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  1. wuup nice thanks man!
  2. I can't understand it. It was so interesting back then. Always hoped it would come 😔
  3. Can you tell me what could make the breed Human strong besides the extra active slot (which could be neglected in PvP) or the passive slot?
  4. excuse me, but did I miss something? Human has no cloak slot anymore? Or does the slot generally not exist anymore? or can everybody wear a cape now? The fact that only humans had the cape slot, was for me a long time a hope that humans become more meaningful.
  5. EjoFink


    it´s happening !!!
  6. Rassen da es für mich verschiedene Rassen sind. Fähigkeiten da es für mich Fähigkeiten sind 😈
  7. Alles andere hätte mich auch gewundert 😈
  8. Welcome to Crowfall 😈
  9. Immer wieder schön die Videos 🤘
  10. Ja ich werde ihn auch sobald der Testserver zur Verfügung steht ausgebig testen. Hoffen wir er wird bald für uns hochgefahren
  11. Und seid ihr auch schon gehyped ? Bin auf den Frostguard gespannt !!! Mein main bleibt aber der Ritter 😈 Hier ein Bild vom Q&A aus dem englischen Forum.
  12. Moin, I need to bring it up again. Besides Crowfall, I am currently playing a game that is in the alpha and is being developed by amzzzzzzzz The game is gaining so much depth and craziness with the ingame voice chat. A small example: In New W... ...we're running through a forest and have 200 sticks wood in our backpacks. There are two of us... But then an enemy came, and he looked better equipped... then we asked about Voice... please don't kill us... but what did he say???? Hee say hmm.. i dont kill you ..... just give me 200 gold... And say some bad words to us but we havent gold.. then he tried to kill us, but we were firm and we pushed him back. then a third person came and asked us about voice,... who he should help???. Which of you is the evil faction???. And I'm just saying, he wants to kill us because we got 200 wood. Then the bad guy died and it was awesome ^^ and all without writing.. it felt like you were just out in the real world
  13. Du m Du willst also auch sagen das die Jahreszeiten auf deutsch nicht richtig übersetzt sind? 😂
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