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  1. I really like BDO to be honest, I have never seen any p2w aspect within the game or cash shop either. Their graphics, character generation is far superior when it comes to any other mmo out there to date. Even ESO looks dated and animations stiff after playing BDO. I found BDO to be a fun and enjoyable game with some very well thought out mechanics. Just a shame western developers like to use cartoon style graphics and colour pallets when it comes to MMOs. Out of the mmo's on the market at present BDO looks 5 years ahead of the crowd.
  2. Yes I was on Bloodbath but from what other players said there were no mobs on the other servers anyways. People were using items from their spirit bank from previous tests.
  3. Just found out today that the weapons I were using only does half the damage which is a problem. And without any mobs to harvest new materials from for the higher level weapons and armour the whole test for me is now pointless. So in effect any class I choose will be killed very easily because there are no mobs in the servers and people lucky enough to have meat and skins in the spirit bank are going to be overpowered.
  4. Well that explains that part, but is there something like a soft lock for enemies so I do not end up wasting my essence during combat? If soft lock is not going to be in the game then all offensive spells in the ranged classes need to be increased to by 50% of what they do right now.
  5. I would be happy if at least one class has access to a melee staff.
  6. So far I have tried the druid and confessor in combat against another player. Both times I dumped all my essence and mana onto the enemy melee fighter and twice over in the fights and hardly did any damage to them. They went on and killed me in a few seconds. I had the range and drop on them. I used all my essence and mana twice in each fight, and only managed to get them down to half health before they closed the gap and wasted me. Is there a way to lock onto the target as a ranged class if not then why? If there are no soft locks for ranged skills then at least increase their damage output by 50%. So when they do hit it actually does something to the enemy. I know its pre-alpha but playing a ranged class right now is broken in my eyes. Also the chat window sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
  7. The damage output of the druid is poor when compared to the other classes. Most of it is ranged and without any lock on ability most of my ranged attacks go a miss due to lag or the other player dodging them. I then run out of essence and can't attack anymore which ends up being a death sentence. I tried to heal another player but the healing globes as they ran over them wasn't picked up and they never healed from the spells I cast.
  8. I can recommend some. The Water Knife. by Paolo Bacigalupi The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin Old Mans War by John Scalzi Docking is Difficult by Gideon Defoe (if you like Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy humour then check this out. ) Wanted by Gavin Deas a very good book with edge of the seat writing and bitter sweet ending.
  9. Thanks. I wish to keep it as I would like to use my eternal realm to either build a guild around or create a place of commerce and crafting.
  10. I have a Large Keep with my package and I got an email saying that these are going to be removed from the game. Does this mean if I don't redeem it I am going to loose it? Or will it be converted over to the new system if I just leave it as it is?
  11. This new stretch goal is one I hope they do not acheive. This breaks with the lore of the archtype for a start.
  12. Maybe the devs made them gender locked to stop the flood of people playing assassins like they do in other MMO's. Knowing that most male gamers are homophobic and refuse to play a female character. Personally I don't have a problem with gender locked characters I know my own sexuality (hetro male) and playing a female character in a game doesn't bother me.
  13. I just tend to join guilds that are playing the same game. Not had a stable guild as such since Star Wars Galaxy, and that didn't end too well.
  14. Hi forgive me for not reading through the whole thread, but I would like to add some historical facts about high heels and their role in combat. They were desinged by the French military for their calvary knights to stop the boots from slipping through the stirups when at full charge. The Queen of France at the time noticed how they could elevate a shorter stature person above their peers and so commisioned some to be made for her to wear in court. Her name was Catherine de' Medici she is also the person who made the corset popular at the time. Persians and Mongolians wore high heels to help them to stand up during their full gallop so they could shoot their bows from horseback in the 9th centuary. Another random fact is that Egyptian butchers wore high heels as well during work so they would not be walking around in the ofal that was strewn on the floor. Many Europeans also wore high heels (men as well as women) when in the city so they would not be walking in the sewage that ran down the streets because during that era people would throw their night soil out into the streets. There are many more articles about the history of high heels but these are just the ones from off the top of my head. The picture of the character shown shows boots and not unreasonable high heels for combat, maybe she rode a horse to get to her destination? The base of the heel is big enough to support her in combat on the ground as well as in the saddle.
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