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  1. Aren't you supposed to be on a journey of self discovery in the Blue Ridge somewhere?
  2. Well... nobody really understood "his" real sexual orientation.
  3. I'm trying to think of someone... You guys remember the real goth guy with the hot black chick "girlfriend?" WTF was his name? I was IC for a long time in his guild. His name and the guild name escapes me.
  4. Starting to dig this community!

  5. He said he didn't follow rules or laws... and the rules of potty time are that you wipe after you make boom boom. There's also something called Coulomb's Law for Magnetism, and since Juggalos don't follow laws, we're left with ... miracles I guess.
  6. Hey everyone - I didn't start on Mourning but I sure as hell finished on mourning with my full suits of FC dragon plate and Irekei LA! WTS 7 Hodor Chains
  7. OP has never played Shadowbane or he wouldn't be asking such a ridiculous question.
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