked at by the developers, uses animation lock in some form for most classes, though that does not mean they like that particular aspect of Tera's combat.  Without animation lock developers have to either keep all animation within the smallest window possible (usually a GCD), or use animation blending to truncate and run one animation into another, which often looks unnatural.   For examples of GCD/SkillCD games look at WoW or any of its spawn, and for an example of the latter look at ESO.
    I would propose tier one abilities at a quick one second animation. These would certainly not root your character.
    I would like to see tier two abilities at 3 seconds and tier three abilities at 5 seconds by default, but sped up to 2.5 and 4 seconds respectively under the influence of momentum**.  These would potentially root your character, or move your character along a path determined at the time the action is executed (like an intercept ability).
    I propose animations that look good in the two to three second range but also looks good when slowed down to exaggerate emphasis.
    Using an ability in the first tier and then progressing to an ability in the next tier within five seconds grants a haste like buff called momentum that shortens the animation length for that tier (sped up animation without dropping frames or clipping the animation);  the momentum carries forward from the second tier if a third tier ability is used within ten seconds.  After attempting a third tier ability all momentum is lost.
    Outside of combat, resources regen very quickly, but if you run your character completely out of a resource pool, you'll receive a debuff to the regen rate for that pool.  Be careful to always keep a little reserve.
    Free Flowing Combos:
    Combine any three abilities - one from each tier starting in tier one and moving up to build momentum and create a unique combo. 
    Tier 1 - single target abilities like: melee attacks, touch range magic, ranged magical/physical projectiles, debuffs, dots, reactives (block, dodge, parry)
    Tier 2 - situational abilities like: stuns, interrupts, crowd control, movement abilities (leap, charge, warp), knock backs, positional attacks, higher damage "charged-up" melee/magic attacks
    Tier 3 - highly situational abilities like: buffs, heals, damage shields, AOEs both physical and magical, summons, directing a pet, coup de grace melee attacks (on prone or CC'ed targets). 
    All the numbers could be tuned with testing to speed up or slow down combat; and abilities could be moved between tiers as gameplay balance required (though the animations would need to be redone).  I tried to provide a framework w/o getting weighed down by individual abilities/skills.   Let me know what you think. 
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