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  1. Genuinely think this Kickstarter should have been started on the 2nd or 3rd of the month. Just after one payday and hitting another.
  2. I'm very interested and have a few ideas how this could work
  3. Hi so I've paid for access to Beta 1 but I'd really like to fund past that at a later point (monthly wage & commitments!) So my question is... Will there be plans to open up for further donations once Kickstarter has ended and will these further donations count towards our backer awards? Say I pushed in another 100 $ to get the alpha 3 status
  4. Ha ha. Take it you're speaking from experience there?
  5. Hi there - primarily looking for a group from the UK to play with. Can get to know each other over a few games of LoL if you're interested.
  6. Where is this guild based? Is it mostly a USA based guild?
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