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  1. I think this is an idea we can all get behind.
  2. As cool as it'd be to tame a dragon and begin burning enemy cities to the ground within mere hours, I'd rather not someone have the option of doing that. On a more serious note, I'm in agreement with pretty much everyone else here - no thanks. However, I would like to see catapults that let you launch players that aren't dwarves. Nobody tosses a dwarf.
  3. There are twelve gods, and thus twelve classes. Adding more would require a strange addition of new gods out of nowhere. This kind of thread is silly. We have almost no information regarding promotion classes and what they'll bring to an archetype, and there are already people going on about new archetypes.
  4. While I do think there should be a way of gauging how healthy your opponents are, I don't think health bars are the way to go about it. Health bars have an almost clinical feel. Too clean. Not having a way to tell how healthy your opponents are is a problem, though. Perhaps various hit markers that tell you, and you alone, how hard you're hitting and how close to death your target is. Nothing specific, of course. Just enough to give you a general feel. With more information being given to you if you're in melee as opposed to at range. After all, it's easier to tell how hard you're hitting an opponent when you're up close and personal. Not so easy when you're a safe distance away.
  5. It's a tad chaotic for my taste, I agree.
  6. I do believe it's already been decided that there will be no levels in-game, and instead ACE are opting for a more EVE-esque approach to progression. Which is something I love. Providing it doesn't take quite as long to reach an "acceptable" level like it does in EVE, it allows a more FPS-style of play where you can drop into the game and have an impact almost instantly (if you're good enough), without having to grind through mobs for pointless levels. Don't get me wrong - I like levels. I grew up with them and they're pretty great. They just don't belong in Crowfall. Think of campaigns as a drawn-out FPS match. Levels don't matter there, only the quality of your equipment - and what equipment you've decided to use. Skill over numbers.
  7. In the name of the twelve Gods, no. That would single-handedly ruin many strategies and remove a lot of fun from the game as a result. As for the K/D idea? Perhaps as an additional rule, varying world-by-world. Definitely should not be something that's applied to every world, in my opinion.
  8. Let me start by saying this has probably been suggested before, and I was too lazy to sort through pages and pages of search results to check. Sue me. We all know that Crowfall is incorporating VoxelFarm technology to generate their worlds, and everything in it. I was interested, so I checked out their website: http://procworld.blogspot.co.uk/ I watched through a few of the videos showcasing VoxelFarm, and read some of the posts about it. Then, something stood out to me. If I'm understanding this correctly, the technology allows users, for example, to have their own creations show up in another players world - providing they're a part of the same group. Their creation wouldn't be modifiable by anyone else, and is removed from everyone else's view if that player is removed from the group. I'm sure you see where I'm going with this - but why not have this happen with our individual Eternal Kingdoms? If possible, it would: Remove the need for people to dedicate their efforts to a single Eternal Kingdom - this would usually be their guild's. Enable them to, instead, work on their own individual Kingdom, without detracting from their guild's world. Help tackle the problem where most Eternal Kingdoms would likely go unvisited. Fall in line with the fealty system. The King of the world could allow or disallow any one player's Kingdom to appear in theirs. Potentially allow the King to "assign" a single player's land to a specific area - allowing for more control over the layout of their world. So, thoughts? Is this a terrible idea, or would it be a step in the right direction?
  9. It has been stated that you'll be able to freely move between campaigns and EKs, so you won't have to worry about being "stuck on a campaign world". Yes, you are locked into that one campaign, but that just means you can't join a second campaign. I don't know what purpose they'll serve outside of pre-campaign preparation, social hubs or events, if any, but it's still pre-Alpha, so there's a lot of time for ACE to refine the EKs.
  10. I'm confused. Is a chaotic/evil character or race not allowed to be chaotic or evil? As countless people have said, it's a fantasy universe. A fantasy race. As in, a species that is clearly not human. She appears with wings and pointy ears for Valkyn's sake! Different cultures have differing opinions, differing traditions. Simple.
  11. I like the click-for-craft systems. I like not having to sit at my desk or go AFK for an hour while I make you six hundred ruby-encrusted sword hilts. I like being able to produce it instantly. Or, on the flip side, simply not have to wait around doing basically nothing while my character sits there hammering out my product. I've never played a game that has had a worthwhile crafting "mini-game" and quite frankly, I don't want to. Especially if the game turns out as I'm currently expecting it to. Unless a single blade can last weeks (I don't suppose it can if in use), then I'd need to be making more weapons (and armour!) for my clients as quickly as they run out. Ideally, I'd also have time to tinker and explore the system with new ideas and materials. I don't want much realism in my crafting. I don't want to need to wait an entire day to create a single sword. I will not have that luxury. I want to click, have it be done or waiting to be done, and for me to either get to work on the next one or head out in search of more materials.
  12. Just applied on the site. Hopefully you'll let this lil' nublet in and we can storm the Beta together! (Or the Alpha, if find out I have enough to upgrade to Bronze).
  13. From what I understand, this will be mostly up to the leaders of each faction. While in the more restricted campaigns (God's Reach and The Infected), it shouldn't be possible to "bandwagon" - you're locked into your choice by whichever god you follow, which I assume is either decided by archetype or another means in character creation. Whereas in The Shadow, it will probably end up as I said. It'll be up to the ruling factions whether they accept the loser's allegiance or not. Perhaps you won't be able to switch sides in Winter. Or maybe there's a limit onto how large a single faction can grow. Maybe they'll be a penalty if you jump ship during the last hours of a campaign. Aside from speculation, backstabbing and treachery should help curb this. Sabotage from within the largest faction, everything comes tumbling down and the smaller factions have a chance to come out on top after all.
  14. Of course! But they have also said that Winter 2016 is the estimated release date for the core module. This led me to believe the subsequent rulesets (The Shadow, etc) will come shortly after (quite possibly within the following quarter), once they ensure The Dregs is functioning exactly as intended upon release. If they can fit in the other mentioned rulesets by then - great! It would definitely be beneficial and attract more players to the initial release. But I don't want them to be pressured into promising something they can't deliver. Quality of quantity, any day.
  15. Like many people before me, I'm in favour of removing them entirely in favour of better animations. Crow Souls: Prepare To Caw, please.
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