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    Software Development, Weight Lifting, and extreme sports such as Snowboarding and Wake-boarding. On my spare time, I like to play multiplayer games.
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  1. Sounds interesting, count me in.
  2. For the last 24 hours, the irc bot will check the early birds every 2 seconds. This might help some people to fight against the other people using bots out there. I also split the bot into two bots, optimized code, and made other changes so that the bots are more stable and have better performance. CrowBotEB focuses entirely on early bird checking, while CrowBot handles the rest of the duties. Also, early bird notice subscriptions are still enabled via '!eb subscribe {pledge name/id}".
  3. I assume it was a strange connection issue on my end. Bot is still alive on the channel!
  4. I can no longer connect, nor can my bot. Edit: It's working now.
  5. I changed the early bird checking interval to 15 seconds. That means the bot will check for early bird open slots 4 times a minute.
  6. Hello, I am interested in upgrading my pledge to Sapphire Patron. Does anyone have more detail on the building rewards? For example: - Purpose of upgrading stronghold (to small castle) - Purpose of Villa - Purpose of Divine Cathedral I assume buildings are purely cosmetic at this time. Is there more info on this? Thank you.
  7. This is not entirely true. On Kickstarter, there's a savings of $35 for AMBER PATRON - EARLY BIRD, and $75 for SAPPHIRE PATRON - EARLY BIRD.
  8. I have to agree with Serious. It probably would have been best to just open up the PayPal method after the Kickstarter, to avoid any backlash in the first place. Another solution would be to pool the PayPal and Kickstarter money together towards the stretch goals, not have separate stretch goals. Maybe they will change things around in a few days, it's still a work in progress.
  9. I also hope that the paypal backing service will be open to all countries. I am sure there is plenty of demand for it. There are also people, such as me, that would like to purchase a reward more then once, so that they can gift it to friend(s). I might have missed it, but I hope that you add a link to the Paypal backing webpage from the homepage. There's also a small typo on the Paypal page: "Strech" should be "Stretch".
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