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  1. You can actually combo it endlessly until you run out of energy.
  2. RMB can indeed interrupt animation lock, at least the basic attack. I'll test this more on Thursday.
  3. Most likely a Pre-Alpha effect. Information accessibility is a huge part of UI design and I can't imagine Debuffs/Buffs won't get a visibility update in the future.
  4. (Melee Tray cont.) Key C: Well, there you have it. Every Ranger power currently available in the test.
  5. MELEE TRAY: Left Mouse Button (LMB): // The attack animation is pretty long, so aiming it takes careful practice. You can move between strikes, as there is a grace period before the combo resets. Right Mouse Button (RMB): // Same as Ranged Tray. Key 1: // This is your #1 escape. It's a teleport and takes you a fair distance. Use to get out of trouble. Key 2: // I don't really know the use of this ability. It's damage seems sub-par and it has no additional effects. AoE cone maybe? Key 3: // This is your most useful and important melee abilit
  6. (Ranged Tray cont.) Key 4: // I've used this to mixed results. Use in teamfights when you can hit 3-5 targets, as it SHOULD do more than focusing single-targets. Not very effective in practice currently. Key 5: // The animation is painfully long, but the knock-up is ridiculously high. It can be used to create distance, but it's unreliable because it only knocks enemies straight up, not out. Key 6: // Use this whenever you get into a big fight. The damage buff is significant, but the area-of-effect is not that big. Don't be afraid to abandon if you're pressured by melee a
  7. // Hey guys. Below is an info dump transcribed from the current Pre-Alpha 1.3 Hunger Dome test environment. Enjoy! */ To-Do List: - Grab cooldowns for all abilities. - Calculate mean/max damage for all abilities with base weapons - Find Stat effects on damage, including attack power. */ BASE RANGER TRAITS: // Currently, I have no knowledge on how base stats effect damage. If that has been released, lemme know and I'll add it in. RANGER ABILITIES: Ranged Tray: // Arrow on-hit effects are applies every third shot in quick succession. (the orange tinged shot,
  8. Glad to see someone doing Ranger justice. I was playing with the 3 basic shot modes last test and probably will again this test. (Green, Blue Orange) Have you tested the best charge % for each shot? (Each one does progressively more damage, orange being the most) Orange shot + Crushing arrows stunned EVERY time.
  9. You've done a great job of extrapolating off my point. I apologize if my meaning came across as PVE games having no people aspect. The point I meant to articulate is that the focus is not on scripted PVE encounters, such as a raid in WoW. Yes, there is a people dynamic there: setting up a raid team, organizing strategies, execution, etc. It doesn't follow a full theme park model. Instead, the gameplay and those moments of "Oh cool" are defined by how players choose to interact with each other. A large scale battle, politics between guilds on a campaign world, raiding enemy resources, e
  10. Calm down buddy. The Ranger isn't even accessible to us yet. There are pages of iterations yet to come.
  11. Stupid question. (I may have missed a post/FAQ) Any word on when the Ranger will be playable in the Pre-Alpha?
  12. Shout out to Pang for doing werk in this thread. The only way I see PVE being adapted into this game is as a secondary system to provide crafting resources and minor obstacles in the world. I don't know why people keep forgetting this is going to be a game about PVP. It's not about killing some big, scary pile of pixels that has the same strategy over and over. We have games for that. It's about creating relationships: enemies and friends. Allies and nemesis'. It's about the people. Any AI that comes into play is going to serve that Unity of Vision. Also on the note of user created
  13. Forum Name: Makeshyft "Crow" Name: Moeghyn Sunfall Guild Affiliation: <None> CW Participation: Yes. I am PVP oriented. General Alignment: Order
  14. Hey guys. It's been a while since I've been here. Since the Forums went backer-only in fact. Obviously that shunted out a few people who either weren't comfortable taking the backer plunge yet or didn't have the funds at the time. So my question is: Who's still here and who's still interested in Crowfall Roleplay? (EK or otherwise) Let's do a bit of a census! Please respond in this thread with the following: - Forum/Profile Name - Preferred "Crow" Name. (if you plan to have a RP name on the account level. Otherwise use a character name) - Guild Affiliation (if any) - If
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