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  1. Great kickstarter idea gets millions from eager people who literally have no idea what they're throwing tons of money at.
  2. Swear words you can see from space.
  3. Haven't played FF since FF7, care to elaborate?
  4. Atlanta is pretty much the center of the multiverse at this point. I actually built a house that has a large basement. Now, all ace would have to do is convince an ISP to run cables to the house... because I don't have Internet access...
  5. Actually, it implies the opposite. If you have a product worth a damn, most people and corporations rightly want to protect it. Again, before the fanbois attack, I'm speaking as someone who is in the metals prototype manufacturing industry, not as a gaming industry attorney
  6. I'm not saying that's incorrect... I'm saying that SEEMS incorrect. NDA's are usually drafted before any true work/hiring/testing even comes in to play and are obviously commonplace in any industry where anyone is designing a unique product. I have a REALLY hard time believing that there will be no NDA in place for testers... especially Alpha. They're leaving themselves wide open.
  7. Aren't you supposed to be on a journey of self discovery in the Blue Ridge somewhere?
  8. En-Tranz had some pretty awesome promo materials and artwork
  9. This thread was a good read. OP is angry as custard... probably yelling at his mom right now.
  10. Holy custard. Are the mods asleep again or have they just given WM free reign to be themselves (which I assumed was a ban-able offense)?
  11. Elk-men riding horses into battle with zombies and rounded chest plates are what's going to break your immersion?
  12. Shadowbane cliques already trying to run CF... before there is a CF. Unicorns are dying, The Nothing is winning, David Bowie stole a baby.
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