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  1. Thanks for the appreciation all So sorry I have been unable to post anything much lately Work tends to ramp up after August and 2015 has been no exception Zbursh and Unity taking up all my time atm I will post more as soon as I can @Heriot https://www.behance.net/paulglasson
  2. Thanks for the comments guys Sorry I have been gone for a bit, so much work to catch up on before I can get back to the fun stuff @Woodtick First scribbles, like the rough ones here are all digital. I work in Corel Painter, it was Fractal Design Painter when I first shifted from Oils and canvas to a fully digital workflow for commercial work. I hate drawing in Photoshop, I dont like its lack of pen accuracy, No point in using a wacom CC2 with 2k levels of sensitivity when Photoshop cant follow a fast pen movement accurately. Started pencil and paper, sculpture, casting, oils and on it went. But when I started working in a corporate environment and Digital painting became a possibility I moved immediately. As of 2 months ago, with my sexy new mobile wacom CC2 I dont even draw pen and paper when out and about (unless I am just scribbling for fun) Having said that, I love a nice 3B pencil or ball point pen and NOTHING compares to quality oils and the colour intensity and depth that it brings.
  3. locked out of posting...hmmm

  4. Work work and more work, no time to draw for fun :(

  5. 10-20 cups a day Double espresso, black no sugar...mmmmm and now I am ready to go
  6. This is not dissimilar to a Warior priest in WAR AoR Radiated damage based heals were a big part of the Two Hander spec (cant remember the spec) There was some sacrifice damage based self and Aoe heals for the Dark Templar in Age of Conan The problem with both of these classes was the incredible difficulty the devs had in balancing that type of healing/tanking Some times with each patch the DT would swing from OP to pointless Could be both dev teams were a bit lacking in talent... or its damn hard to balance damage based healing P.S. I loved and played both DT main in AoC and WP heal toon in WAR (White lion main)
  7. At the moment they have 8 DPS (with variations to how that happens) 3 tanks 2 support You can expect many of those playing tank or support to be TRYING to DPS with those classes, as happens in most MMOs I think you will be lucky if 10% of the players in any fight are actually playing something other than DPS I suspect we will see very short fights when there are allot of people involved. Short when fighting but I expect allot of standoffs with no one willing to go forward and get snapped by the entire enemy team. 1 DPS character getting focused down = quick deaths. LOS ranged fire and trying to staying at max range to lay down AOE will result in the front lines of any group getting smashed by allot of DPS and falling fast. Unless the tanks are VERY tanky (like WAR AoR tanks)
  8. Hi Mal I have done a little more (about 30min) but not posted yet. Sadly still catching up with client work after my break. Got about another 70hours to jump over before I find a real window to do some more. Should be through that by next weekend Will post an update next Friday as I get about 15min each day waiting at the school pick up for my boys. You can however, join others and %$# at me in the general threads for not agreeing with their game ideas.
  9. Many bad things have been done in games over the years. No reason to think they are good now and wish they were in Crowfall P.S. add an NPC based tag along healing tent/unit/hospital is one possible solution I have seen discussed in other games... never implemented well though
  10. "I dunno, I definitely think that having the opportunity to get your heavily wounded out of the fight before they actually die, and patch them up (at the cost of time and personnel, and resources spent on defending them rather than full-out pushing the attack, etc.) would add a ton to the game and would fit right in with the scale of conflict in Crowfall. Especially in large sieges and such." You may like that idea... but who do you think is going to play characters that stay OUT of combat, just to patch you up and get you back in the fight... this is WORSE than any EQ PvE fire hose healer class
  11. "Alright, so, steppenwolf just doesn't like the idea of non-dedicated healing. I guess we can just keep discussing the actual topic of this thread with his preferential commentary in-between, and fight the urge to actually respond to it in a discussive fashion, since he's not actually trying to argue against anything we're saying. Sorry, steppenwolf. Carry on, u_u..." A clear demonstration of comprehension deficit disorder. I dont like the idea of homogenised classes where the effect of taking one class over the other is about as significant as your choice of shoes Your inability to grasp that and continued reference to me and healing is your failing not mine. My talking about healing in THIS thread has only been in the context of this discussion or as responses to comments by others When classes/skills/builds make little difference there is a lack of tactics and strategy inherent in the core game mechanic. Once that happens the devs are left only with environmental design and larger game mechanics to force tactical game play. Talking about HOW the little healing Crowfall will have may work, is pointless. Its not going to be significant so how they implement it will be equally insignificant. Like crafting in WoW... its there, its time consuming and you can do it if you want... but its irrelevant. If in the end the knight class has a shield but it offers nothing more than some passive buff they give to 3 other classes, then it is COSMETIC at best. This is the path of GW2 and TESO To a lesser extent this is the path of SWTOR... sure you can play a tank class...but mehhh why bother (pvp) As a result, PvP in these games is mostly formless, mass groups of players smashing into each other with the largest group winning. In TERA however, PvP when constrained by the environment becomes very tactical and good group organisation makes a massive difference to the result. THey have some mobility issues that make the open areas as bad for PvP as TESO
  12. @oridi No need to apologise, this is a forum "dismissal of what the devs had already established." Unless they have said they are going down the GW2 path of class homogenisation where what class impacts mostly on is the animations of your DPS. ​With variations between classes so minor that you are basically all DPS. Then I have not dismissed what the devs have already said. ​I was disappointed in not having a dedicated healer and discussed this at length in the dedicated healer thread. ​Now I am living in hope that they dont abandon Class specializations to the extent that they are purely cosmetic. Some here seam to be of the opinion that action based game play and strong class/skill definitions cant live together, this is where the TERA example comes in It just so happens TERA has a dedicated healer as well, and yet they manage to have very deadly PvP that does not always go the way of the team with the most numbers. Its just a shame that outside the combat, most other things in TERA blow chunks
  13. @oridi And all others who are getting CONFUSED about my point I know healing is not a roll in Crowfall I have been talking about my ideas for OTHER class/skill features and my fear that they may water them all down as so many other games have In that conversation the nature of other games and how they handle things gets brought up Naturally healing gets a mention in relation to those games as there are NO examples of solid trinity games without pure healing classes (that I know of) There are however... examples of action RPGs with out tab targeting that DO have a solid class/skill trinity please READ in context before making assumptions.
  14. "And, I'm sorry, but if you understood the point we've been trying to make clear to you, then you wouldn't be saying things like "I hope what the devs come up with is NOTHING like what you guys are talking about!", because that doesn't even make any sense. What we're talking about is already what the devs are talking about. You expressed extreme concern for this idea of limited healing," A. At least quote what I actually wrote rather than verballing me. B. In this thread any mention of healing I have made is either a rebuttal to stupid comments like, Dedicated healing goes hand in hand with tab targeting mechanics. Or as an example of pvp mechanics that had strong healing/tanking/support classes. As for "What we're talking about is already what the devs are talking about" No it isnt. The devs have made vague reference to TERA and Wildstar combat, both games with a STRONG trinity so nothing like the class/skill ideas put forward by those I have been disagreeing with. Other than that we know very little about what the devs are doing so I stick with my previous statement "I just hope the ideas you guys have expressed are NOTHING like the ideas the devs implement."
  15. You misunderstand my position. I get your arguments. I just dont agree with them. Providing endless examples of broken game mechanics to prove your point, only demonstrates your lack of understanding. When i say "I PREFER" or "I THINK" thats all it is My preference and what I think You disagree No problem I just hope the ideas you guys have expressed are NOTHING like the ideas the devs implement. Only time will tell.
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